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    I am in a Level 1 and internships are very competitive. We look for HESI score they say above 900 but we go for 1000 and above. G.P.A >3.0, recommendation letters come in handy from a Nurse from the ICU, make sure he/she is reputable coz we ask around. Nowadays we are also asking for the transcripts! During the interview basic concepts of team work, infection control and evidence based nursing, professional presentation. Not much to do with clinical knowlegde we understand there is a process to learning. Good luck with the preparation.

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    All that Nursing sch education to waste on looking for a Doc? Just look for a corporate exec or internet millionare! LOL

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    ugh i completely feel sorry for your new graduates and young nurses! Anyone care to listen to their reasoning. Talk about Nurses eating their young! "chomp chomp chomp!
    Afterall from what i hear from my few yrs of experience things were terrible disrespectful physicians, horrible work enviroments where ICU nurses were tripling hemodynamically unstable patients and med-surg nurses had like 10 pts a piece. Of course they call in because some nurse managers never want to give any personal time off or vacation they have to be begged! Get over it yes they are the new generation and we also like better work enviroments and so what if CRNA makes life comfortable and can retire by the time they are 60? blah blah blah....Haters keep on hating.....when was the last time you saw a physician yelling at one of them? at my work place nope! even my attending has calmed like a new man over the years! They just will not take your crap Nursing is one of the so called professional careers that even your co workers, manager keep on beating each other down instead of mentoring and learning from one another and thats why we never get respect from other disciplines that classify themselves as professional programs. They new Nurses are demanding that.....and yes i am in my 30s, love Nursing and i love the new generation!! I have seen facebooking coworkers to accesing their meds and calculators on their smartphones and texting their other friends to ask medical questions and getting instant feedback. Recognize first work is not their life and that they have a life outside of work nursing is not being a matyr its just that simple.......

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    A new Nurse makes sure her pt looks neat and fresh at the end of the shift...
    An old Nurse makes sure the pt doesnt code before her shift is over....

    A new Nurse Runs out to get the crash cart during a code and yells at everyone CODE BLUE!!!!!!!.....
    An old Nurse walks toward the crash cart saying to the co-workers "oh its mr X again, i guess its time"....with a bored look!

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    For any institution that uses Datascope CS300. Always have it on Auto inflation the only classification that uses semi-auto is pedi pts. When your pt is in Auto it automatically changes to pressure trigger during a code, as a matter of fact sometimes it changes to pressure if your pt is constantly getting arrhythmias as wa my case the other day!.
    If it is getting so confusing for your co-workers perhaps you should have your Clinical educator ask the Datascope representative to come back and give your unit a refresher every 6months they are always very helpful. Good luck.

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    Duke univ has a very good NP program cardiac specific and i also think UCSF. Good luck.

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    We use coolgard3000 device which is intravascular, comes with a special TLC. Thanks to the good old technology!!