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  • Sep 10 '16

    I always assume they're a scrubs-wearing housekeeper or a cashier in a hospital cafeteria.

  • Aug 26 '16

    And the lesson of this story may be: don't go zipping through traffic at 100mph, drunk, without a helmet. This scenario I often see on the interstate (Florida) where there are no helmet laws. "Born to be Wild" OK song, bad lifestyle.

  • Aug 24 '16

    I live in a rural area and families here often have a "family plot". It is nothing unusual. With costs so high in the funeral business, there is an interest to return to the old days....home funeral service, esp. when the death is expected to occur in the home, such as hospice. It actually is legal as long as some timeframes are met as embalming is not done. Viewing is done quickly, most family is close by anyway as the death is "expected". is beginning to look like a business model???

  • Aug 24 '16

    I have seen what I consider to be a trend in newly graduated/newly licensed nurses. Many of them are so entitled. "What do you mean I have to pass meds? What do you mean I have to work every other weekend? I'm not going to have someone from the pharmacy watch ME do a med pass! I didn't want to work in long term care but I don't have any experience so I couldn't get a job at the hospital." It goes on.
    What happened to the new nurses who were eager to learn from nurses who have experience? Who volunteer to assist or watch or do something new under supervision so they can learn? Saying NO to the DON when it's something clearly she has the authority to ask you to do...being insubordinate.
    I'm glad I'm nearing retirement age.
    Rant over.

  • Aug 18 '16

    Quote from NOADLS
    You are a new grad. What you are currently experiencing is expected. Pass the test of time and work for your respect.
    Hell has frozen over. I liked a NOADLS post

  • Aug 18 '16

    You are a new grad. What you are currently experiencing is expected. Pass the test of time and work for your respect.

  • Aug 10 '16

    You are a badass who put a gracious old nurse back in her garden. That is what you need to take on your well deserved vacation.

    The daughters have their own junk for whatever reason, just like anyone else who copes poorly under the pressures of fear and guilt and finds a scapegoat.

  • Aug 10 '16

    First let me say that the events in this story are true; however the particulars have been changed so as to disguise the event and to eliminate any HIPPA violations. As of 3 PM today I am on vacation. I'm trying to concentrate on all things that are non-work related, but my head is still in the ICU. I spent the last four 12 hour shifts working with an elderly lady who is very ill. All three of her daughters are nurses at other facilities, and they all stayed attentively at her bedside. The first day they handed me a list of things they "didn't want me to forget to do for Mom." These included repositioning, incentive spirometry, feeding her meals, and the like. Well, I've been a nurse for a long time now, but I thought, okay, they are stressed. It's alright. They need to maintain some control in a situation that they have no control.

    I made a point to pull up Mom's lab results and scan reports for them to read so they would feel well-informed and able to participate in her care. At the end of the first day, Mom coded. By the time they returned to her room, she had recovered enough to be awake and talking with us. I thought to myself how glad I was this family still had their beloved matriarch. Mom slept poorly that night and was quite lethargic the next day; however, she was appropriate when awake. By 6 PM the ladies had worked themselves into a state of near-hysteria because Mom was "not herself", and had not been strong enough to get up and walk. It had been less than 24 hours since she nearly died, and less than 24 hours since she had major orthopedic surgery. In the midst of their melt-down, they stated we (that would be me) were withholding information about Mom's condition and "not taking them seriously enough".

    Okay, it was 6 PM, but I called the surgeon at home and got him to talk with them on the phone to answer their questions. I reminded them they had access (with Mom's approval, of course) to all lab results and scan reports. Their anger only escalated. The next day, part way through the shift I was told the new medication Mom had been given should not have been given without their express approval. Now Mom is alert and oriented and able to make her own decisions. As a matter of fact, Mom is a retired nurse herself. It never occurred to me to call the kids for permission to give her medication. They took this complaint to my manager. Now, I had spent four 12 hour days caring for this precious lady, washing her, feeding her, changing her dressings, and, yes, doing CPR on her. Successfully. I had worked hard...really care for this patient. Most days I didn't take lunch. I don't regret it for a second, and I certainly don't expect gratitude, but I didn't expect to be kicked in the gut either.

    No, I don't do this job for money or for anyone's approval. I am so glad this sweet woman is going to live to go home and resume her gardening and canning and care for her cats. But I am also crushed. I am so frustrated, so depressed, so hurt. I feel hopeless, and just now I don't feel like going back to work at all. Ever. I'm sure I will eventually convince myself to carry on, but this has taken a toll on my spirit. Thank you for letting me vent. No one actually understands what we do but other nurses.

  • Aug 10 '16

    Quote from pmabraham
    On this issue, there was a journalist posing as (maybe was) a homosexual who went to Muslim bakeries asking if they would bake a wedding cake for him and his male wife. All refused. Double standard much?

    Now, in terms of the opening post... healthcare providers should treat the healthcare needs of all who come for care noting that murdering innocent unborn babies in abortion is not healthcare (so no provider should be forced to harm an innocent unborn baby in the guise that it is somehow healthcare). Yet, on the same token, since we supposedly live in a free country, no provider should be forced to provide care. That doesn't mean the said provider will face zero consequences from society, but unless we believe it is ok to enslave a population of people to provide services.

    In my opinion, laws like the one mentioned in the opening post are coming back as extremes to fight the unfortunate event that should have have happened to a handful of businesses that exercised their due right to say they will not provide service (questions, see my opening paragraph about no one making a single successful legal complaint making the news about Muslim bakeries refusing to make wedding cakes for any homosexual couple).

    If you're accusing me of having a double standard, I don't. Christian bakeries, Muslim bakeries -- it surely cannot be "practicing your religion" to refuse to bake a damned cake!

    Providing abortion services is a lawful healthcare procedure in the United States. Healthcare workers who are vehemently against providing such services to women are free to not take jobs where this is required. Whether it consists of "murdering an innocent unborn baby" or removing a fetus that has not yet become a human being is controversial and subject to interpretation, I will go so far as to grant you that. But it is moral, ethical, and a majority of Supreme Court justices concluded that it is lawful. If you disagree with that, there is a perfectly simple remedy for you: do not, under any circumstances, have an abortion. Do not under any circumstances take a job where one of responsibilities is to assist with an abortion. Problem solved. And it's solved without having to infringe upon anyone's rights, whether they agree with you or not.

    You -- I mean you personally as well as your political party -- do not have the right to legislate or control what other women do with their bodies. Those women have the right to choose. Fortunately, enough people agree with a woman's right to choose that there is no need to "enslave a population of people to provide services."

    As far as bakeries, they would seem to be in the business of baking cakes. I fail to see how being hateful about baking a cake or not baking a cake is "exercising freedoms" or "practicing religion." If, during the course of ordering the cake the potential client espouses some belief that the baker disagrees with, the baker absolutely has a right to harm his own business and shoot himself in the foot by refusing to bake the cake. But refusing to bake the cake because "you're homosexual and God hates you" is assuming that you know what God hates, and it's hateful to the potential client. Any God I want to believe in is a God of love who disapproves of hatefulness to others.

  • Aug 10 '16

    Hmmmm...this may be off topic: "In the created god(s)" How about a law ridding our human society of all religion? That would quickly end all the wasted life energy spent debating such horse s***. Those of us that would actually like to put our frontal lobes to some good use might then be able to...

  • Aug 10 '16

    Quote from Sensibility
    We are working for a business servicing many beliefs and ideologies and I respect that. When I come to work, I am there to uphold that companies ideals. I am a Christian. My company is not Christian. However, I do not believe that everyone that says they are Christian is a Christian. I bring this up to say that if I were to only take care of the people that believe as I do, I would not be taking care of anyone. Nevertheless, there are moral issues that people subscribe to that I fully and completely disagree with. Any sex (and that includes between a man and woman outside of marriage) is immoral - plain and simple. So again, if I were to deny care to every person that walked in that disagreed with my moral beliefs based on the Words of Scripture and how God judges His creation, I would have very few patients. I don't have to agree with someone's ideas to take care of them.

    In my opinion, certain businesses should have the right to deny services and employment such as cake decorators and educational institutions. We do these background checks on people for that very reason and some people are denied employment because of their criminal past. Employers are searching Facebook to learn about the person that they are getting ready to employ. And trust me, people such as myself who have vocalized concern on these moral issues are often not hired because of our beliefs. I would lose my job in a day if I came out and spoke out about these beliefs. Not only are we not allowed to speak of these things at work but we are denied our freedom of speech outside of work and that is where I sincerely draw the line. That is one of our basic freedoms as Americans.

    You have to deny God and a Designer to accept that the way a person reaches an organism is a matter of unchangable DNA especially when there is no empirical evidence to support this and when it is obvious that the whole act of sex is designed for intimacy between a man and woman. The reproductive tract and the GI tract are not designed to be put together especially when one considers the number of microbes that are harmful to the urinary tract. Under that definition of this being a race of people, anything can be allowed and trust me, in the future, will be allowed and we who have set this precident will have to endure the horrific sexual orientation that follows.
    So God made us the way we are, and you've decided that's not good enough? Being a "Christian" makes you special enough to decide what God intended when he made some of us homosexual, some of us heterosexual and some of us transsexual? My goodness, but you must be special.

    By "Christian," I take it that you mean some special sort of Christianity that makes you able to discern (and spout off about) God's intentions as opposed to us ordinary Christians who know that our understanding of the Supreme being is incomplete but do our best to follow the teachings of Christ as we go about our daily business and attend our humble Lutheran, Methodist or Catholic Churches on Sunday.

    I fail to see how refusing to bake a cake to celebrate the marriage of two moral, ethical and lawful persons who happen to share the same gender is practicing your religion. I find myself very fortunate that my religion doesn't require such hatefulness.

    All in all, I don't sense much of God's love in your post; I suspect any and all "compassion" you exhibit is more out of concern for your job security than actual caring about others.

  • Aug 2 '16

    Quote from traumaRUs
    Everyone has differing opinions on going to school, motherhood, and childcare. Please be respectful of others' opinions.
    I respect and welcome everyone's point of view. That is the purpose of me opening this post. I am aware that everybody do not.

  • Aug 2 '16

    Showing children by example, that education can take a person out of a life of poverty, can be a lesson that they can internalize and carry forward into their own lives.

  • Aug 2 '16

    In convenience stores they sometimes tape plastic plastic picnic spoons or forks to the pens at the checkout counter to prevent people walking off with them.

    Sigh. If only you'd taped a plastic spoon to the bell of your stethoscope, you wouldn't be crying to us now.

  • Jul 24 '16

    Quote from thecrossfitrn
    I recently moved back to my home state and took a position at a large hospital in a small unit. I started working a few weeks ago, and it is the most cushy nursing position I've ever had. I went from taking 7-8 patients while being charge on a high acuity med-surg unit to taking no more than 5 patients on a unit that is relatively lower acuity. I'm actually finding myself having downtime, which I've never had before.

    As I'm starting to get to know my co-workers, I'm finding myself sitting at different nurses stations just to get away from them. All they do all day is complain about how hard their job is, how the pay stinks and trying to get out of taking admits. It's ridiculous to listen to. I feel like I want to slap them. They have no idea how good they have it on our unit, how excellent the pay is for the area (we make nearly $3 more an hour than the next largest metro area where the cost of living is way higher), and how easy our patient load is.

    I'm really having a hard time listening to their constant complaining. I realize nursing can be frustrating at times no matter where you go, but seriously... if they only knew how good it was on our unit. I guess it's a good reminder to not become that type of nurse. Always be thankful when a facility treats you well, pays you what you're worth and helps protect your license by staffing well with good ratios. I guess I won't be making any friends on my new unit anytime soon, but at least I'm no longer coming home frustrated by chaos.

    Maybe, just maybe that's the only place they've worked and have nothing to compare it to as far as being better or not. Try to keep an open mind and give them a chance...