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    I interviewed on Nov. 1st. I hope you find out soon CAlgirlinTX! Congrats rossd! Yeah Marilyn was there for my interview. It was really nice to talk to a friendly person before going in. And it was great to have a heads up on what the interview questions would be.

    I am so excited I've already booked my hotel, flight, etc. for the orientation. Now I just have to tell my work. Any words of advice on that one?

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    I got in! I received my email yesterday at around 4pm. I thought we had to wait another week or so to hear back. I will be in the Austin cohort and I am ridiculously excited. Has anyone else heard yet?*wine

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    I am super excited and nervous! Just got an interview for the Austin spring 2011 program. Has anyone been through the interview process? Any suggestions/advice?