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    Ooops my bad, didnt read it thoroughly. The guy is clearly ignorant, probably hasnt been in a hospital his whole life and its obvious he doesnt know what it takes to be a nurse. This guy just needed to be educated.

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    or maybe he didnt mean anything by his comment and just plainly wanted to know where you went to school. probably his biggest mistake was his "lack-of-a-better-word-for-training", which comes off as offensive to some ppl, to which is understandable. over where i am, nurses are respected (at least by pts). they understand the amt of responsibility and care that they provide for pts, and they get a lot of respect for that.

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    Hey guys! just wanted to hear some input about the two courses. Like what was involved in the course. .. if it was to recommend...etc.

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    Quote from nycNurse2b
    Was wondering if anyone knew whether or not Microbiology and A&P II are typically offered in the summer. (preferably in the evenings)

    Tried to find out from BMCC directly but ended up the usual BMCC phone transfer game. Was sent around and around and around to all of sorts of lovely people! Alas, no one knew the answer.

    Anyway thought maybe someone here took either class or happens to know the answer.

    I learned to never inquire over the phone! Not only is is time and money wasting(its long distance from jerzee!) and i usually end up stressed and angry! some of them can even be really nasty over the phone.

    anyway, a&p and micro is available in the summer, only in days and usually 6h/day, 4 days a week! remember its a 1 month course, thus the crazy schedule. you end up with no life and no income if you take the summer route!

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    I am contemplating on taking an online course, classroom instruction or clep for dev psych, but i cant seem to decide!. not too crazy about going back to classroom instruction again because id like to take some time off from seeing another classroom again, at least for 1 semester! i do need to make good grades for these courses to bring up my GPA. which type of instruction do you think will increase my chances of getting a better grade? and how do you obtain a grade from a clep exam? do they give you letter grades for clep also?

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    I know how you feel! well kinda, since I only have the HESI to worry about this week. Not close enough to the stress ur feeling, i know. Chrsitmas doesnt happen in my world for 2 years now, the length i've been in the program. I can hardly handle the stress over exams and paperwork right around the holidays, worrying about xmas and gifts and cooking is out of the question. I tell my family that I dont exist right around xmas. :icon_frow: Hang in there, like u said, this too shall pass!

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    Quote from bigmona
    i am originally from jersey too but go to university of maryland in baltimore. i think the reason i chose not to go to rutgers was b/c it wasn't nlnac approved or something to that effect, and i wanted to go on and get my master's. though that situation may have changed by now.
    from rutgers website:
    the undergraduate and graduate programs in nursing are accredited by the commission on collegiate nursing education and the commission on colleges and universities of the middle states association of colleges and secondary schools. the college is approved by the new jersey state board of nursing and is a member of the council of baccalaureate and higher degree programs of the national league for nursing and the american association of colleges of nursing.

    nln accreditation since 1956!

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    thank you for your kind responses:Ball: it definitely helped me clam down a little. ill try to be positive and look forward to many many more opportunities of learning. yes you are right! a NA will have limited skills while I, will learn something new everyday. merry xmas everyone!

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    There was a lot of management questions in our last exam and you dont see a lot of them in nclex reviewers. Thats why i wanted to see my paper. Overall it was a pretty good exam and excellent questions (fewer questions taken from nclex books this time), covering all the topics, even fundamentals. Thats why I think it would help me a lot for nclex. Plus I got a low score and I wanted to know where I messed up hehhe.

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    Quote from dave1117
    Patient has an ABG test that reveals SAO2 of 95% and SACO2 of 40. Based on these finding the nurse can assume?

    Now the correct answer is "B". Still do not know why since normal CO2 is 35-45. Normal O2 is 95-100%...

    I guessed correctly although I still do not know why.

    have a great weekend, dave
    probably a case of choosing the best answer, even tho the best answer is less than being correct?

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    Quote from MichelleinMA
    I haven't taken my final yet (it's on Monday), but the stupidest question I got this semester was:

    The correct abbreviation for abdomen is:
    a. ab
    b. abd
    c. abm
    d. adm
    you know a lot of ppl dont know the abbreviation for that

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    Quote from andi2634
    We run alot of our drips mcg/kg/min and this is the easiest way for me to figure it out.
    If the order says to start Dopamine at 5 mcg and the pt. weighs 70 kgs:

    To find the rate if you know the dose (amt. desired).

    Amt drug (mg/units)
    --------------------- x 1000 = A
    Amt solution (cc's)

    Amt desired divided by A x wt (kg) x 60 (for min)

    ----- x 1000 = 1600

    5 divided by 1600 x 70 x 60 = 13 cc

    You would set the pump for 13 cc/ hour.
    This problem was actually in my final. Same exact one, although I dont remember if I got the right answer, lol.

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    Quote from janfrn
    ............his D10NS/KCl at 1.5 ml and going over his total fluid intake by a little bit. Starting to make sense?
    Yes it makes sense now. I had to read it at least 3 times but yes I do understand it! I fee like I can work in PICU tomorrow now. jk..

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    im sorry to hear u were short of a few points to pass it. retaking sucks, i know. studying over the vacation sucks even more. but maybe just think of it as a practice exam for nclex. and you get a headstart with studying for the boards =) thanks for the heads up ganursechick!

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    Im taking my final test ever!- the hesi- at least in my adn program and was wondering if the hesi is gonna be comprehensive or just med-surg? im thinking if i should party a lil early or study for hesi which one will it be? hehhe.

    so do i need to study ob, psych and peds?