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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    OK guys lets please be civil in this thread.
    How can one be civil when a company is being maligned here and being openly identified and if a satisfied client posts, he is being laughed at and being accused of something he is not guilty of.

    I am just stating some facts and I am not , in any way, endorsing or being paid by or employed by Pinoycare.

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    Quote from dacboo
    You applied on November 2009 and will be leaving on September this year? You have waited that long? From what my batchmates have undergone, not applying from pinoycare though, they left in less than a year.
    THat's great for your friend Sir. Unless you have forgotten, you have at least 1 year from the date of your initial medical to leave. That's why, we chose to leave by September.

    My Application also had a medical furtherance so that's why my PPR didnt arrive until this March.

    I'm at the PPR stage and about to realize a long time dream.

    And about the unfounded accusation of being a Pinoycare employee, well, I am not.

    Funny thing is, everyone here is protected by anonymity due to the nature of being a Blog. But I will post a link here once me and my family get our Visas and when I do arrive in Canada to allay the contention of being a "poser".

    I could have done the process on my own, but didnt. Did I regret? NO. How else would have I been able to produce almost 1M in Settlement funds if not for Pinoycare at that time? Yes, it is true that in the final analysis you would need that money to land in Ca, and I have the amount already, but at that time, it was close to impossible.

    Maybe I touched a sensitive nerve when I posted my first message here. "groupie" thread ata to for a few members with an axe to grind with pinoycare. Come to think of it, why didn't any one of you ever thought that "moderators" ergo member/s frequenting this thread are also employees of a competitor? In Davao? (I was told) This anonymity thing really is swell, ayt?!

    Well, anyway, life goes on, pinoycare will continue doing what its doing, and the groupies will continue to sharpen them axes and grind them in this pond where they are the Big Fish/es/ies.

    Peace out

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    Hi. I'm kinda new here and very confused. I availed of PinoyCare's Services last November 2009. But, I had a different experience though. My family and I are set to leave by September of this year for Canada.

    It's just unfortunate that some had bad experiences with them. I guess ALL companies, even the most glamorous ones, have had problems with some of their customers.

    Pinoycare isn't perfect, but their services worked for my family. I guess there are just more of the ones that had bad experiences here than the ones who were truly satisfied. And yes, I availed of their Settlement Fund Facility. And this help was invaluable.