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    You just can't please some people! I think that us nurses as a whole have the "I want to please everyone" type personalities. I wish I could not let people make me angry and feel bad for not doing something I want to do. We just have to learn to say "NO", and not feel badly! Hope you have a nice holiday with your family.


    Quote from fergus51
    Oh my God. I can not believe how nuts some people get at work when the holiday schedule comes out. Now, I am in a new city where I don't know many people and I have no family nearby so I had volunteered to work every holiday except labor day 2005 because I want that off for a vacation (maybe Scotland, who knows?). I thought I was being more than generous.

    I am scheduled to work 5 night in a row ending on the morning of Thanksgiving. That is ok with me even though 5 shifts in a row is a little rough. One of my coworkers just b*tched me out on the phone because I don't want to pick up her shift on the night of Thanksgiving. 6 12 hour shifts in a row? Not likely. I offered to work it for her if she did the first of my 5 so that I would still be doing only 5 in a row, but that wasn't good enough. Then I said I would do 4 hours for her that night and she could come it at 11-7 but that wasn't good enough either because she would be tired from the turkey!!! Then I basically told her to &*#$#@ off and not call me for a switch again. What is wrong with people?! I would love to spend 8 hours working on a holiday if it meant I could spend it with my family. :angryfire

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    Good luck! Sounds like you'll make a great nurse. Nursing is something you must want to do... not something you do for money. Believe me, after 25 years, that is one thing I've learned!

    Sharon, RN
    Mother of 3... none of my children went into nursing! =(

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    I am a Registered Nurse with 25 years experience in OR, Pre-op and Recovery room. Brand new to the site. I found it by accident last night, and thought I'd check it out!!