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    hey steve,

    i'm an NZ nurse heading over to the UK in Feb06, luckily a got my UK registration done before the new changes came about in Sept-a nursing agency i had expressed some interest in sent me a letter early in the year basically telling me to get my A into G and apply quick, so i'm glad i did.

    i agree it's tough going when you have to sit an english test when you come from a country where english is a first language. why couldn't they've made it so if you came from a counry where english isn't your first language you had to sit a test? it's almost like despite the staff shortages in the uk they want to make it extra hard for overseas nurses to get over there, as well as taking about $800 of your money to want to work there in the first place!

    anyway, good luck with the application process, just think it will all be worth it when you get there!


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    Thanks everyone for their information, it's been very helpful.

    cheers, Mio

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    hi everyone,

    i'm a NZ nurse hoping to move to scotland early next year and would like to work in Edinburgh. many people have told me that it's hard to get nursing jobs in Edinburgh-is this true?
    also, which nursing agencies are mostly used in scotland? i'm thinking about joining BNA as i want temporary work that will aloow me to be somewhat felxible so i can do some travelling. someone also suggested the scottish nurses guild.
    if anyone could help me out/give me any pointers it would be much appreciated.