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  • Sep 17 '17

    I agree with PP about getting air out of the chamber. As far as how to prevent it, I would only program the pump for ~20ml for the saline; just enough to clear the tubing and chamber. Where I worked, we also only used 250ml bags.

  • Sep 11 '17

    Quote from TakeTwoAspirin
    I know, let's not communicate at all with one another! Fantastic idea, just think of all the time we will save! Can't possibly see any problems with that affecting patient care/safety!

    Are you feeling the irony?
    Thank you! My thoughts exactly.

  • Sep 10 '17

    My philosophy? Don't look down your nose at the nurses doing bedside care.

  • Sep 1 '17

    "I'm too sexy for my cap, too sexy for my Danskos, whacha think about that?"

    (Hopefully someone will be old enough to remember that song.)

  • Aug 22 '17

    I remember as a student there were few electronic thermometers, so each pt. had the old mercury thermometers. One day I dropped one, and I was terrified I'd get kicked out of the program for it. We didn't have IV pumps in med surf. back then, so you had to time your IV and put a pice of tape the length of the IV with marks on it for when the IV would reach each time till it ran out. You had to remember when your piggy backs were due to run out.

    Pts. who had cataract surgery were sandbagged on wither side of the bed and not allowed to get up. Pts. who had a choley had huge surgical wounds and were sick, sick, sick.

    The had of the hospital was an older nun who would make rounds every day, checking each floor. Everybody stood t attention when she came through the unit. She was actuarially a nice woman, but boy, did she command respect.

  • Aug 1 '17

    Quote from Esme12
    I don't think they mean to be insulting they are sharing their personal experience on what has been good for them. I can appreciate how personal beliefs helps them be a better person.

    The post intimates that anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus can't be as good a nurse as a believer does. Not only is it insulting, it's just flat wrong. If religion helped the OP through school, terrific. But holding specific religious beliefs doesn't make one "nursier than thou."

  • Jul 31 '17

    Quote from AJJKRN
    Try your best not to let that interaction take up space in your head. People like that usually have major insecurity issues and unfortunately this one just happened to be a nurse.

    Learn the lesson even earlier of how not to treat others when you pass your NCLEX when the time comes!
    Or maybe that "rude" person is dealing with a serious personal health issue; has a family member who is dying; had to deal with a her car breaking down and was just frustrated;had just been reamed out by a doc for something else and took her frustrations out on OP. We'll never know. The point is, episodes like this are not necessarily indicative of psychopathology.