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    Quote from lub dub
    I couldn't agree more. As a current nursing instructor, I feel the over-reliance on PowerPoints is unfortunate. I once did a brief (30 minutes or so) lecture on a med/surg topic with no PowerPoints, just speaking & writing on a flip chart. There was almost a mutiny in the classroom! The students were outraged that there were no PowerPoints. And yet... they managed to learn the topic!
    I would fail your class. I'm not an auditory learner. I need direction with power points, study guides, etc. or else I'm lost

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    everyone seems to get great gratification out of blaming and judging me with their superiority complex. have fun. this is nothing but bullying

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    Quote from liketheairport
    Darling, those stats are manipulated all the time. The administration doesn't actually usually read the evals. And if they have tenure, no one cares. Also, if it's that much of a problem, why don't you go up the chain to find out why? Why don't YOU bring up YOUR concerns to the school? All I'm hearing is "The professor isn't good," which may simply translate to "I'm not trying hard enough."

    Those instructors who provide study guides and whatnot may have the highest pass rates, but they're also allowing those who aren't meant to do this or really aren't mentally capable of it be nurses. I don't want the C students providing my care. Do you?
    As long as he/she is a good nurse and know what they are doing, I couldn't care less what their grades were in RN school

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    Quote from liketheairport
    ...cough...cough...EmilyEmily, I tried. I tried to have empathy for you. I tried to show caring and ask you questions I thought would help,

    However, I've now read more of your posts, your responses to this thread, and your seeming inability to get this, I will make it clear cut and simple: The real world does not spoon-feed you.

    I am sorry you're having such difficulties. I am sorry you feel as though the instructors are responsible for your learning. I am sorry you feel as though everyone wants you to fail. Blaming them for your lack of focus or abilities is indicative of perhaps a psychological problem. Lacking the psychological problem, then it is simply immaturity.

    Anything worth doing is worth doing right. It is also worth figuring it out for yourself. Whatever your future career/schooling may be, no one will hold your hand through it. You're old enough, by law, to be considered an adult. As an "adult", you are expected to figure things out for yourself, not expect everything repeated for you over and over again and then getting a medal or a cookie every time you do something right.

    Nursing is not for people who seek praise. Nursing is not for those who need that much coddling. Hell, college is not for coddling. At least not the college I graduated from for my bachelor's degree. You have the tools at your disposal, you and the material.

    You say there are no tutors for your program at your school. Then seek outside help! Ask the people in your classes if they're having trouble. Talk to the instructor. See what the instructor's tips are. You've asked for help on this forum. You seem to not take ANY advice freely given.

    Lastly, please see a therapist. Maybe therapy can help you get to the bottom of this, or at least help you cope with whatever's going on in your head.

    Nursing may not be your path. Maybe something else is. Hopefully you find it, whatever it may be.
    The professors who chose not to "spoon feed" their students have the highest failure rate and most complaints. This no spoon feeding method does not work, unless you are a genius and have mastered the subject.

    the instructors who provide study guides, power points, and reviews for the final have a high pass rate. So, it's not me who is the problem, it's the instructors who don't care about their students success.

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    maybe nursing school isn't for me. im supposed to know what is going to be on the exam with no powerpoint, no note, nothing. great. i'll just look into a different field

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    Quote from SoldierNurse22
    It may help, but it isn't reality. And it is ultimately setting you up to fail by preventing you from developing as an independent professional.
    whether you were spoon fed, or learned it independently the end result is the same: you know it, and that's what counts. everyone learns differently

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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Nor do your current nursing instructors. But by not making it as easy as you would like, and spoon-feeding the students, they are doing the nursing profession a favor and weeding out students who are just not cut out for the demands of real-life nursing.

    I wish you well, nursing is clearly not the path for you.
    you can call it spoon feeding but it really helps. the professors who spoon fed me helped me pass..i was able to learn the material and move on

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    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    No one is advocating for making learning so difficult. What we are telling you is that you are responsible for your own learning. You are not paying the professors to teach you. You are paying tuition to the school, who is paying the professor. You are insistent on getting PowerPoints and study guides. This makes me ask you, what would you do if PowerPoint hadn't been designed? The professor has decided not to share his/her property (the PowerPoint) with you, as is their right. What this means for you is that you need to find another way to learn the information. Believe me, PowerPoint isn't the be-all, end-all of education that you are making it out to be. PowerPoint isn't perfect, and if you Google disadvantages of PowerPoint in the classroom, what you find may shock you. What you need to do is accept that the professor chooses to provide PowerPoint only during class time, you need to take notes, and you need to study in a way that works for you and that works with the resources you have.
    A student should get the information from the professor and not have to go on a witch hunt to find it from somewhere else

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    Quote from wooh
    And they aren't. Whining about it won't change that fact. So you can figure out how to learn without them, or you can continue whining about it and fail. Which are you going to do?
    I regret choosing nursing. I should have stayed in the other program that provided study guides, power points, and more direction. They didn't want their students lost and headed for failure

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    Quote from tokebi
    I don't understand this obsession with PowerPoint slides or study guides. Sure, they're nice sometimes as they show what to focus on studying, but they're essentially the same thing that's in the book or what you learn during lectures. I find the best way to study and retain the info is taking my own notes, in my own words.

    Another thing. EmilyEmily, saying that you "pay them to teach you" and believing that that obligates them to provide you with all those non-essentials -- study guides, etc, is quite an arrogant and lazy attitude as a student. I think the better way of thinking is that tuition is for the privilege of receiving the knowledge. Teachers already do their part by sharing their knowledge through the lectures, assessing and guiding along your progress through homework and exams. The learning itself is the responsibility of the students.
    Powerpoints and study guides give you direction. It saves you from retaining a bunch of material that will NOT be on the exam.
    In my program, the professor who gave no powerpoints, no study guides and no reviews for the exam had an incredibly high failure rate, only two students passed! This no spoon feeding method does not work

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    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    I have to disagree that professors should share their PowerPoints or offer study guides. As their own creation, those PowerPoints are their property to do with as they wish. If they choose to share them in printed form with students, that's their choice. If they choose to save them for only presentation purposes and not provide students with copies, that's their right too. This isn't high school anymore; you are responsible for your own learning. College and university professors shouldn't be spoon-feeding anyone information; providing PowerPoint slides and study guides is spoon-feeding. The professor isn't being "stingy" with knowledge; the professor expects you to take the initiative and learn the knowledge rather than be spoon-fed and parrot it back.
    We are paying them to teach us, therefore it's their job to provide us wit powerpoints, study guides and any other information that will help us understand the information. I seriously do not get why this is a problem. What makes you a better student if you learn with powerpoint/study guides vs not being given anything at all? Why does everyone advocate for making learning so difficult???

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    Quote from rubato
    Are you in class and clinicals 7 days a week for 16 hours a day? There is always time outside of class. It's just about the choices you make with that time. I have class all day Monday, clinicals all day Tuesday, SIM and lab time on Wednesday plus a night class, Thursday is sometimes class, sometimes not, Friday lecture plus extra night class, Saturday work and Sunday is study/family day. I still manage to find time and I'm in more classes than you. You could find time, I'm sure.
    We all learn differently. Maybe you learn a lot faster than I do. Can retain more info. The little bit of time I have outside of class, I need it for studying.

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    Quote from StudentOfHealing
    You are lucky to even get power points

    We get NO notes. Just lecture. We are told we will not be spoon fed and that we must learn to take down important information from lecture because as nurses this will be a useful skill and they want us to develop these skills. This also means opening the book and learning to filter information.

    You will not and should not be spoon fed the information from this professor. This sounds tough but you need to stop making excuses and buckle down.

    This may sound harsh but I don't want a nurse that become overwhelmed and starts making excuses... I would want a nurse that WHEN overwhelmed finds Solutions.

    ... and this is just school ... real world nursing is a huge learning curve from what I hear...

    I wish you luck... I also recommend the following ...

    1) Seek assistance from professors. I believe part of being a nurse is knowing when to seek help.

    2) Don't reach for just passing, this mindset already predisposes people to failure. Focus on a B grade or even an A grade.

    3) Stop making excuses.

    Edit: I quoted the wrong user, was meant for EmilyEmily.
    And I certainly don't agree with the approach--no notes, no lecture, no is this approach going to help all learning styles? It may work for you, but what about other students who need more direction? I could never pass a class like that.

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    Quote from JustBeachyNurse
    Most of my professors did not share their power points. The syllabus was clear as to which chapters/material we were responsible for each exam. Those that completed study guides/workbooks concurrently as well as the end of chapter questions were most successful. Some created outlines based upon pre-reading and filled in the gaps with notes during lecture. We were prohibited from recording lectures.

    Why not ask your successful classmates for assistance? I did extremely well in nursing school by second quarter I was approached by several classmates for tips on successful studying. I don't do study groups. These were not individuals I would socialize with outside school either. But I offered specific times is be at the county library those that wanted help were free to meet me there. I did not share my notes or outlines but I did show some how I create their own study guides & outlines as well as additional resources that were included with our texts.

    You seem to only list your barriers. Teachers want you to read too much. That teacher won't share power points. Classmates not study with you. School has no tutors. I don't have time. I can't grasp all this information in an short period of time.

    Try listing things you can do to be successful.
    Professors SHOULD share their powerpoints, and they should offer study guides. We are paying them to teach us and they should give us tools to be successful. I was in another program (which I left for nursing) and we were given powerpoints, study guides, etc Nothing was hid from us.

    I am so tired of the gas lighting where people justify professors being stingy with the knowledge. The program would be a heck lot easier if students were given more direction.

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    There are no tutors for my nursing programs, and at this point, there is nothing the advisors can do. Class is over with in a week

    Additionally, my issue is not the inability to grasp the material, its the lack of time I have to retain all of the information for both classes. That is what I struggle with. One of the professors does not give a powerpoint nor offers any type of direction for her exams so I struggle greatly in her class. Im lost