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    Wow, I guess this is something that I didn't even consider when I was thinking of ethical issues that I could face. I really think that first of all, you want to follow the patients wishes, but I can see where there could be an exception. I was aware that Hospice has some unwritten rules about meds and such, but this is really something to think about.

    I remember having surgery several years ago, I put down there that I wanted to be kept alive by whatever means, but I was in my thirtees and had a young child. I obviously wouldn't want to be kept alive if I couldn't be saved, but was afraid of putting that down. I guess it's silly, but a lot of people think the same way, I am sure of it.

    Thanks for the post. It gives me a lot to think about.

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    While I have not gotten this far yet, I can tell you what I have done in the past when faced with huge amounts of paper that totally overwhelmed me.
    I would start by breaking everything down into sections, and staple each section. If there is an instruction sheet for that section, clip it to the top. I then add a blank sheet on top of that in which I write the title of that section.
    It is amazing how much easier it is to tackle it once you realize that you can do one section at a time, and everything is right there together, no digging around for what you need.
    It sounds like maybe you are afraid to take the next step. Just dig in and push through, you have worked too hard to give up now.
    Good luck.

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    Quote from Karl Farmer
    1985 OH plasma center, $6.15
    Till 2002 various LTC places, FL/AZ $12-$16
    2002-on AZ MDS coordinator, started at $24, ended at $27
    Last LPN job in LTC, AZ, 2997, $26 (New grad RNs are now starting there at $19, if you can believe how fast and furious wages are dropping).
    Wow!!! RN $19?

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    The thing is, even when a patient is apparently not alert or awake, we just don't know what they actually hear. If you are taking care of someone who can't care for themselves, they have to put all of their trust in you. If you are making fun of them, or talking about them, they can't and shouldn't trust you.

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    Wow, that's great pay for a CNA, klynn81. In north FL the average seems to be about nine to ten dollars per hour. In fact the average LPN pay in FL in a bit over nineteen dollars per hour. What state are you in?

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    Never run from a bully wearing panties! Or any other for that matter.

    Love it.

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    I think most people first try opiates when they have surgery or develop a severe pain issue. I doubt that anyone just goes out and says, I think I'll try me some drugs today. It's very subtle. I don't know this for a fact, but I have spoken to a lot of people who have addiction issues, as well as those who don't. I have a theory about the brain chemistry being different in addicts. It seems that folks are more apt to become addicted when the opiate affects them as a stimulant. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think that this is somehow related. The people who sleep after opiates appear to have a much lower rate of addiction.
    I just wanted to say that anyone who takes narcotics over an extended period of time will become addicted. This is not a discriminating thing. Anyone, even those of you that are saying no. If you are in pain, you will take meds, and by the nature of the meds, you will become addicted. There is nothing shameful about it.

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    I can pipe in here. I have been an office manager for years, and have dealt with Work Comp cases. In my experience, the WC company required us to terminate the employee only if there was a substantial settlement. Well, they required termination in that they refused to cover the employee any longer. I have personally fought against this policy for a good employee, but they will not budge. It's all about money.This is in FL, not sure about other states. They get away with it because it is a clause in the fine print that you have to sign before they will give you your settlement. FYI many employers stop paying your health insurance backdated to the day that you went out under WC. So much for loyalty.

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    Do you feel that the nurses today are trained as well as they were when you had to hit the books and dig the info out?
    I'm just interested in everyone's opinion.

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    Ummm, your cop in school friend is either lying to you, or he is hacking the accounts. Some schools have tried to force students to reveal their passwords, it has been ruled illegal. Whatever the case, he should be careful. If I found out that he was accessing my child's personal FB account, it would not be pretty.

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    I think that the company that you are interviewing with called your boss for a reference because, although you didn't list her, they obviously know that she is your supervisor. I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else, so I am very familiar with this happening.
    It appears that you and your supervisor don't get along. I don't know if you want to put yourself in the situation to work two jobs with a person that you so clearly don't get along with. The fact that they have talked to her, and still want to interview you tells me that she didn't slam you as bad as you think she did, I would go to the interview and feel out the situation, maybe you would work opposite shifts, just find out the details so that you can make a sound decision.

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    I was wondering the same thing. The difference being that I only have to pass the English and Math portions of the test. I am applying to the Practical nursing program rather than the RN program. I will need good scores on this test to get in, so I am trying to find out where to locate a study guide. I thought that I was required to take the Accuplacer, so I have studied my butt off for it only to find out that I need the Kaplan instead. I guess all the studying is good either way though. I have been out of school for twenty four years, so I needed my memory jogged. Fractions, ratios, and area of a box...oh my. LOL

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    That is too funny. Whoops!!!!

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    Wow that's a tough situation. There must be some way to verify that you are a nurse, can you check with the HR dept. at your job or previous jobs? Surely they confirmed that you graduated. It won't be transcripts, but if they can at least verify your diploma or certificate,they might make an exception. If you were educated in a different country, does that even qualify? I would go to the school and explain your situation, hopefully they will be able to offer a solution. If you don't take care of this, you may lose your job. If you apply somewhere else, they will want proof that you are a nurse, so it seems that you have no choice. Good luck, I hope that it all works out.

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    I am hoping I get accepted in the LPN program at my local community college. I just made the decision about a month ago, I am in the process of getting prepared. I am forty two years old. I have a child and two grandchildren. I thought of it like this, I'm going to be forty three in March either way, so I might as well be forty three and on my way to doing what I always wanted to do. Good luck.