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    Thank you once again. You've been a great help for me. I just found that AMerican Medical Institute offer the CPR course daily. I think I'm gonna go there this Tuesday. And, regarding the immunization, I have only got Hep. B vaccines. Can we go and immunize in any pharmacy? coz, there is nothing specifically written in the package.

    Thank you for the Link too.

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    Thank you Maxpuppy. I tried to search around my area. It says that we are required to take CPR for health care providers. That means, I should select the class that says "BLS for Health care provider". Am I correct?

    And, I also tried to look up for facebook group, I don't know why I can't find it. I typed 'PVAMU nursing students'

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    Hey Guys,

    Congratualtions to all who got in the program! I got my "Provisional Acceptance package" a week ago. I'm doing my computer and speech class this semester. Now, I'm also working on the documentation. I have a question about CPR classes. Can you guys tell me where did you get your CPR certification from? It would be a great help if you gave me a name of the institution in Houston.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I've been following since a long time but haven't posted anything yet. Thank you all for posting the appropriate suggestions that helped me a lot in my pre-requisite courses.....
    Well, I am trying to take the HESI A2 test but couldn't find the test dates. I googled it but couldn't find there either. Does anybody know about this? If yes, please let me know...coz the deadline is on 15th january. I have to take the test before that

    And another question:
    I'm non-native student. So, it is a required to take the TOEFL test. But, I got to know that a lot of universities exempt the TOEFL test if the English Composition I and II are completed with a grade of C or higher. I have completed both of them and trying to apply at University of Texas, Houston. Does anybody know if UT has such policy about exempting the TOEFL test?
    I tried to call there but they are closed because it's the holiday season.

    I really want to know this. Please help me!!!