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    congratulations to the newest lvn on the block!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote from MarylandNsgStudent
    I Am loosing my mind... Can't sleep, eat, or do anything except stare at the computer waiting for results
    I completely understand your anxiety. I had to wait three weeks in CA for my results and I thought I would drive myself and my friend and family completely batty. I know you'll be just fine , hang in there. I know its pure torture. Try reading a fashion magazine or something thats not nursing or NCLEX related. It really helped keep my mind off things and kept me from sitting in front of the computer refreshing the licensing screen every ten seconds.

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    Quote from misscheri
    I wish I didn't have to wait, but I'm in California and we don't have quick results here.
    I too am a Californian,I had to wait 3 weeks until my degree was conferred by my school. It was torture. Hang in there! I feel your pain.

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    [QUOTE=marshalbc77]I think it's strange why getting the results varies. I'm basing this amongst my colleagues. 3 recieved the results on line within 2/3 days, 2 found out 1 week later, 2 two weeks later. Would it depend on how fast our 'evaluator' (BON) works and his or her workload etc.? I called BON on Sept 2 I have "nothing missing". Results 'hasn't been processed' the Rep was very giggly, happy and nice.Maybe that's a hint lol.

    Re: Interim Permits I read if you either fail or take the NCLEX the IP will be invalid and it will be pulled out of the website true or not? Well this my situation, I have no way of knowing. I recieved my IP April 2004 (the paper) I checked the website says 'No Record Found' which is weird. I called BON customer service tried to connect me to my 'Evaluator" but no luck so Rep then typed on her computer 'request to place my IP on the website', rep says it will be ready either the following day or in 2 days. I waited to 2 days 'No Records found' again, I called BON 2nd time same thing tried to connect me to my 'evaluator' once again no luck. Rep placed a 'request for my IP to appear online' again. Rep said if Employer is having a problem just have them call the BON. Well my IP never appeared online, I got tired of calling them. So I had my IP for 4 months it never appeared on the BON website. I took my NCLEX-RN on Tuesday Aug 30 and my name still not popping on line . I'm hoping it's a computer glitch. [/QUOT

    I dont think they pull the IP's from the website,since mine is there and I passed and was issued a license number over a month ago. I have a friend that didnt pass and her IP is still there also. I really think you need to speak to an evaluator. Leo is especially helpful if you're in CA. I hope this helps.

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    Quote from dylan101
    just to let you know I passed!! It seems that all your theories about the type of questions I had to answer were correct. Thanks for your reassurance!


    WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!!!

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    Quote from Nursecadet
    Hi everyone, my husband is in the Navy and we're reseaching different places to transfer (in about 2 years). Just wondering if anyone is married to a Navy member and can give any info on base housing, different areas. Where's nice/where's not so nice. I'd really appreciate any information you have. Thankyou!
    Email me personally if you need info about the San diego area.
    Lisa Ann , RN

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    I've spoken with the CA BRN and they are taking 2-3 business days to post a license number if you passed, providing your file is complete (live scan, fees, registration etc.) This info is directly from the licensing dept as of Friday. I hope this helps everyone.
    Lisa Ann, RN

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    Quote from far2clevr
    are you able to get your score tomorrow? let me know how it goes. I'll do the same. be happy, you will be a practicing nurse soon. The $$$$$ is great, tell your mom to chill and be patient with you. In the mean time, don't ya think you might find a job as a nurse intern somewhere, all you need is your degree for that, if you fail, just say you haven't taken the boards yet and make some money now. you follow a real RN and make RN pay, just a suggestion.
    let me know what you think,
    Nickie G.
    I really find this statement shameful "...if you fail, just say you haven't taken the boards yet and make some money now..." I have to say that I wouldnt want a nurse taking care of me or my loved ones who lacks integrity and who appears to be morally challenged. Money isnt everything but self respect is!

    Lisa Ann, RN :stone

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    Quote from Bijou-Spice
    If you do a search on NCLEX studying advice over and over and over again Suzanne4 will recommend just using Saunders. (Seems she knows what she is talking about!)

    I am in a similar situation to you I am taking mine on the 22nd this month (unless I change the date ) I have access to the Kaplan but have really been using the Saunders.

    So I would say on days when you don't have time to study a lot just do Saunders, but on day when you can say do time in the morning and again in the evening mix it up with Kaplan for variety.

    good luck!
    I used the Saunders and Kaplan review book. I passed with 75q's. I think the review courses are good if you're the kind of student that needs the classroom environment to absorb. I am a "solo studier" and prefer to do things on my own , so I wouldnt have benefitted from that type of study method. Try to determine what format will best mesh with your learning style. Everyone is different and what is good for some may not be good for others.

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    Quote from ADRN06
    You mean it's rare if people pass with an 86??!!

    !~passes out~!

    haha....I think that must have been a typo. Someone pass the smelling salts. Wake Up! You're going to need the energy to celebrate your passing!

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    Quote from Madhuri Dixit
    Even good students fail with 75 q.
    In fact best students.
    It's the same thing as saying, that whoever failed NCLEX is stupid.
    Im sure its possible, but not likely unless you have major test anxiety or another barrier to test taking. It seems like its pretty hard to fail with 75 questions. Like someone else commented, you really have to bomb the 60 questions that end up counting to fail at 75.

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    When the procter escorted me out of the room she said " God, I've never had anyone finish so quickly and pass, but if you're confident I guess its ok." UGH!!!!! I never felt so nauseated in my life. I just wanted to die and not to mention give her a piece of my mind. I passed so dont worry about it. I dont think the procters know if you passed of failed.

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    I passed with 75 first try. I've only known one person who failed with 75 and he/she was a "rock" and skimmed by with barely a 2.0 in school. Dont be too worried about it. If you're a good student, Im sure you passed!
    Lisa Ann, RN