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    I am contacting the appartment about 10mins away from CHLA. I haven't signed the leasing contract yet, but paid the $30 application fee. And yes, the rent is ridiculous in LA! I move from the Mid-west area, it is a huge different in rent.

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    Thank you everyone for all the inputs! I was looking at apartment around Van Nuys area and luckily y'all warned me! No wonder why their price aren't too pricey!.

    I'll be working at CHLA in about 3 more weeks! I am so excited to finally be able to get back California and enjoy the warm weather!

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    Thank you so much for all the feedback!.

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    Hi everyone,

    I graduated since May, 2013. Have to relocate out of California to get my first RN job in an acute hospital. I am now ready to move back home after about 1.5yrs experience.

    I'm from San Francisco and never been to Los Angeles area before. I am currently planning to find a decent appartment where the price is not too crazy expensive and in a safe neighborhood. If anyone could share some advice on which area I should or should not move into?
    Greatly appreciate for all the feedback.

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    Hi all,

    I applied to be a staff nurse at a hospital in NoCal about 3 months ago, I had a panel interview with Nurse manager and some other staff nurses about 4 weeks ago. I haven't heard anything from HR about their decision so far. I called in to follow up my case and they simply told me that if they decide to move forward with me in the hiring process, the recruiter will contact me by phone, in the mean time, just wait and check online status( which havent changed since I applied and after interviewed)

    I've just recently contacted to a travel agency and they have the same position in that hospital, it will be a contract and from what they told me, at the end of contract, the hospital will usually either extend the contract or offer a staff nurse position in their unit.
    Should I go ahead and work with travel agency to send my profile into that hospital again ( so I can get my foot in the door) or should I wait for the hospital HR to make their finale decision? It is my dream hospital and I hope someday I can be their staff nurse, that's why I dont want to jeopardize my chance by applying again under a travel agency.

    I graduated from NoCal, i relocated outa state to get experience and I now have about 14months of acute care experience and I want to go back to California to be with my family.
    Any feedback would be really appreciated!

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    Hi everyone,

    I am a new-grad, graduated in May 2013, and I am so grateful to have a job offer to a level 3 NICU Hospital.
    I will start my first day of orientation on Monday Nov. 25th and I am so thrilled.
    I've been asking this question for about a month now and I finally decided to write a post here because I want to know when usually is the busiest time in NICU (time of the day, month of the year/or season).

    Thank you so much