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    Quote from chris_at_lucas_RN
    One word:

    Ah yes I do have some skills, but still not enough required to take on a huge responsibility of having to take care of a patient. I felt really confident and competent to finally go out there and work as a nurse, until I saw the skills checklist. I feel so stupid and ignorant of even thinking I was ready to be an actual nurse. Theres no way I can effectively perform my duties with the skills that I have!

    After the perceptor is gone, then what?

    So it takes 8 wks to learn all these complicated procedures and treatments and two years in nursing school to qualify as a nurse's aide. The thought is making me crazy.

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    Im finishing as an ADN and came across this skills checklist in many nursing positions. Quite surprised to find out my skills only measured up to a nursing assistant level 2. Its depressing to know that. I dont even know how to interpret a 10 lead data. Shoot, I was happy I knew how to apply the leads! (only to find out its a nursing assistant skill :stone *gasp*) The only difference that I see from a NA and myself are my basic wound care skills and my lousy assessment skills (need to practice here so bad) My skills are no where near what a med-surg nurse is expected to do. Never was taught/ trained to do any procedure or handle any equipment in school or in the clinical. This is causing me quite a panic attack.

    Is it normal to have skills in this level only? or is it I just got some really really bad education. Two years in school is quite a long time to learn nursing assistant skills. Oh this really sucks!.

    With that said, how is a new graduate nurse is able to work in ICU with only 8wk orientation? I dont get it.

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    I'd go to Rutgers. Dont know anyone who went there but I think its one of the better schools. Ive been to their campus tho, nice facility with nice clinical sites and a respectable faculty. I'd be weary of NYU because teach a "holistic" approach into nursing(or so I heard). I dont believe in that kind of stuff, but thats just me.

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    Quote from Tony35NYC
    I didn't do as well as I could have this semester because I was so burnt out from all the stress that I was barely putting out any effort towards the end. I got B's in everything, and I'm feeling just fine about it! I thought I could handle the courseload but I took on way too many credits this quarter, and that's one mistake I won't make again. I'm just glad the semster is over.
    Im looking at your profile picture and damn what a cutie!

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    Hi all!

    I'll be taking my FINAL hesi exam, aka the exit exam-the very last exam i have to take in my adn program! (took hesi on peds so i know the content). I would have asked my prof but I wont see her till the day of the test. My question: will it be a comprehensive test including peds,OB, psych and medsurg? or just medsurg? I've been hearing many different things.

    I didnt know hesi also has review courses and materials for nclex. I like their questions a lot(from my experince w/ the peds hesi) and I would imagine this is how the NCLEX questions would look like. Anybody taken/bought them? $75 for review materials(book and a questions cd) isnt so bad at all, comparing to kaplan's book and 2-3 comprehensive tests.

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    Its the ridiculous exam questions thats killing my classmates. Some ppl just dont get these questions and theyre not necessarily stupid or slackers. Some questions can be really bad and frankly if your not getting the questions right when you know you can and should, is quite discouraging. Sometimes its also the fault of some instructors. They teach so little but expect you to know so much. Like this peds teacher, she doesnt teach the material and students end up not knowing 40% of the exam. How does this happen?

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    my school uses nclex review questions as exam questions. so they aint losing any money there. hehe. but i think that u might be right in that they dont have a lot of questions to go around with. my senior yr teachers probably use the same final for 20 yrs already. but they cant possibly worry about a student leaking 100 questions just by letting her look at a test paper for 10 minutes.

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    You dont have to memorize 800 million drugs. Know the ones that are common (which are about a million) and read them over and over and over...and over....and over. and then read them again. So technically youre really not memorizing =D Making use of that reverberating circuit in your brain really does work! There's really no shortcut to it. Read...a lot!

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    Anybody else have this policy in their school?

    I've never cared much to see my paper in the previous semesters but being a senior I think its helpful for the nclex to see the answers for the final. teacher reviews and lets us see all exams except the final. what is up with that? ive even approached her privately but still is a no go. I really wanna see my paper only for nclex purposes. dont care to argue questions anymore, just want to see the answers and why. any ideas on how i can convince teacher to let me?

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    What about Brunner and Suddarth's? only because Saunders' usually uses it as a reference book in their test questions.

    Sometimes reading a review book is better for school break reading just to get to know the basics and importatnt points to focus first. Just my suggestion.

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    question for u guys...

    im taking my final hesi next week. is it gonna be peds, OB, psych and med-surg? or is it purely med-surg? im hearing different things. please someone let me know so i could prepare somehow. thanks.

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    i got the calculation but i still dont understand 1ml/hr. u used 1ml/hr because thats the smallest infusion rate in the pump? does that 1ml/hr true for adults too?

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    Quote from janfrn
    we run a lot of our infusions at x mcg/kg/min. we mix our infusions such that 1ml/hr will give us anywhere between 0.05 mcg/kg/min to 100 or more mcg/kg/hr (usually morphine... some of our kids are on a truckload of it). let's pretend we have a pt who weighs 16 kg and who needs dopamine at 5 mcg/kg/min. i'd mix my infusion so that 1 ml/hr will give me 5 mcg/kg/min. i do my calculation like this:

    16 (pt's wt) x 5 (mcg/kg/min desired) x 50 (# mls total volume in syringe) x 60 (minutes in an hour) / 1000 (conversion from mcgs to mgs) to find out how many mg i need for my infusion.

    16 x 5 x 50 x 60 / 1000 = 240 mg

    so now i know how many mg i need to mix into a total volume of 50 mls to deliver the desired dose at 1 ml/hr. dopamine comes as 1 ml = 40 mg, so i'd need 6 ml of drug and 44 ml of d5w. once you do it a few times it's easy. you can tell at a glance how much of a drug the pt is getting by looking at the rate on the pump and the concentration listed on the label. piece of cake.

    if you simply need to know how many mg per hour a pt will receive at x mcg/kg/min, the equation looks like this:

    x x wt x 60 / 1000. our example would give a result of 4.8 mg.

    piece of cake? im not even sure what were figuring out here. ive been staring at it for at least 10min and still not sure i get it. its unlike any calculation problem ive seen but im intrested to learn. where did u get 1ml/hr? howd u get 50ml and 60min? is it because kids always get their iv's at 50mls and never over an hour? (sorry did my peds rotation too long ago, last semester lol) im so used to figuring out a math problem but feel like i cant figure out calculating a real order. i must sound like a total dumbass but this just confuses me somehow.

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    Quote from suemom2kay
    PDA software for nursing diagnoses is disappointing at best. I have two that I got at Skyscape. One is Diagnoses & Interventions, the other is Nursing Diagnoses. I don't find either one to even come close to Ackley's book on Nursing Diagnosis. They're good in a pinch, but IMO not worth the money.
    really? i kinda like doenges' RNDx&Int but then i havnt seen ackley's.. oh well.. already wrote my last care plan EVER! so no need to bother for me.

    a must have for an RN student thats just starting is a rndx app, a drug guide, taber's and a labs and dx test app. all of which can be bought from skyscape

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    where did u get that info? i'd help u look it up but im preparing for the finals myself =P but while i was reading my material in burns, one of the lab values were carboxyhemoglobin, and indicates a RISE in this level. didnt see anything mentioned about hgb. carboxyhgb is high in smoke inhalation. carbon monoxide has a higher affinity than O2 in hgb. with that said, i guess, O2 capacity of hgb is decreased causing its levels to be low. (i think)

    hct is understandablly high due to hypovolemia.

    is this material for the final exam? i hope ur not killing urself studying lil bits of details like these because 99% of the time they dont come up. more importatntly, know the core concepts........and do nclex questions! i had to learn that the hard way.:uhoh21: