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    Quote from beckster_01
    I was just saying yesterday that it would be tragic if our patients ever found out that pulling off their leads would be a much more effective call light...

    He got a big kick out of it!! I think his exact words were along the lines of, "Man I've never had service like this! I should of thought of that years ago!" ROFLlol2:

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    I don't know if there is a thread like this is already on here but after the last few days i can't resist:

    *If you are well enough to cuddle with your 250 lb husband at 3 a.m. in a twin sized bed (including pet names, smooches, giggles, and pillow talk) you are not sick enough to be here, please go home and snuggle in your own bed.

    *I just witnessed the birth of your child; I believe I can handle the congratulatory kiss on the forehead your uncle just gave you, without you feeling embarrased for me.

    *I really understand that due to an IV and countless lab sticks your 4 year old now has a fear of anyone in scrubs; however, all I need is her temp which will be easier to get if you stop saying, "The new lady doesnt have needles sweetie..."

    *While true a little indulgence is okay sometimes, please do not eat a candy bar out of the vending machine for every vegetable on your dinner tray.

    *If you don't want the CNA/Lab/RT in your room between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. please, please, please, I beg you have the doctor write an order, do not construct the leaning tower of funiture just inside your door. Not only is this a hazard to you, but when you go into cardiac arrest at 2 a.m. it becomes a hazard to the hospital staff.

    and lastly.................

    Please DO NOT sign out AMA, with severe chest pain, because doc made you NPO, call 911 two hours after you get home and tell the medics who bring you back that those evil people made you leave, not only will said people still be working the ER we will be waiting with a 16g and have the bed next to the sweet LOM who sings Barney all made up for you. (sorry know its a run on)

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    Never phone 911 at 3 AM, then wait in the driveway with suitcase in hand for a ride to the hospital. The Medics on board may not appreciate it.

    I kno this is old but....

    We hate this!!! At least once a week our EMS goes out on a call and brings back someone with an overnight bag, these people usually know exactly what to say to make the doc admit them. This is a medical facility not a hotel!!! (steps off soap box now)

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    saw this last night at work "milk and molasses enema per rectum"....ummm well duh!!

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    as I was leaving the other day from a nite-shift-from-hell I passed one of our residents goin in for the day all I could tell him was, "No one died last night!!"

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    [quote=Christie RN2006;1946189]You know you are a nurse if:

    ~you are in a patients room and need help and no one will come you start hitting the leads on your patients chest to make it look like they are in V-tach

    our call lights went down a few months ago (it was blissfully quiet), and one of our more creative pts would pull his leads off when he needed something!!

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    two words: pillow therapy

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    Quote from Lillethwitch
    You can seriously ask the person doing charts next to you "Is it still today?"
    This happens at least ten times between 2200 and 0400 in our nurses station every night!!!

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    Quote from Jaxrn02
    268 posts to this thread and no one has said it yet.....

    If we havent seen any of our frequent fliers in a few weeks we look them up in the obits!!!