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    I am admitted! I hope I will see you guys at the Autumn event on Monday Nov 12th.

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    I am constantly checking my email! Noting yet

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    I wonder if they will send the snail mail on Friday and email us on Monday. It will be wonderful if they just email us on Friday! I am at the point where I am counting the days till Monday!

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    The closer we are getting to the 15th, the harder the wait is!!!!!!!!

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    I am applying local and Rosalind is the only school I have applied to. I strongly believe that with having a family I will be most successful in school if I am stay close to my support system.

    less time communiting= more time studying

    My interview is over, and now is the waiting period..............

    Good luck with your interview!

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    Good luck to you, too! I have my interview scheduled for Sept 8th, may be we will even interview together.

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    I have been searching the web for information on Rosalind Franklin and this forum is pretty much the only place I found any. Thank you all of you for posting here and sharing!

    I have an interview scheduled for Sept 8th. I am very excited about this opportunity to be considered for a spot, but I am also nervous as I am not sure what to expect from the interview as it is my first time applying to Nurse Anesthesia school. Does anybody have any tips to offer? The administrative director told me that there will be a test during the interview, do I have to prepare for it or just my ICU experience will be enough? Any advice will be most appreciated! Good luck to all!