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    I applied last year and was denied due to the fact that they look at cumulative. My cum is 3.09, last 60 hrs 3.62, so now I am looking at programs that only consider last 60 hrs. The admissions director told me I basically had no hope without a 3.5 or better. The only suggestion she had was to return and take more undergrad courses to raise GPA, and if I recall correctly, she told me it would take about 40 hrs to get it there! Good luck

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    I am looking at graduate nursing programs. I am interested in one where they look at your last 60 hours GPA. I obtained my BSN from UAB. Considering how competitive the admissions are now, I am worried about even getting in to one!! If I only knew then what I know now I would have worked harder! Seems many of you share my pain.

    My UAB undergrad GPA is 3.62. Overall GPA 3.09
    UAB GPA reflects 64 hours.

    The application process is pretty time consuming, and I don't want to waste time applying for programs I am not likely to be admitted to. Already denied USA.
    If any of you would be willing to share your GPA and whether or not you were admitted, it would be helpful. I am now considering Texas Tech.

    Thanks for ANY advice, good luck to you all!

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    I am hoping some of you who are farther into applying to MSN/NP programs can give me some advice. I applied to USA and was denied based on my GPA. However, they look at cumulative GPA. My cumulative GPA is low at 3.09. However, I know some schools look at the last 60 hours. I'm in better shape there, with somewhere between a 3.5 and 3.62. I am not sure how to calculate this. I am now looking into applying at Texas Tech. My BSN is from UAB. USA told me I had no chance with anything less than a 3.5. They had a HUGE applicant pool.
    I am amazed at how many people are applying and how competitive these programs are!!
    Have any of you had any success being admitted with stats similar to these?