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    Yes I will be taking a pay cut on both jobs, I will be switching from nights to days so there goes my shift diff. Which I'm ok about cause I have done nights for far to long and ready to maybe have a more normal lifestyle. The VA will be the more huge pay cut at least 8 dollars less an hour. I know the dialysis is more the way to go, but I also know the benefits at the VA can't be beat! But I can't live off the benefits right now. I jus don't want to pass this opportunity up if it could possible be a great one.

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    Nope, I didn't even mention them anywhere. One agency job was a whole week as an occupational nurse in a factory and the other was a different agency in a hospital on a brand new floor. And I left them on good standing, but no I didn't mentioned them anywhere. But maybe I was lucky, who knows

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    Will the VA I'm sure is union type (?) but pretty much no Union on either job

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    I was hired on at the VA and start March 23. I didn't list a couple of my agency jobs that I have done within the last couple of Years cause they where jus days here and there. It was 2 different agencies (jobs) that I know of. And I got hired on with no problem.

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    Ok guys, I'm not looking for anybody to make my decision for me but I am looking for some input and advice. Here it goes.....

    i was offered a job at the VA for a non-bedside job (which I am desperatly trying to get away from bedside nursing) the VA is 40+ miles away from me. Only pays 26 an hour and it's five days 8 hour days a week. ( I'm use to three 12's). Plus, there is a clinc in my hometown I think I might able to eventually put in for.

    also got offered a job at a dialysis clinc which is 20 miles away. 29 an hour and I work 3 12's one week 4 12's the next week. (There is also one of these in my hometown to, but not hiring)

    Please don't be critical. I'm not looking for anybody to make any decisions for me I jus want some input from people who have worked these jobs and try to weigh what my best option is. I don't know much about either, and I have researched both. But it would nice to have someone to offer an inside scoop. Thank you all! Have a great day!

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    To bad you couldn't get on at a va hospital. That way when you move again you can "transfer" within their network. Plus nice benefits to boot.

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    Once you get your feet wet on a less the critical area and gain experience and etc then apply to the ICU. You'll be much better off

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    I agree, bedside nursing sucks! I have done it for years and years! And now they are increasing the loads of tele 6:1 med-surge 8:1 half the time without and aid or a secretary. And they wonder why people are leaving (at least my hospital) left and right. I have been actively job hunting since August and have several interviews and a couple of offers but the pay was awful (19 an hour, for a seasoned nurse) so they got turned down. But I jus appled to a diaylis clinic, which the the interview went good. So fingers crossed I get the job and hopefuLly I can leave bedside nursing for good!

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    I worked two part time jobs and raised a toddler through lpn school and then worked full time (while still raising the youngin, alone) while going through the RN program. It can be done, don't expect much sleep tho in the next year or so.

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    I'm from the Midwest with 13 years experience in tele/er/pacu/l&d/meds surge with no dialysis experience and was offered a job for 29 an hour. Still less then what I make with my hospital but I work in a speciality hospital tho. The other hospitals in the surrounding areas don't make as much as I do.

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    I went to nursing school with a lady that was 55 years old and received employment right out of school. She still working there to this day 14 years later! Nothing is impossible.

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    Ok guys need some help.

    A buddy and and I have been thinking about heading south to do some seasonal travel. And I'm not sure if agency is the way to go. We was also looking into some PRN work. So I am asking if any of your carolina folks or around the area can give me a ball park figure on PRN pay or about agency pay? We're looking at tele and possibly med-Surg. I really hate to get in contact with an agency right away due to the fact of never ending phone calls and emails (been there, done that). But any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    I applied August 5. Job closed august 15th. Received my notification letter that says I was referred to the hiring manager cause I met critia on Aug 20th. Haven't heard anything since! Wait for a phone call everyday!

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    I sleep walk when I'm extremely tired or stressed. Can't tell you how many times I woke up freaking out searching under and into thing looking for the lost baby. I was a labor and delivery nurse once upon a time and since then I have nightmares about someone taking a baby out of the nursery and I can never find it.

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    From someone working the night shift for 14 years, I am dying for a job like endoscopy, clinic, outpatient. Can't get out of the hospital setting quick enough.