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    Okay thank you for your help

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    I would like to train in one of the colleges in Dublin, Galway or Sligo. and then maybe travel after my 4 years (if I get that far =P). What sort of subjects do you study in college? Sociology and things?

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    Hey, I'm a 6th year secondary school student in Ireland. I'm wanting to go into nursing. I've never really asked WHAT it is nurses do everyday day in day out. So I was wondering if someone could explain to me . Firstly DO NURSES GET STETHESCOPES??. Do you admisiter drugs? Do you have to say what drugs to geive a patient? Do you have rounds to do? Do you have say X amount of patients to look after in a day or is it a free for all?
    Any other information would be greatly appraciated. I'm terrifed I'm not going to like and everyone that knows are not very willing to support me. My brother thinks that becasue I'm a diabetic (and gets tired after a mmore easily than other) that I won't be able to cope with hours. I'm mpore worried about what I'll be facing. Blood gushing? Pooh? Vomit?. I'm pretty hardy but I'm just not positive if I can stomach it all at 18 and that it'll put me off.
    Thanks People