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    I am looking for examples and current policies regarding interventional radiology nursing on call schedule. Our department is currently going through a change in our call schedule and we are struggling to come up with something that will be approved by management. We have three IR rooms, have separate neuro and vascular call teams off hours. We are staffed with 7 nurses. It is a 600 bed level 1 trauma, comprehensive stroke center and teaching facility so we do have high volumes. Looking for a similar type institution and examples. Policies would be extremely helpful if you have access to them. How does your department handle having rest periods in between periods of on call (such as the weekends). And how are you reimbursed? Do you have to use your own pto?

    thank you in advance for your input

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    So what i'm hearing is that they either "don't" or what they do is rarely implemented regularly, or to the extent to which it should. Hmmm...what are your thoughts on things that would motivate you, or ways that you would like to be recognized?

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    I am a nursing student and am interested in how other hospitals recognize, reward, and motivate staff when it comes to change, or performing tasks consistently and going above and beyond. Is there a program your hospital or unit has in place to recognize certain staff members or motivate others to go above and beyond?