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    Quote from alexillytom
    I agree that the lawyers always come out on top in these situations, but my husband's
    grandfather was involved in one before he passed away. It has paid his estate handsomely because the case was regarding the loss of multiple lives due to asbestos exposure. Of course, he didn't get to enjoy any of the settlement but, his children have
    been able to put the money to good use.
    My Hospital in Santa Monica California, have just settled a class action suit started by three of our fellow workers on behalf of the rest of us 8, 10 and 12 hourly paid employees. The class action was started because of dubious reporting of earnings on paystubs, employees not getting their full breaks, and staff not being paid time and a half as stated in contracts. The settlement amount is 7.4million dollars minus 1.8 million agreed by the judge as fees for the lawyers, pending less than a hundred people not protesting this settlement by a given date, we may actually see some nickels.
    Thanks for all your replys.

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    Does anyone have any experience of Class action settlements.