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    We don't email either. We have so many low-income that don't have access. I would love to be able to use that! Anyway, I've had a few nurse parents. Some have treated me really bad. I think they are just jealous I have this job and they don't. Whenever they complain I just say I, sorry but it's our county policy and we can't do anything without a dr's order just like in the hospital.

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    I always miss the hospital when I leave!! There are just parts of it I really enjoy-talking to patients and their families (when there was time which was rare), working with other nurses as a team and having the support and understanding (unlike a school where no one understands what the nurse deals with), the pay, knowing at the end of the shift I didn't have more work waiting for me the next day when I got there, the variety of areas you can try, getting to use all my skills with shots, IV's dressing changes, etc, being able to help a patient that complained (unlike in a school-you have a headache? Sorry I can't really do anything about it other than call your parent.)

    The reasons I will never go back-drug seekers, pressure from management to do more with less staff, all the charting, 12 hrs on your feet non-stop (getting too old for that and my back/knees can't handle it anymore), the stress of keeping that many patients alive at once and feeling like a bad nurse because I can't do all that I should be able to for my patients, those dr's that like to look down on you, mean families that act like their family member is at a 4 star hotel, working holidays, the politics, etc. Did I mention drug seekers and having to kiss their butts for a good patient satisfaction survey?? lol

    School nursing is much less stressful and I really enjoy working with kids. I also love getting the time off we get with this job. It's a much harder job than people realize and I do get mad when people/staff/kids ask me if I ever worked as a "real nurse" or actually laugh and say well you've got it made when I tell them what I do! If I got a "real" paycheck and had real respect I'd feel more like I "had it made!". We're at the low end of the totem pole in the school world for some reason. Maybe because it's such an "easy" job any monkey could do it!! That is until someone has lice, puking, or some weird rash and then we become very important for about 5 min. If we don't say what they want to hear then look out, our status is back to a monkey's butt. I take it all with a grain of salt. They can't help what they don't know. The amount of griping/complaining I get from management/parents/teachers is NOTHING compared to the hospital so I can take it. Every job has it's ups and downs-you just have to find the one that you can live with and hopefully enjoy in the process!

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    Thank you! We didn't get any time off from school though-just the weekend! The first Monday back was insane with tired kids and bellyaches!

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    In our district we have 30+ schools and I don't know how many subs but it's never enough. When I subbed, I could go online and days i knew there was a day I didn't want to work I could check unavailable so I wouldn't be bothered. Otherwise, like others said, you can get called anytime. If if was something for the future it was usually the nurse director who would call and see if I was available. I always tried to accomodate but I never felt bad for saying no. That's the perk of being a sub. I found it was usually feast or famine. I was either getting called almost every day or a few weeks would go by with nothing. You just never know.

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    If I were you I'd go for it. Keep your other job prn if possible so if you decide it's not for you, after the school year you can go back to it full-time if needed. It's not for everyone. I do miss my days off during the week but it's nice to have summers/holidays off.

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    This is such a dilema for me as well! At one school I can put a sign up and lock my door but kids still try to get in and then I'll hear teachers reading my sign out loud and tell the kid to go to the office like the sign says and next thing I know the secretary is unlocking the door to come in and get a bandaid (which clearly is NOT an emergency) so I get interupted anyway. So most of the time I will go down to the teacher's lounge and eat with them which works most of the time because they are nice/friendly to me.

    My other school I cannot shut and lock my doors because there are two doors and the teachers/principal uses my office as a walk-through from main office to hall. If I leave the secretary and principal will cover my office. If I stay and try to eat they won't. If I go to the teacher's workroom the teachers in that lunch period want to discuss issues about kids and what I can do or they won't really talk at all. Either is uncomfortable for me. Plus, if the staff sees me in there they start sending kids to me in there so at this school I am allowed to leave and I do. I get in my car and leave most of the time.

    It's nice to get out of the building and away from everything even if only for 30 min. However, it's up to me to make sure I get a lunch. No one will notice if I haven't left to eat because I've been too busy. The other day I literally didn't have a moment free to leave. If that happened all the time I'd work it out with my principal to get an aide to cover if needed. We don't get paid for our lunch and we don't get reimbursed for working so I try to make sure I get lunch. Besides, no one would want to be around me if I didn't get to eat!

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    I see 15-20 a day but usually less. Most of those are frequent flyers. I have one daily med and a few diabetic checks. Same at both schools-one has 265 and one 370. I make the teachers fill out a pass to send one of their students with name, time, and reason. It cuts down on a lot of silly stuff for most teachers but there are always a few that are happy to fill one out for several students a day. I totally get what you mean about subs! So frustrating!

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    I would avoid being a surgery tech unless being screamed at by surgeons doesn't bother you! When surgeons get stressed the techs are the first ones they start to take it out on. You need a strong backbone for that job. That's why I left the OR-they don't pay me enough to get screamed at daily or to walk on eggshells and I was a circulator so I didn't even have it as bad as the techs!

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    I had a student once with a head injury who became very sleepy, acted out of it, and slow to answer so I called his mom right away and told her what happened. She got mad at me for interrupting her on her way to work when I said he needed picked up and evaluated by a dr. right away. She argued she had to teach some class and I said I'm sorry but this is an emergency! She asked what would happen if she refused and I said I would call an ambulance. She came and got him and took him to an urgent care (this was 20 yrs ago) and they insisted she take him to the ER. She tried to sue the school system because the dr told her he should've been evaluated at the ER much sooner! I'm sure she didn't tell them it took her almost an hour to pick up her kid! They asked for my documentation and needless to say nothing further ever came of it since I didn't do anything wrong. He was ok but he did have a concussion. I really felt bad for him that he had a mom like that. I've never forgotten that and still get mad when I think about it. Some parents you can never please!

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    Oh I've had the same things happen. Just makes you want to beat your head into a wall!

    I have this teacher that constantly sends kids to interrupt my lunch over stuff that can wait and he knows I'm trying to eat. Well today he had the custodian come and find me in the teacher workroom where I was eating because a kid vomited at lunch. I refused to go. I asked if he could please have the secretary call the kid's mom. They don't need me to do that. Yet other times, like you said, they can't wait to call parent behind your back.

    Fetch- just be glad instead of wasting your time with all these kid complaints she's taking care of it. Trust me, one of these days it will come back to bite her in the rear when a parent calls to complain their kid keeps getting sent home needlessly or was more seriously injured than the teacher realized and the principal comes to you and you can smile and say the teacher never let you evaluate any of those situations so you have no idea!

    Also understand some teachers just have no backbone so their kids will keep whining over and over until they get the needless ice or a trip to the nurse because they know the teacher will give in. The teacher complains they are driving them crazy because of their constant whining. If they'd just put their foot down they would stop. There are teachers that you know if you see their student it must be major but others you see half the class every day. I kept track one year and notified the principal which teachers were sending tons of kids. The principal was shocked and spoke to those teachers which helped some.

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    Thanks for all the good info and articles! That has helped clear things up a lot! I appreciate it and have learned some new things which is always good. It's also good to know I wasn't being silly for taking my son to the ER when I saw the symptoms. Thanks again!

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    Ok good to know! Thank you! I definately don't want him or any kids exposed to more radiation that necessary. I've just always heard if they have symptoms get them to hospital right away. Now I'm wondering if waiting a while would hurt. I guess if symtoms keep getting worse go and if improve maybe not. Have you seen symtoms improve and there still be a big issue that should've been seen? Just curious. If I see a bunch of symptoms I'm still going as I'm not a dr. and would kick myself if I was wrong but we do have several parents in the school system that get really mad if you recommend their child go to dr and child checks out fine. I would be relieved if my kid was ok but they get mad I made them waste their money. Still for liability reasons I have to recommend dr follow-up a lot of times.

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    What is typical protocol for a kid brought to the ER for signs/symptoms of a concussion?

    I'm a school nurse and my son hit his head hard on the ground getting tackled in a football game. (I'm not asking for personal advice-this happened last fall and I want to know what to do in future). My husband was a coach and he noticed he wasn't acting right several minutes later so I went down and checked him. I did a neuro check on him. His responses were very slow, he was confused, didn't remember what happened along with bad headache. We had him rest for a few minutes and he started feeling very nauseated and sleepy. We took him to the ER where they made us wait almost 2 hrs. The dr finally sees him and his responses are back to almost normal and he's feeling better except for a bad headache/stomachache. The only thing the dr did was another neuro check. No scans of any kind. He released him to go home. He didn't go back to school for 3 days because his head was hurting and everything wore him out. We ourselves cut out his video games and limited TV to give his brain a break. It took him about 3 weeks at least to feel back to normal.

    So my question is, if this happens again do I even bother taking him in, are there other signs I need to look for that would warrant a trip, should I go to a different ER, should I have waited longer? Since he had signs of a concussion I thought I should have him checked but the dr didn't do anything I hadn't already done. They made me feel stupid for bringing him in quite frankly and being a nurse I don't take my kids to dr unless I feel they REALLY need to go. I'm confused about what to do. Thanks for any advice.

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    You didn't do anything wrong. Welcome to school nursing. No job is perfect and this just happens to be one of the negatives of school nursing. Some parents will find anyone to blame and often it falls on the nurse. You will learn which parents to call for a scratch and which not to bother unless the kid has an arm hanging off. I don't know how many times I've said "I'm not a doctor"! We don't have a clinic where we run xrays, blood tests, etc but some parents think we can magically tell what the problem is.

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    Oh my gosh I feel your pain. I also have two doors to my office the teachers and principal use as a shortcut too!! They will literally pass through and say "sorry" or "you don't mind, do you?" without even giving me time to respond! Each teacher thinks they only come through a couple times a day which is no big deal to them but when you multiply that by 30 some staff members and each trip in and out, sometimes two or three times a day, that's one heck of a lot of distractions a day!! I also have teachers who will stand near my desk and look at everything I'm working on waiting to talk to someone in the main office. They will also barge through as I'm talking to a parent or kid as well. I'm thinking, how do you think this is ok? I'm also asked to cover the phones and door all the time and even had to stay late or miss lunch at times to do it. I haven't said too much because I don't want to seem like a witch but the more I give the more they take. I guess I'm going to have to put my foot down. It's just a shame I'm going to be the one that doesn't seem like a team player for complaining about being taken advantage!