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    "Actors, singers, authors, comedians, etc...?
    Can't even tell you that without violating HIPAA "

    I wasn't asking for specifics like names and such, it was just to jog a memory or two I'm well aware of HIPAA; it was drilled into us during nursing school

    Keep the posts coming...this is light-hearted "fun"

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    Quote from joanna73
    I just had my review. I'm a nurse of 7 months. Things to consider include:

    instances where you assessed and managed a challenging situation. What was the outcome? How did you go above and beyond for your patient? Culturally sensitive care? What are your team/ leadership skills like? Prioritization and time management? How do you work with your cognitively impaired clients? Do you role model the organization's values? How are you working on your continuing competency? Describe an instance where you had to advocate for your patient. What was the outcome?

    So as you work, start reflecting on these aspects and keep track of specific examples. Hope that helps.
    This is great to keep track of. Then you'll have instances to recall on if you ever interview for another position at the same hospital or another facility, when the interviewer asks these kind of behavioral-type questions (as well as using them for your own growth and retrospection). Great ideas here!

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    Actors, singers, authors, comedians, etc...?

    If so, how did he/she treat you as their nurse?

    If you were "starstruck", how did you handle it?

    How did the hospital hide their identity?

    Did he/she bring an entourage with them?

    What were their families like?

    Anyone deliver a famous woman's baby?

    Yep, they are just people, I know, but I've always been curious

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    I love the one with the male nurse and the little girl-actually choked me up a little the first time I saw it on TV (yep, I'm a super softie and tear up frequently haha). There are a few more on You Tube. Love them!

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    Quote from roser13
    "I viewed it and don't have a medscape link or ID. Perhaps it's your browser or firewall that's not letting it go on."

    Perhaps you already have a medscape ID. It's not my browser. Medscape requires an account.
    Well, an account is free. I signed up ages ago and never paid a cent. It's worth it

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    Wow. Just, wow. This is crazy! Will this kind of thing ever get fixed?

    About 10:30 p.m. on November 12, John Doe* was admitted with irregular breathing and heart rate to the emergency department (ED) of a large teaching hospital. Various diagnostic tests were done. At about 2:00 a.m. on November 13, Mr. Doe went into respiratory arrest and was intubated and ventilated manually. Dr. Jones* decided to admit Mr. Doe to the ICU stat, and called the ICU to advise the nursing staff of the admission. The nurse who took the call said, "Dr. Jones, we are very busy. We need more help if we are to admit another patient. Do you want to call the night supervisor, or should I?" Dr. Jones indicated that he wanted the ICU nurse to call the supervisor and let him know what she said. Meanwhile, Dr. Jones called Dr. Smith*, the intensivist on call, to apprise him of the patient's condition and his need to admit him to the ICU as soon as possible. The ICU had been chronically understaffed for months.

    click to read entire article:

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    Same goes in MSN. I had a Professor in school that has an MN and not an MSN.

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    Quote from hiddencatRN
    I started working 4 months after graduation and even though I have had some DUH I should have remembered that moments, for the most part I've been amazed at what I managed to retain from nursing school.

    So what to do? Volunteer- Red Cross accepts new grads as nurse volunteers. You can help get medication replaced after a home fire, review health history of people being sent nationally to larger disasters, and be on site at emergency shelters.

    Look in to flu clinic work: easy and your IM injection skills will become second nature.

    Join and participate in a nursing organization in the specialty you're interested in.

    Keep in touch with classmates and clinical instructors. I am a big believer in networking.
    I'm almost two months out of school, new license in hand with not a job opp in sight! I've been wondering about the same things. Thank you for your suggestions!

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    Hi all,

    Yes! Passed the NCLEX! YAY! Im extremely excited! Have my license in hand Sadly, did not get a position in the NICU or PICU this go around. Both my interviews went very well and in talking with the nurse recruiter, all the managers interview notes were positive, they just didn't have a slot. Over 100 applicants and 20 slots available hospital-wide. Most slots went to the Aides working full time on the units. I was in the float pool and had been told this was the better option. Guess I was told wrong

    There is another residency in Dec. and I've been encouraged to reapply; all of us that have been Aides for the last year have been given the option to stay as Aides for more pay and will be offered unit positions as an Aide, but I need/want to work now! I'm extremely down about this and feel like my interviews were a waste. I don't know what to do I do have other resumes in at other hospitals and will be having an interview with one of them with a new grad program soon I hope but I just don't know what to do-I guess I will take anything I can get and hope to someday make it into a NICU somewhere. *sigh*

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    Quote from Whispera
    here's a site that sells keychain CPR things:
    Thank you!!

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    Quote from kcmylorn
    'Dried up and bitter' aka to much of doing more with less-- a managment rule not the bedside nurses.
    My advise to the original poster- get about 10 yrs of bedside experience before you go waltzing into a managment position you are not experienced enough to take on!! Have some concept of what the job involves first.
    Maybe this is one of the reasons for the big problems in management: too many that are put into or attain these roles really have no business being there due to the fact they really haven't spent enough time in the trenches, living daily as a bedside nurse. Maybe 5-10 yrs as a staff nurse should be a strictly adhered to pre-req to being hired as a NM...?

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    One Christmas my husband thought he'd be a funny bunny...he gave me two large wrapped boxes, which were quite heavy too. He had the kids ready with the camera and told me I had to unwrap them both at the same time. By now I'm thinking new computer or something really grand! They were two taped card board boxes. I feverishly tore through the tape, opened them to find...both boxes filled to the brim with Ho-Ho's! Yes, the yummy chocolate snack cakes! He said the look on my face was priceless LOL He thought the gift was appropriate since I had been buying them left and right the previous months before (i do love them) and because he is my Santa Clause ("Ho-Ho"). Yeah, yeah, I know, GROAN LOL. We all laughed our butts off and had plenty of snacks for the next few months-we still laugh about it!

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    Nope, not in my area anymore. Thanks Oprah!