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    First of all congratulations on being accepted to a nursing program!

    I am in an RN program right now and my program is over in April 2013. I have been in a little over a year. Basically, the best advice I can give is to read EVERYTHING assigned. Do not skimp in chapters. If your instructors use powerpoints. Print them out and read that chapter and annotate those PPT slides before you go to class. If you try to just swing by on PPTs alone, it will be reallllllly hard.

    Do your best not to stress. Make friends with the "smart people" in the class. They are a really valuable resource. Do not get involved in any school drama, it just makes for a bad school environment. TRUST ME. I am drama-free in my school. I am considered Switzerland. I am friends with just about everyone in my program, and people just vent to me about whoever and I just shrug it off...

    Same cliche things too. Get enough sleep before class/clinical rotations. Eat a good breakfast. If you are studying for a test. DO NOT cram the night before. Go over a few things before class. Try reading flash cards before you go to bed. Our dean told us to do that, and it reallllly helps.


    Make as many flashcards as you can, bring them to the grocery store. Purposely stand in the LONGEST line for check out and pull your cards out. Bring them or like 20-30 wherever you go and just read them in your spare time. If you are a passenger in a car, bring them a long...IT REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY HELPS!!

    Good luck in your studies!!!


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    I did not want to do OB at allllllll and was dreading it!!!!!. But I will be honest. It gave me a great appreciation for all OB nurses. I got the chance to see a C-section birth of a 2.6 lb baby and a vaginal birth. Although I know I will never work in that area, I am thankful that I got the chance to experience that.

    Basically all I can say is...just deal with it...It is a short clinical and there is no way to really get out of it. And there will most likely be OB questions on the NCLEX. I learned more in clinicals then I did in class. The knowledge you get will seriously help!

    Most OB clincials are only 4 or 5 shifts and that's it!

    Good luck!!

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    Quote from nurse_jv
    Hey guys Im new in this forum, just wanted to say hi to all of you. Currently studying LPN @ Sheridan Tech, going to 2nd Block in May, excited to share expeiences and willing to learn new things...

    PS I knew it had to be "Male Section" in an ocean dominated by females lol
    GOOD LUCK!!!

    I am currently in an RN program at Pima Medical Institute in Tucson, AZ. I have less than a year go to!! SO EXCITED...The first year and 2 months went by faaaaaast

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    Ditto Yay for the gays in nursing school...we keep the girls from killing each other :P

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    I am a student nurse right now and have a little less than a year to go and all I have to say is I think you should do whatever your heart desires......

    As for working as a tech/aide. I think that is a great idea as a stepping stone to nursing. It will definitely get you to appreciate nurses and especially the jobs of the techs in the hospitals. There are too many people that are nurses that are all about saying "That is the techs job"

    You will learn valuable skills that will definitely help with your first semester of nursing school. When you can, ask nurses questions. Like what does this medication do, why do you have to hang a saline IV and not the dexrose, anything that comes to your mind.

    The thing about nurses is most of them/us you will be a perpetual student. Nurses are always learning new things, keeping up with reading about new technologies and procedures, medications. Healthcare is constantly changing so your job will NOT be boring.

    As far as going to school. It is just a phone call away or a car ride. Go down to the college or university that you want to attend and talk to their admissions department. They will help you start you path to nursing. If anything they can answer a lot more questions then anyone could on here

    GOOD LUCK and I hope you find what you're looking for

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    I started ADN school in May of 2011 at age 27 and will graduate in April 2013 at age 29. I am the youngest guy in my program. 24 students. 4 guys. ages 28, 32, 35, 36 (I think with the last 2)

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    I would check hospital policy. Usually with places that have built-in combinations have some sort-of disclaimer that you sign saying that you consent to searches...

    I hate lockers for that reason...Whatever I bring to work comes home.

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    Let's start out by saying I am 28, gay and have been in healthcare since I was 16 years old, working for 10 years as a pharmacy technician in both hospital and retail pharmacies, a pharmacy tech instructor at Pima Medical Institute and worked for Odyssey Hospice as a patient care secretary. I am not flamboyant, but I am not a "jock" stereotype either.

    I'm sorry people judge you for being gay or treat you differently. That really does suck. I've never really had any run ins with anyone for being gay but only being a guy and being a nurse.

    Just yesterday in clinicals one of the patients wanted a female to help her to the commode. So I just politely told her I would find someone for her. There are some people who do not want male doctors or female doctors. It is just their preference. You are still doing what you can to help them by granting their request.

    Oddly enough, I didn't have ANY "problems" when I did my OB clinical (other guys in my program did, they aren't gay). I saw a vag and a section when I was on L&D and each patient was like SURE come on in!

    I'm sorry I couldn't have been more helpful. I just wanted to tell you about my own experiences.


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    Quote from Living4Peace
    My first major purchase will be....wait for it.......A HOUSE, lol. I know some of you are like "WTH" lol. I am going to work my ass off that first year or so for a down payment. What are you losers *ahem*, I mean gentlemen going to buy?
    YO!!! Well...I ALREADY BOUGHT A HOUSE 2 YEARS AGO AND I AM 28 YEARS OLD...SO HA!!! lol. My first purchase (after loans are paid off) Is either going to be a car (yeah, nice creativity) or save a lot of money to build a house. I bought a quasi-cookie-cutter house on the end of a cul-de-sac. LOVE IT. But I want my own everything. I want to design it from the ground up.

    Most likely going to keep this house as a rental since it is close to a university :P

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    Quote from greygooseuria
    So, a question has arisen in my mind since I have been in CNA class waiting for nursing school to start.

    There are only 2 guys in my class of 25, and the other guy is married and I'm gay. After doing clinicals in the hospital, I have yet to see another gay male CNA or nurse.

    Where does this stereotype come from? I am not seeing it at all.
    I am in nursing school now and in a class of 24. There are 4 guys and I am the only gay one. HOWEVER!! I do know a very large number of gays in healthcare. Mostly nurses.

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    Quote from mmills63
    Alright guys, help me out.... I've been trolling these forums for so long, and it dawned on me: I know everything there is to know about how to get accepted to nursing school.... And that's about it! So I got my acceptance letter in the mail over the weekend and I can put all that behind me.

    I suppose that was the easy part... Now I have to pass nursing school! Tips, tricks, or advice?
    DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Read everything assigned. It really sounds easier than it is, but read BEFORE you go to class and then take notes in the margins...DO NOT...I REPEAT..DO NOT JUST USE POWERPOINTS!!! A lot of instructors use them as "barebones" outlines for lecturing and leave out a lot.

    IF you do not have to work while in school DON'T or just work as little as possible. It is draining on kids, families, your psyche. And when you get to the point where you think you can't do it anymore...YOU CAN!! I know it sounds like crap...but it's true!

    I have a little less than a year to go in nursing school. IT GOES BY FAST!!!!

    Good luck!

    OH YEAH...TO ADD ON...make friends not enemies in nursing school...second only to the instructors they are your most VALUABLE resource in school. Even if it is someone you are not a huge fan of. Be civil and cordial with everyone!!!!

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    <<Oct 17, '11 by kmt2112 hi there i am actually at pima community college doing my pre req's for nursing.. i went to pmi for an info session, i wanna do the nursing program there but im kinda scared.. i feel like im not smart enough to complete it... im clueless about it all. im your average student.. so i wanna know what i get myself into before i sign my life away/.


    Hey, I am in PMI's nursing program in Tucson. If you have any questions about anything feel free to e-mail me at

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Let me just say I LOVE PIMA MEDICAL INSTITUTE. Unlike other students in my nursing class. I have a personal history with PMI. I worked for them as an evening pharmacy technician instructor in 2008 and it was one of the best jobs I have ever had. PMI is a family-owned company and they treat their employees VERY WELL. They actually care about their employees. Right then I knew I would eventually go farther in PMI. They started their nursing program at the Tucson Campus in 2008.

    In Nov 2010, I took the 2 tests with the admissions dept and then the HESI entrance exam for the nursing school, got accepted, had the prereqs already done (English I, A&P, Psych I is all you need). And I started a few months later. NO WAITING LIST. The cost of attendance is reallllllllllllllly expensive, like $42,000. I look at it this way...The community college in the area when I looked into in 1.5 years ago had a 2-3 year waiting list. I would start at PMI right away, graduate in 2 years. and start to pay down that 42k before I even started at the comm college.

    The class sizes are at a max of 30 per class. You have the same instructors for many of the classes. You really form a bond with your instructors and even though it is cliche to say, They REALLY want you to succeed.

    Just actually found out TODAY that our graduation rate for the nursing school and the NCLEX examinations are among the highest in the state.

    Now for the general nursing school disclaimer for most schools, lol. NURSING SCHOOL IS HARD!!!!! Be prepared to read multiple chapters, have lots of homework, cry often, not have a social life for 2 years, if you do not have to work DON'T. If you have a family/kids, it will be just as hard on them. I personally do not have kids, but know lot of people who have kids and when/are going to nursing school and say it's hard. I have to work 20 hours a week to just pay my bills. I don't have a lot of fun, or not as much as I used to. I am saving that until school is over.

    With all that in mind. I say PMI all the way. And if it is just the MONEY thing that you are scared of. Nurses make pretty good money after they graduate. Loans will go away eventually. Your degree will not.