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    We do 100-120 del a month, just LDR- have postpartum unit/different staff. we do our c/s unless census/staffing forces us to send the c/s to the main or.
    6 LDRs
    1PACU room
    1 OR

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    Hi! I have been a L&D nurse in N.C.(where i was born and raised:wink2: ) for 21 yrs. love my job!!! i feel very fortunate to look forward to getting up and going to work, many do not. Just found this site recently and have really enjoyed it already! i have 3 sons, 2 have graduated from college, my "baby" is a freshman at N.C.State-Go Wolfpack!.(I'm really a die-hard Blue Devil fan at heart!) my husband graduated from ECU,and my oldest son graduated from ECU-so we are also Pirate Fans!
    Next to being a mom, Nursing is the Greatest! Nice to meet all my fellow nurses!

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    i've been at the same hosp. for 20 yrs(great place to work!) we have always alternated holidays, one year you work christmas eve, next yr you work christmas, one year you work new yrs eve, next yr-new years day, if you work thanksgiving this yr, you are off next yr. if you are unhappy with your shift you can trade with your co-workers but it does not change your rotation for the next year. this has worked great for our unit. we don't differentiate-you have kids/you don't to factor in to what you should work, that would really open up "a can of worms".
    good luck in what works best for you to resolve this issue.

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    I've been a L&D nurse preceptor for several yrs. We do 6 mths orientation and feel this is a must. At our hosp. the nurses also do c/s, so they must learn to scrub,circulate,and recover, which are other roles besides the "labor side" of l&d. after the 6 mths, the 2nd 6 mths the orientee is paired with experienced nurses to provide support and answer questions. we have been told that our orientation is GREAT and made the new nurses feel so much more comfortable knowing they had that much time to learn and grow. best wishes on your journey in l&d!

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    I agree with "palesarah", we were doing the same,not adhering to awhonn standards but as of Monday,Oct.17 we WILL be adhering to those standards, it has been a LONG battle. It is not that we can't manage the epidural, but the standards are very clear that an ANESTHESIA CARE PROVIDER should manage starting, restarting,adjusting the rate. We as L&D nurses can stop the infusion, and remove the cath(as a Category II credential).
    We all know the liability in L&D and it is good to know that at least the epidural piece is where it belongs.
    I've been a L&D nurse for 21 yrs and love it as much today as i did my first day! Thanks for listening!

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    Quote from ZASHAGALKA
    I belong to AACN - Amer Assoc of Critical Care Nurses. I joined to get my CCRN certification and I've been to the last two national conventions and they were really really great.

    I don't belong to ANA and wouldn't - for 2 reasons.

    1. They are political. They don't push for better nursing; they push for candidates. I'm not a John Kerry fan and I didn't think it was a good expenditure of my money to support an organization that spends its money contrary to my beliefs. Likewise, I'm not a H. Clinton fan, and when ANA jumps on her bandwagon in 2 yrs, it won't be with my support.

    2. ANA advocates BSN Entry, which is the same thing to me as saying "We are an organization for all nurses - but not really, if you're only an ADN" - If my professional organizations wants to scoff at me, fine, just don't expect me to support it. -- This is why I say that this (yes, I know, tired old) debate is costly to nursing. Because heaven knows we could use a strong professional organization. I only brought it up because it's relevant to why I don't belong to ANA.

    I feel the same! i was a member of ana for yrs, until i finally got fed up with their political bias, i have and will always remain a member of my specialty org.AWHONN

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    I'm so excited, i have just found this new connection to nursing! i am an ol l&d nurse of 20 yrs, still learning as much as i can always!
    my manager has just given me the task of redoing our care plans for l&d, any resources?suggestions?for formats,etc.?