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    A few questions to the 3rd semester and MATC RN graduates...
    I'm going into 3rd semester and heard you HAVE to pass the HESI at the end of the 4th semester in order to graduate, is this true? Also, if you don't pass it does that mean you fail the program or do you get another chance to take it. I SUCK AT TAKING THE HESI for some reason but I do fine on class exams and clinicals.
    Also, anyone take 110 (mental health) online? I heard thats the way to go but just wanted to know your thoughts.


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    Hey everyone!
    I'm in a 2-year RN program and i'm eligible to take the PN-NCLEX after Dec... I had to repeat a L&D class this semester so It's been awhile since skills, fundamentals and pharm. I will only have about 3-4 weeks to study before I take the NCLEX and i'm totally unsure if thats enough time to review/study for this??? ALso, any pointers on what I should concentrate on while studying? I have both the PN Saunders and Lippcott.
    Thanks peeps!

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    hey everyone!

    i'm kinda in a dilemma and wanted some suggestions/opinions from fellow nursing students or nurses.
    i'm in a 2-year rn program at a community college and i'm going into my 3rd semester in jan 2011. the first 2 semesters i went full time but i ended up failing a class (ob/peds/woman's health) last semester and i'm now repeating it. l in our program, you can only fail one nursing class. if you fail a second class within the program, you're out. we have to have an 80% average at the end of the semester in order to pass. i'm sure most community/technical colleges are structured similarly.
    anyway, i'm considering going part-time in january because i know the workload is even more challenging and if i fail another class i'm out of the program. however, my nursing clinical instructor last semester highly suggests not going to nursing school part time because typically part-time nursing students do poorly on the nclex. does anyone have any thoughts about that? on the other hand, i really just want to get school over with and have the attitude that if other people can do it why can't i??? but i'm just petrified of being overwhelmed and failing. the sad part is i won't have to work if i go full-time. nursing school is soooo incredibly hard!