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    you may have been accepted then already! did you check your myum website? some people have said they found out they were accepted not by a letter but by their myum or other things like that. i would call and find out and let us know. im sooo nervous! i need to hear from them!

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    Quote from Paco69
    You're right, I have been waiting a while. I sent in my application early Nov. You peaked my curiosity and I called them. I was told decision letters will be going out within this week and next week. The person on the other end was not sure how candidates will be notified first (email, letter, or both).

    So, I guess it's all about hanging tight right now!!

    just out of curiosity, did they say those letters will be going out for early nov applicants or just in general. this week is my 4th week (excluding the dec 21st thru jan 3rd) break....on here i saw some people say they see it online first, but i guess it depends who is working that day

    please make sure you keep in my other post if you can btw and lmk what you think.

    im still thinking a fb group will be easier, but im afraid to jinx myself by creating one before finding out if im accepted. LOL!

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    Quote from paco69
    did you know that "application documents received" is a link? have you clicked on it? i click on mine and i see the following:

    your application has been sent to the admission committee for review. we appreciate your patience during this time and will mail your admission notification according to the application option you chose. for information about admission notification dates, go to

    i have also long completed all my prereqs and submitted all required docs. it's been that way since late nov. but i continue to patiently wait ...

    mine says the same exact thing. i click on it everyday hoping it changes like a big double l loser. lol. i wish um could like measure anticipation and who reaaaaalllly wants this!

    you have been waiting awhile then. ive only been waiting since december 3rd and going insane! im gonna give them another day or two before i call....ahh sigh...i will just use this site as a distraction!

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    hmm..thats interesting. have you checked myUM to see your app status? i am going crazy looking at it everyday just to see "application documents received!" lol so based on what ive read in other postings it seems like you get a response within 4-5 weeks if you were not early decision. please k.i.t. and lmk when you hear from them. im waiting as well!

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    Quote from lzapata3
    I received in the mail a transfer credit evaluation, but I have not received an aceptande letter yet. Did you receive this evaluation before being accepted? Thanks!

    i did not receive a letter like that, but for anything i was missing i received an email. all i had to submit was proof i was taking chem this semester.

    i think it depends who you got the letter from, the nursing dept or undergrad admissions. you can be missing stuff from undergrad admissions office and still have the nursing dept review your application. if it was from nursing you probably need that completed before they make an acceptance decision.

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    Omg I know. It's a killer. All the non private schools have waiting lists though and I heard um is a great school to go to for nursing. My counselor told me march!!!! I can't wait that long to find out. I live almost 2 hours away and work and go to school so it's be really hard to get there but I might just have to. My counselor probably hates me because I've emailed her about 50 times during this whole process. I'm afraid to keep on but I want to know....

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    Quote from alanas09
    You were so right. I called and talked with Mr. ****** and he was great! No games, just straight forward answers! So much better than the experience I had before! = ) I am not sure if I am going to be able to do Keiser or not, but at least I have some options it feels like! I called a school today to inquire about an LPN program, and I must just have terrible luck because I got a bad rep there as well. This lady refused to tell me anything about the program unless I came there to talk with her! I don't really want to do LPN, but I was just curious how long the program was! I couldn't even get her to answer that! Also, FYI if you don't get into Keiser, there is a school in south FL that has most of the lecture classes online and you go there for clinicals on the weekend and every once and a while for lab. It starts in March and there isn't a waiting list. It takes 18 months though! But it would be better than nothing I suppose. If you are interested I can send you contact info! Hopefully we will both get something figured out!!
    What school are you referring to? I'm curious!

    Btw-> I worked at a school before in admissions and the reason some schools don't answer your questions over the phone is because they know your chance of enrolling lowers if they give u all the info without selling the value of their education (sales tactic). Things may have changed now due to all those lawsuits and compliance issues.

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    What school are you referring to? I'm curious!

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    Thank you for responding! If they focus on my pre req grades I should have no prob. Back in high school I struggled in sciences and excelled in English, and now it's flip flopping. Lol. I know you were early decision, but how long before you were accepted? Did you find out by phone call or letter ?

    Hoping for some additional input and looking forward to hearing from more applicants. We should do like the prior class did and create a facebook student group!

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    i also applied into the program for may 2011. i just made a separate posting with my whole situation! i sent my common app in on dec 1st, transcripts on the 2nd. because i was missing a transcript directly from the school i got college credit for (even though it showed up on my stony brook transcripts), they did not consider my application as early decision. they said 1 month to cb and find out status, which i did, and my admissions person said i will find out in march???? anybody else apply around that time that has received a decision????

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    hi everybody! ive kinda been on and off stalking this forum for a little over a year and finally decided to join!

    heres my story...i applied into the may 2011 accelerated bsn program for UM, university of miami. i sent my application in dec 1 and transcripts dec 2nd. because i was currently enrolled in classes and because i took ONE college class in high school, my app was not considered for early decision even tho i submitted on the deadline date because all of my transcripts weren't in (a geology class which showed up on my bachelors transcripts and 6 credits worth of grad school). anyway, i have a BS from stony brook university in ny and have taken all of the nursing pre reqs except for chem, which i am currently enrolled in and UM is aware (she had me show her proof of enrollment to have my application stay in consideration). i have a 4.0 in the nursing pre reqs and a 3.52 on my bachelors (graduated cum laude)

    the academic advisor told me that i wont hear back until march, but when reading through old discussions it looks like people received acceptance letters at all different competitive is it to get in? do you think not having taken chemistry before would disqualify me? i am sooo nervous. i really want to get into this program and have heard soo many great things about UM.

    i know alot of other schools have crazy wait lists, and some only accept the bare minimum amount of students. so im just wondering how many people are in the class and how competitive it really is. i also hope more than ANYTHING that i get in. what do you guys think?