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  • Feb 21 '14

    Now that you have been accepted into nursing school, you need to set yourself up for success by arming yourself with the following tools. While they do not guarantee straight A's, they will help you to meet the challenges in a more organized manner, and see you through to graduation.


    Time management is the key to surviving nursing school. Make sure you are equipped with a top of the line planner! Carry your planner with you at all times and make sure you update it. It might seem like a hassle at first, but in the end it will be a huge lifesaver!


    Nursing school will require you to take a lot of notes. To help keep your notes organized, get a binder with multiple pockets. This will allow you to organize your notes by class.

    Note Cards

    Taking notes in your notebook is a given, but transferring those notes into flash cards is a must! Stock up on note cards ahead of time so you are not searching for them days before your big exam.


    When it comes to studying for your big nursing exams, your highlighter is going to be your best friend. We recommend you get highlighters in a variety of colors so you can color code your notes.


    While this is an obvious, it is vital to have an excess amount of pens. Once you run out of pens, you will understand why we are stressing their importance!


    For those late night study sessions and early morning classes, coffee will be your miracle drink! If you are not a coffee drinker, any caffeinated beverage will work. But remember, don't overdo it. You don't want to turn a quick "wake me up" into a habit.

    Rolling Backpack

    Nursing books are notorious for being very cumbersome. Even if you are only carrying two nursing books around all day, you will get a backache. Rolling backpacks aren't fashionable, but neither is sporting an enormous backpack, while wobbling to class from class. At least with a rolling backpack, you won't be sacrificing your back!

    Tablet or Smartphone

    If you can afford one of these smart devices, you will find that they will come in handy for all aspects of nursing school. Be sure to check what your professor's policy is. You do not want to have your device confiscated!

    Moisturizer/Bubble Bath/Hot Shower

    Whether your body is aching because you decided against a rolling backpack or you have just had a stressful day, using moisturizers or treating yourself to a bubble bath or extended hot shower are great ways to de-stress. Remember, it is important to de-stress, even if you don't think you have the time.

    Dedication and Passion

    This is the most important part of your "nursing school survival kit". Nursing school is a lot of work. But if you are dedicated and have a passion for nursing, your nursing school experience will be a good one!

    Did we miss anything? Let us know by commenting below!

  • Feb 20 '14

    Just Added: A new section called Now Trending on It can be found on the main page. Basically, this page will list the most active "Liked" topics during the past 7 days. If any topic has the same # of Likes it will then be listed by # of replies.

    If popular, we will expand the choices to list topics in the past 7 days per Views and Replies.

  • Feb 20 '14

    Being away for school can be sad for both the pet and the owner. Is this you? How are you handling it? How is your pet handling it? For those who have gone through this, do you have an tips? We are all pet lovers please share your experience.

  • Feb 17 '14

    Have you ever had a patient that went above and beyond in thanking you or ar coworker for doing a great job? Does your workplace have a policy for when patients want to give back? For example, a fundraiser that can turn positive feelings from grateful patients into support for research, scholarships, new equipment, etc. Please provide your experience or tips for fundraiser, etc.

  • Feb 17 '14

    There are some people who want to be a nurse and then there are those who REALLY want to be a nurse. Which are you? Why do you REALLY want it? Please share why and what (if anything) are you doing differently from others to get there. Any tips are welcomed.

  • Feb 14 '14

    I remember a time when people got together for some pop. Now, it's coffee. Do you have a coffee shop in your school or surrounding area? Do you spend a lot of time there? I know some people who drink 32 ounces of coffee within 3 hours. Yikes! So, How's your Coffee Shop experience?

  • Feb 13 '14

    You do so many good things for others. You save lives. You make people well. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said or done for you? Please share ... Any gesture, big or small, that touched you.

  • Feb 10 '14

    It's great to have a growing presence of nursing students. We hope your visits are rewarding. Are you finding everything that you are looking for? How helpful is to your learning? Please share your thoughts about How can we improve

  • Feb 9 '14

    New winter storm coming your way!! Are you prepared? Is your workplace prepared? With all the snow lately what is your workplace doing for backup when an employee can't make it in? What can we do to prepare when there's too much snow? Share your thoughts, policies, etc ... anything that can help.

  • Feb 6 '14

    With so many choices what nursing program did you decide to take? Why? Was it the cost? Location? Degree Type? School? Please share why you made your choice as it will help the next person who is still undecided.

  • Feb 5 '14

    A special occasion is around the corner and you want to take the day off. What to do when there are no volunteers? Has this happened to you? If you plan ahead maybe it isn't so difficult but for some it's not that simple. What's your workplace policy on taking days off? Please share your stories...

  • Feb 5 '14

    We need your help. We have a cartoon with a missing caption. We believe you can provide a better caption then we can. Can you help us out?

    We will give you $100 if you provide us with the caption that belongs to this cartoon. All you have to do is follow the Caption Contest Rules below.

    Caption Contest Rules

    To qualify for the $100, your caption must be posted here on (not on our Facebook pages). You may submit as many captions as you wish. We will choose eight finalists in which you will vote for your favorite.

    Everyone is allowed to participate! Share and tell your friends, family, and co-workers to join the fun!

    UPDATE: Feb 27, 2014

    Top 8 captions chosen ... please help us select the winner @ February 2014 Top 8 Captions - Help Select Winner

  • Jan 31 '14

    With the economy still improving I'm guessing that there isn't much in terms of incentives. But, I won't be surprised if there are still a few available out there. Does your work place offer any incentives for new nurses? How about for current employees moving from one position to another? Were you offered any incentives when you were hired? What was it and how long ago was this?

  • Jan 30 '14

    Anyone taking online classes? How's it going? Do you find that they are harder or easier than on campus classes?

    Hmmm, curious...
    If you are living on campus would you still take online classes?

  • Jan 27 '14

    A praise here ... a praise there ... goes a long way. It can brighten up your day. Did you have a good day in school? What did you do? Passed a test? Did great in clinicals? Instructor said something to you? Share your story...