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    Does your facility allow you to start work as an ADN as long as you get enrolled in a BSN program within a certain time period? I am aware of a few facilities that have that policy in place. That allows ADNs to work but be committed to obtaining a higher degree as soon as possible. If that is not available in your facility, I would consider going for a BSN first thing. I'm sure you are excited to get your nursing career underway, but having a degree that allows you to start work immediately would be the most beneficial. If you are unable to do a full-time BSN program, perhaps think about keeping working as an ST and save some money and get things settled with family to eventually enter a BSN program. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. Nursing is a great profession and I hope you make it to your goal without too many issues!

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    Every place I have worked always interviews patients outside of the OR suite unless it is a true emergency.

    During my interview I try to keep it unrushed and as informative as possible. Meaning, I try to explain what the patient should expect upon entering the OR (move over to the OR bed, get hooked up to monitors, safety strap, oxygen mask/NC, medicine through the IV, drift off to sleep, etc.). I also ensure that we will keep them warm, comfortable, and safe before, during, and after the procedure.

    I let the patients and families ask questions. As many as they need even if this means I enter the OR 5 minutes late. Of course, I keep my answers within my nursing scope and direct question to the surgeon or anesthesiologist as necessary.

    If a patient has a special rosary, scapular, or other important token they wish to keep with them during surgery, I allow them to bring it with them but explain that after they fall asleep I will be removing it from them and safely labeling it and keeping it in the room. I confirm that this is ok with the patient and family as well.

    As far as music, normally we turn off music as the patient enters the OR. Many patients may see music as being too unprofessional for surgery, often thanks to the media's portrayal of music during operating. On occasion, I have had the patient ask for music and it usually is not a problem to play some music for them while they are awake in the OR as long as anesthesia, the surgeon, and the OR team are ok with music during that time.

    I also smile a lot and act very sure of myself and the surgical team. If all the above doesn't work, let's hope anesthesia has a pocket full of Versed!

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    athomas2244 I PM'd you also. Good luck. Concept analysis is an abstract and often difficult topic.

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    I'm glad I can help. I will try to send the article a different way. Also, I will PM you a couple of the other papers for other ideas.

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    Hopefulapn, I PM'd you. Let me know if you aren't able to get Pm's or if you can't read it.

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    Ok. I know where my paper is but I'll need to look for the other article. Is there an email where I can send it or??

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    Like a concept analysis for a theory class? If that's what you are talking about I can give you the paper title of the example my professor gave to my class. I wrote one on autonomy. I'm also willing to let you look at that if you'd like. Just no plagiarizing of course Let me know!

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    I would take your receipts to your tax preparer and ask. I was shocked at everything that I could deduct when I was traveling.

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    I am currently in an FNP program. Haven't graduated yet, so I can't speak to difficulty of getting a job. I can, however say that my OR experience has brought a different kind of experience to my cohort. Sometimes it is a unique view that comes from more focused patient care or being closer to the docs and learning from them, and other times it's me being completely lost. I'm hoping that everything will come together soon and a job won't be too difficult after I graduate and get licensed.

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    Definitely not a wire cutter! But I see the resemblance. Like Sop said, it is made by OnQ and is specifically for lifting off the metal vial tops. Super easy and quick to use. Too bad they aren't allowed here anymore. Although , I wonder if some people still use it around here since there was one hidden

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    Attachment 15193 My facility doesn't allow the use of these anymore, but I found one the other day in a drawer and thought I'd post it.

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    I learned to love the OR because of some really great nurses who allowed me to do observation as a student and as a new grad. Therefore, I welcome all students, new grads, and experienced nurses that might be interested in OR nursing. I also encourage shadowing/observation prior to entering the world of OR nursing because it truly isn't for everyone.

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    Check out the sticky at the top of the operating room forum. It has some really solid advice for observing in the operating room. If you have any further questions after reading it, let me know. Good luck!

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    Many of the surgeons I have worked with hate them because of the added bulk the plastic smoke evacuator piece makes the hand piece. I don't think it's a horrible idea to use them. Gotta protect our health in every way we can. I just don't know if the reason they aren't more widely used is the surgeons disliking the bulkiness.