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    Hi woodrose24, since your CGFNS was from September 2012 then I think you will need to order the re-evaluation. I've read a couple applicants forward their application from NV to Hawaii. Re-evaluation takes around 10 days if you order the expedited service. It took them around a month before they received their eligibility from Hawaii.

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    Quote from RachNurse
    Excuse the ignorance, but what is "PDA"? Thank you!
    Its a the reviewer "Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment by LaCharity" It's a really nifty book to have. =)

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    Quote from skygirl107
    good luck on your boards, also for the saunders book, are you using the cd?how are you getting the %score numbers?
    Thank you! I really am trying my best to prepare but also be calm at the same time. I've been using both saunders 4th edition CD and the Saunders 5th edition. For the 4th edition I've gone all the way to 3000 plus questions. For the 5th I've tried doing the questions on the CD but I noticed that the questions being asked on the book are the same with the CD. I'm now using La Charity. As for how I get the percentage I divide the correct from the total number of questions I get. I get really conscious when I get half of them wrong.

    My advice to others is have good nursing content. Strategies are good but in my opinion having good foundation is important, knowing the processes of diseases and normal values. It really helps.

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    Hi DaftSpunk, I'm currently using the 2nd edition of LaCharity. I think I'm doing better on it. little by little. Makes me really analyze the answers compared to Saunders. How are your studies going?

    Quote from DaftSpunk
    Hi kuyafern, I am just curious... What edition of lacharity's book did you use? Thanks.

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    I've been MIA guys. Sorry. =( I've been strictly reviewing and been out of town couple of times. Last I've heard from the director was from November and she said she would be emailing january for the response. The director already explained the program being accredited by the CABRN but the problem they are facing is the clinical instructors and also budget. They may be postponing the exam to 2014.

    No matter what guys keep your heads up, and don't give up. We'll all grab that opportunity one day and work as a nurse. Praying that I get mine this year. Well back to being an academic zombie again. Oh yeah to those who have me as a friend on fb, i deactivated my account. just give me a message and i'll try to help out. I will try to contact the director and have a feedback about the program by this month. =)

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    hi there. i'm not really sure about how many chances a person has in AK. Good luck to your examination! Believe in yourself and don't stop trying until you achieve your dreams.

    My suggestion is don't just memorize and cram. The important thing is applying of what you know to the question, analyze each answer, will it be safe for the patient or will it harm them, can this certain task be delegated to an LPN or a Nurse Assistant. Remember not all medications can be delegated to an LPN. You can do this.

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    AK. I've been MIA lately preparing. Just got done with another PDA chapter. I did way better than the others I did. I think it's more on analyzing the question.

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    Yes I have! It was just last i received the letter and I now have an ATT to take the NCLEX RN. I'm excited and anxious.

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    Hi all! I finished my Saunders 5th edition and started using the Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment by La Charity. From the Saunders book I've done the questions per chapter and I've gotten scores averaging of 80. I noticed that the PDA questions are structured differently, and from what I've read here it is almost structured just like the NCLEX. Honestly I am having a hard time and I've been scoring an average of 50, and 60 percent tops.

    I get a bit discouraged because Im not used to getting such low scores from saunders. But I told myself, "Hey, it's a completely different book with a different approach, and you will learn from it" I've been reading the rationale from each question and kept on telling myself not to give up.

    Aside from these reviewers I'm planning to take the Kaplan online review and Hurst Online review. I know you guys are probably saying "This guy is crazy why not take the exam already" The thing is, I really want to be comfortable and prepared taking the exam. I'm an international graduate, 2012 and taking the nclex this 2013. I wasn't the best student in the program, honestly I didn't try to be one, I just wanted to get it over with and graduate.

    If any of you have any suggestions on how I should tackle the questions on the PDA reviewer, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you all in advance and it would be amazing to hear some feed back. Oh yeah Happy 2013 everyone! This year will be a huge turning point.

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    Hey everyone I've been doing some research and look what i've found! Looks like management, safety and infection went up.

    Content Area Client Test Plan Category 2010 Proposed 2013
    1 Management of Care 16-22% 17-23%
    2 Safety and Infection Control 8-14% 9-15%
    3 Heath Promotion and Maintenance 6-12% 6-12%
    4 Psychosocial Integrity 6-12% 6-12%
    5 Basic Care and Comfort 6-12% 6-12%
    6 Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies 13-19% 12-18%
    7 Reduction of Risk Potential 10-16% 9-15%
    8 Physiological Adaptation 11-17% 11-17%

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    Hi everyone!! I've heard that the NCLEX gets updated by next year and it was last updated this 2010. I've read the changes that were made in 2010 increase in passing rate, more management question and decrease in questions of risk potential. Does anyone know what the changes are for the 2013 NCLEX exam? I went to the NCSBN website, i haven't found anything about the updated Nclex. Hope I can exam before April. Thanks guys for any response =)

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    Does anyone know what changes there will be?

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    Hello dragon_lady, Baneneng, and troikaenerio,

    I will send you 3 a PM regarding the contact information to CSU Fresno. I have asked the director about the requirements and she informed me that once we get 30 students she will inform everyone in the list about the requirements and tuition fees. They are still finalizing the fees because the school has been recently going through some changes. When you do contact her give an introduction of your self/situation and if you have the "love letter" from the state where you applied, you can forward her a copy to her email.

    Quote from dragon_lady

    What are the requirements for CSU-Fresno?Thank you and ill be happy to hear your response.

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    Someone asked me this also just a couple of months ago. I suggested to them that they should call the CA BRN if an applicant is really required to have a license or if there is another way to waive that. From what I've read in the past requirement is the state requires a license from where they were trained OR a diploma stating they have graduated from the program. I hope they won't require a license,

    It is almost 2013 they may start new rules and adding more new requirements concering application for the NCLEX.

    Quote from Baneneng
    But im applying in california. Is their new requirement a local license? Thankyou so much!!!

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    Quote from jayceecee
    Oh yeah u told me about that. You think it'll really push through? Keeping my fingers crossed all day man
    Yeah I'm very positive it will push through. Unless CA BRN changes their mind and says "no you can have this program in your school, we won't accept it" then that might be the only reason. The director already said it's been approved by the CA BRN so the only thing we are waiting for is the requirements and the process of getting into the program.

    I have to agree with steppybay that some schools specially private schools are pretty expensive and it's almost 10,000 plus dollars. I'm expecting CSU Fresno's program to be near the somewhat affordable range because it is a public school, but recently I've seen from the news that CSU Fresno may be increasing some tuition fee's due to the economy. It's one reason why the director can't give an exact price of the program. But I'm still expecting a more affordable tuition compared to the private schools.