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    I've been an MDS coordinator for 6 months in a very small, hospital based facility whose average LOS is 30 days and we use JRAVEN. The previous MDS coordinator suddenly resigned, so I pretty much had to self-train with some input from the DON who admitted she wasn't sure how the RAI process worked. I was originally trained in 2.0 and taught to print out the RAVEN forms, have the different therapies fill out their assessment sections by hand, and everyone signed and dated the handwritten assessment forms and then I entered the information into RAVEN and signed the completed copy. Since the chance to 3.0, it seems very cumbersome and wasteful to print out the 38 page NC Item set and the 33 page NP sets to be passed around to the different therapies. I have asked about getting different software, but our small size doesn't justify the expense of a software package, so I'm stuck using JRAVEN. I attended the MDS 3.0 certification, but the instructor did little more than read directly from the RAI manual, and explained very little is plain English. Then the thought occurred that I may have been doing this all wrong from the beginning.
    Can some of my more experienced MDS sisters give me some pointers how this should work correctly? Should the different therapies sign the completed form rather than the handwritten version? Must we actually use the 38 page NC item set, or can a facility create their own version of the assessment? I just want to make sure it is being done correctly.

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    We had a patient admitted to our facility from the hospital. Within 1 hr it was clear that she was not stable and she was sent back to the ER where she was placed in OBSERVATION. Within 24 hrs she was discharged back to our facility. I'm not sure which date to use as her admission date.