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    Sounds like you made the right calls... pharmacy, physician, documented that you called and that no new orders recieved. I would be able to sleep at night. If anything, the Doc might should have come in and assessed the site if it were a med known to cause tissue necrosis, but, I would not worry about it. Am not supposed to give advice, so I won't tell you to keep notes on times you called and whom you called. GOOD LUCK!

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    That is why at "my house" if a Doc wants to consult another, he/she makes the call. They will write the order, the unit secretary will page or call then transfer the call to the one who ordered it. Simple. As for the urologist, well, Karma is about all I can think of right now...

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    Thanx for the good advice... It has been taken to heart... And will be used, keep it coming...

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    We have all seen the threads about BAD supervisors and we all have horror stories. I have been a House Supervisor for about 6 months and have been doing the best I can. The R.N.'s and C.N.A.'s I work with are top-notch and I love working with them.
    My question is... Have you ever worked for/with a GOOD supervisor? How about a few examples so I can learn?

    Harold Ellison, R.N.

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    As a night-shift House Supervisor I will have to say that I will "stick-up" for the staff. Even if I personally do not agree with the decision that has been made, I will back them up 100%, UNLESS it goes against hospital policy or good common sense. Then I will talk with the R.N. in private and see why they chose that route and base my decision on that. I may not get the "rest of the story" from the pt. or family, as we all know, the truth can be stretched.
    I have worked for Supervisors with no backbone and had decisions reversed on me...It is humiliating and I will do my best to not do that to anyone I work with.

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    The policy at "my house" plainly states a 20 min wait. To me, it is NOT safe to send a patient out without the wait, even if they have had the meds before, ie. Tetanus. Just my $0.02.

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    First...Do not let them intimidate you...Second, Do not let them intimidate you. Your statement is "a couple nurses" OK...We work with people that can be and are...UMMM......Well... You know... Rectal openings. Do the best you can, ask questions, if they continue, well ask them for constructive criticism instead of just criticisim.

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    My Beautiful Wife says Belinda deserves what she got and will be a character witness for Martha...

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    Like the above poster said...BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!... Statisics say you will be fine!!!!

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    No... Some of us will remind the Doc it needs done, if WE have time, but not our resposibility.

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    I don't think we will have to worry about the "Hildabeast" getting the nomination...I hope...

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    I also have seen many of the beautiful peaceful scenes just described. But, (y'all knew it was coming, didn'y ya?) I saw one young man, early 20's, losing to cancer who woke up in the middle of the night SCREAMING at the top of his lungs "HE is coming to get me HE is coming to get me!!!!" We all rushed into the room and it was horrible. The pt was backed up into the corner (he was too weak earlier to make the bathroom, used a BSC), IVs out, blood everywhere and pointing to the crucifix on the wall and SCREAMING. As we tried to get him back in bed he grabbed a nurse by the throat and then...simply fell over with the most horrified look on his face and died(DNR/DNI). When the mortuary came and picked him up he still had that expression on his face. I believe in a peaceful afterlife...BUT...There is also a not peaceful one also...I think...

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    Biggest mistake I see new nurses make...Not asking questions. Go to your preceptor or the charge nurse with questions. To me, if I don't know or know where to find the information, ASK!!!!!!

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    "without imaging" seems to be a key phrase here... What about labs? WBC elevated maybe? Yeah...somethin' not said by the OP? As for we nurses supporting one another...THAT is a topic for another thread...

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    Sorry to hear about the "family". I had a similar experience... Pt came to ED at O-Dark-Thirty with a friend. Pt c/o "severe" abdominal pain. IV...fluids...Toradol...Pt asleep/friend asleep...Life is good. Stuck my head in every few minutes(no other pts) after 2 hours, friend wakes up and storms to nurses station ranting that her friend is in "excrutiating" pain and that "the whole lot of you need to be written up for derilection of duty". I explained calmly as we walked into the room that about every 10-15 min. I had been in the room and both of them had been sleeping. She again stated she was going to "write you up". I guess I was tired...I offered her my pen and said I would go get the proper forms. She declined...Pt was sleeping soundly, BTW...