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    [QUOTE=H2O4me;9034683]Hi all! Can anyone explain to me the points system for GPA? Is it really only in increments of.5? What if my GPA is 3.7? Does that fall under 3.5 or 4.0?

    Thanks... I'm sure this is my first of many questions ������

    honestly im not sure. I'm assuming if your gpa is 3.7 it would fall near the 3.5 for RCC SON point system. I could be wrong. You can always speak with a nursing counselor at RCC to find out.

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    Same here! I have a few classes to finish during the summer before I can apply. Just praying that I finish in time!

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    Anyone else applying for spring 2017?

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    Hi everyone. I haven't applied for the fall semester. But I do anticipate on applying for Spring 2017. The application period opens up this July. I'm beyond excited! Never thought I would come this far so soon!

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    Greetings all future RN students. I just wanted to start a thread for any potential applicants who will be applying to riverside city college RN program this September for Spring 2017. Let's all get together on this thread and share experiences as well as answer questions. I know the application period is 6 months away, but it will be here before you know it!

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    When will they notify you if you have been accepted? Good luck! A lot of nurses would be so thankful to be in your position of actually completing all the classes to apply. Keep striving!

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    Can you apply if you have two prereqs in progress?

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    Hi everyone! I completed all of my general ed classes and will only have micro and a&p 2 to complete during fall 2016 semester. My question is, can I still apply during the September 2016 application period even though those two classes will not be complete until December 2016?

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    I did that for 18 months straight.
    I worked my way into full time as a cna and went to class part time
    It is very much possible. You will be burnt out soon. Each week I would head straight to class after work. Imagine waking up at 6 am and not getting home until 10 pm for two days in a row out the week. I have a sigh of relief as I am in my last two weeks of school. My last worry at the moment is my comprehensive predictor exit exam. Can't wait till its over!