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    I have been an LPN in TN since 1990 but have not practiced in several years. l have just accepted a job in a small office with two physicians. I am the only nurse there. The slots have been filled by two women who aren't even trained MAs. These women were self trained by the docs and are doing everything... Working up pts to be seen, drawing labs, giving injections, calling in scripts, you name it. And are even being called "nurses". They are also giving what the office calls "IV iron infusions". This consists of drawing up iron into a syringe, performing venipuncture with a butterfly set, then injecting the solution into the pt over a series of several minutes. This is my question...

    As I understand my LPN scope, I can't do this correct? Isn't doing IV push meds out of the LPN scope of practice? The way I understand it docs can pull folks off the street and train them things under the.doc's own license. But my LPN license prohibits me from certain things such as this.right? I would appreciate advice from an LPN who has more recent experience. Thanks.

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    I worked in a small county jail for three days and that was enough for me! The place stank to high heaven...and was even worse on the cellblocks and pods. All of the unwashed people crammed in together was just horrid. The men would yell all kinds of nasty things and speak very disrespectfully to me. The women were just as rude. I was required to pass meds I had not pulled and that worried me. The other LPN, who was the site director, ignored the rules and handed out Tylenol and Ibuprofen like candy. She played favorites and was never "firm, fair, and consistent". I refused so the inmates hated me. There was never an officer around when i did sick call and there was two locked doors between the nearest officer and where i was with the inmate. I felt unsafe the entire time.

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    I wish that happened more often! I was fired from an office because of an abusive doc. He would scream at me, call me "stupid", "retarded", or other verbal abuses...even in front of pts. He would sigh dramatically and loudly, and throw things whenever I went to give him information he needed. It escalated to him jamming his finger in my face and screaming at me, and also throwing ink pens at me. I c/o to the clinic administrator, who replied, "Oh that's just how Dr. X is. You gotta deal with it." The doc was a clinic employee, it wasn't "his" clinic. When the administrator didn't do anything, I sent an email to her superior, who took 3 weeks to "look into it" and then so nothing. So I filed a formal c/o with HR. As soon as the clinic administrator found out, she fired me! Yeah, I know I had grounds for a lawsuit, but my state is not a "right to work" state and I was so exhausted by the ordeal I didn't have it in me for a long court mess. I was actually just relieved to be out of it.

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    I'm thinking I just got screwed. I accepted a private duty position and did the paperwork Tuesday. (Signing that I was given P&P, W4 form, OSHA info, etc.) During my first phone interview, and my in person interview with the RN recruiter, I was told its a "full time" position taking care of an infant with a Gtube. The ad I had answered also said full time and listed amazing benefits. However the acceptance letter I had to sign the other day with the recruiter again said PRN and I had to circle and initial that part. Thinking back through the flood of info I was given at the two hour "orientation" there was absolutely nothing said or given about benefits. The nursing handbook says insurance and such are available to full time employees, but the recruiter specified that I was being hired as PRN and said all shift nurses are. The acceptance letter only said that I will earn $17/hr and nothing else. During the phone interview I was told also that it is M-F 8-4:30 shift. The recruiter claimed to know nothing about that and said the scheduler would call me that afternoon. As of.this morning I haven't heard from her.

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    Both the NM who interviewed me and two folks in HR have told me the shift will be decided after orientation. I have explained to all that I simply can't work nights, and why. Sadly, relocating isn't an option. Hubby has joint custody of the kids with his ex wife.....they spend 7 days at each home. We are trapped here until the youngest is grown and he is only 10. Thanks for the replies. I will call HR again Monday and explain that I need to know exactly what shift I'm to work and if they are 8 or 12 hour shifts.

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    I have been unemployed and looking since December. I am now in a position where I have two offers. Any advice?

    Job #1 is at a huge VA hospital on an inpatient addiction/PTSD floor. The pay is $20/hr with a 10% shift diff for hours between 6p and 6a. Orientation begins April 7. I have no idea what hours I would actually be working, nor if it's 8 or 12 hr shifts. I was told in the interview that would all be decided after I started. I know it would entail working some weekends. I can't work nights because hubby does and we have two boys, and I told them that in the interview four months ago. The drive is almost 1.5 hr one way, so call it 3 hrs round trip. I really hate the thoughts of that!

    Job #2 is here in the actual town where I live. It is a private duty job with a 3 month old baby girl with a Gtube. It is Mon-Fri 8-4:30, and pays $17/hr.

    I have never worked any kind of home health. I love the thought of a federal job with the VA, but the commute would suck. I love the schedule of the private duty gig, but fear all the things that could decrease the full time hours. I have bad knees and a worn out back. I am leaning towards the job with the baby, but hesitant to turn my back on the VA. Taking the money out of the equation because the commute and sitter if it is 12 hr shifts would eat up the additional $3/hr. Such uncertainty!!!

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    Also I know a lot has changed in the TN LPNs scope of practice. When I last worked in a hospital, I was giving IVP drugs, spiking blood bags, and other things all the time. The only RN in the place would be the shift supervisor. and the floors rarely saw her.

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    I need some advice, warnings, tips, what have you.

    I have been an LPN since 1990. I was 20 when I graduated LPN school. I went right to work on 11-7 shift in a community hospital on a medical floor....was pulling my weight in no time. About 6 months later, I switched to a hospital closer to my home, and worked 11-7 on a post op surgery floor. Rarely had a CNA; never had a Unit Secretary. Always had at least 15 patients....the majority of them fresh postops. Many times I'd have at least two fresh TURPs with irrigations running. At times I'd have as many as 18 pts with just myself on the floor. I did it, though...including all the secretary work. And back then the diet list and all requisitions were done by hand. I ran the entire shift and made good use my time.

    Now.....I haven't worked in a hospital since 1996. I've worked since then in doctor offices, schools, a county jail, and a battered women shelter. I also cared for my mom and MIL when they were under hospice care in their homes. I am now 44. On April 7 I will start a new position in a VA hospital. I know hospital nursing has changed a LOT since 1996 and I'm very intimidated. I'm also very excited because I understand this job was hard to win and the pay and benefits are amazing. But I'm worried about learning everything new and time management. Any advice?

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    I worked a total of 4 shifts in a county jail managed by QCHC before learning it wasn't for me. One of the main reason I resigned was pre-pouring of meds. There were two med passes--7am and 5pm. Meds were pre-poured daily around 2pm for that evening's pass and the next morning's pass. That meant most mornings you were passing meds not poured by you. My license is worth more than that.

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    In my interview I was told the pay would be a mere $14/hr. The schedule is 8a-6p four days per week. No benefits but they pay time and a half if you work a holiday.

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    Does anyone have any idea of what it is? I have an interview at one 45 minutes away tomorrow and am trying to determine if it is worth my time. A friend who is an LPN in a skilled nursing home in Chattanooga says he has heard its considerably less than a nursing home. He makes $18 but I really do not want to work in a skilled nursing home.

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    Quote from JustBeachyNurse
    You can't work as a nurse without a license. .
    Yes, I know. I have been licensed since 1990. I am just wondering what will happen the end of the month when it expires because paying the $100 would take food out of my children's mouths and cause our electricity to be turned off. Am I penalized for it becoming inactive?

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    I am unemployed and have been for a while. I am diligently looking for a job without luck. My LPN license expires the end of this month and I simply don't have $100 laying around to send them to renew it! What will happen? Will I lose my license? How will i get a nursing job What will I have to do to get it back?

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    I just started a new job as an LPN in a small county jail of about 200 inmates at any time. Approved for 170. I was told during my interview that there would always be a CO at sick call and walking with me on pill call. After three days there has been no CO at sick call, and essentially none on pill call. They are too busy flirting with the females and teasing the males and hold the cell and pod doors open so that the inmates can flood out and gather around me and the cart. I don't feel safe at all.
    Another issue is I am telling inmates who ask for Tylenol or Motrin that they need to submit for a sick call, which is what I was told to do. The other nurse, who is the site director and who told me to do that, hands it out to some and not to others. She is trying to get us to have special training so we can walk around on pill call without "bothering the COs". That thought terrifies me!!!!

    Should I give up and leave at this point? I am genuinely afraid for my safety there.

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    Because I wanted to be an LPN. I have been an LPN since 1990.