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    The dose you start with is different than what would be used for pain control or sedation. Our nursery does not routinely monitor these kiddos. Once you reach the upper limit and Ned to add other meds, my guess is that they would be transferred to NICU.

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    Dbl lumen UAC's also sometimes don't give a good BP reading. We have had a few fellows accid ntly put them in (we aren't at the bedside to check stuff, bad docs!). Also, you can't put pressers and many meds thru arterial lines. I'd ask what there source is.

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    We weren't allowed make up back in the day. Don't worry about it, go as yourself, the patients really won't care.

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    They floors I have been a patient on at one hospital would make a little announcement. They would offer headphones, earplugs and sleep masks.

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    The stat locks are good on the big term kids but not so much for the little ones, it makes the hub sit at a funny angle.

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    No. And I say that pretty loudly. As someone who just did a 2.5 week stint in an ICU bed and another 2 weeks in the floor after 2 surgeries and having overwhelming sepsis, you've got to be kidding. Sure, laying in bed for a month sounds fabulous, but being on the other side of the bed sucks.

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    Mom delivering in bed on our old
    Antepartum which wasn't connected to our L/D at the time:

    OB resident: Hurry hurry, she's delivering in bed and there is something wrong with the baby's head! It has a hole maybe an encephalocele!!!!!!"

    NNP and myself run in, take a look, look at each other, eyebrows up.

    OB: see see see, its horrible!

    NNP: That's an ass you ass, your baby is breech

    I almost peed myself lol

    Baby delivered beautifully, 34 weeks. The resident had called the attending school at
    Home to rush in. Poor guy lol

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    We had a lot of our new girls get a year under their belt then travel.

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    You have to become a tech first and then pass the registry. Then you can specialize.

    None of them are easy at all! My hubby holds 3 registries: CT, MRI and nuclear.

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    We are not trying to be mean, but some of those questions are not one line answers. And yes, you do get internet trolls who can answer questions....they love google.

    Homework such as this is meant for face to face interview or at least a phone call, some things are easier spoken than typed. A type of ethical dilemma.....that in itself is a paragraph. It isn't like "Do you like your job, yes or no".

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    My husband and I both do not have access to our work email and we work at different hospitals. Accessing and reading email is considered on the clock by both institutions and they legally would have to pay us each and every time we did so, hence no access at home. Doesn't really bother either of us, we leave work at the door.

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    Our hospital only hires BSN, one across the town has a contract for 2 years, the other 3-5 years.

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    You can read thru previous threads also, but you are much better off to find a "live" person to interview...this is the internet and you really can't be sure who you are talking with.

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    It is the school's responsibility to find a suitable site. Why is the director even allowing this? I don't mean to sound harsh, but it isn't the schools responsibility to make sure people don't have transportation issues. If this is the reason they keep this place, then that is a problem also. The facility does not have to accept students unless the school is affiliated with them in some way.

    What a stinky situation for all.

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    It is how you are positioned on the coil in the machine, a good tech knows how to do that!