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    I am in Memphis. I am applying to SWTCC for there ADN program. I can't apply to NWMCC because you have to be a resident of the state. Since I want to get my RN then bridge to BSN, I'll have to put all of my eggs into one basket with SWTCC.

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    I am taking AP2 this semester. All I can say is "oooo weee"! My teacher is nice but she has a VERY heavy accent. We took our first test last week and got the results last night. The highest score in the class was 86. She curved it to an A and gave us all 4 points. The lowest grade was a 38. Thankfully, I was not at the bottom but I definitely wasn't happy with my grade. It was far from the A that I need to achieve in this course.. I'm hoping that this test wasn't indicative of what is to come for the rest of the semester. I sent a text to my AP1 professor and requested that he be my tutor this semester. He didn't say "no" so I think that he will help as much as he can. Unfortunately, I'm taking Micro this semester in addition to working full time. This leaves limited opportunities to meet with him since he teaches at another school. Where there is a will, there is a way!

    Keep me in your prayers!