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  • Nov 16 '12

    Cool, Cool kid. He'll be president one day, watch and see.....

  • Nov 16 '12

    Your son Leo sounds like a guy I'd like to meet - cool kid. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  • Dec 2 '11

    Quote from morecoffeepls
    Can I write about my personal experiences with turkey gravy and yule logs?
    In Central, yes:

  • Oct 24 '11

    Kudos Kudos KUDOS! I feel the exact same way!!! It's horrible how many of these types of people are in nursing... disgusting!!!

  • Oct 24 '11

    The hard part is when your manager is involved with the gossiping/ whining.
    Esme I am so glad to know there are nurse managers that rise above it!!
    Hope your staff knows how lucky they are to have you!

  • Oct 24 '11

    Set boundaries and limits. Concentrate on your professional/educational
    goals and pursue them. Then take your educated and experienced self
    to another job that you will enjoy.

    In the meantime, your patients do value all you do for them.
    Focus on the care of your patients and your personal professional plans.

    PS To end up on the news would delight them.

    So stay calm and be a top professional which will
    annoy them as they will never be able to catch up with you....

  • Oct 24 '11

    Esme, you have no idea how badly I want to come work for you.:redpinkhe I'm a big fan.

  • Oct 24 '11

    Yikes. Please don't end up on the news. I am so sorry for your pain. I hope you find a better outlet than this and I strongly encourage you to seek help for this festering internal wound. You don't deserve to feel this way and I fear from what you have said that something horrible might happen.

  • Oct 24 '11
  • Oct 24 '11

    I'm sorry.:kiss

  • Oct 24 '11

    is this a warning? Are you seriously considering taking some action? If so, PLEASE take a vacation first and then talk to a professional. Your skills are too valuable to be wasted in jail.

  • Oct 24 '11

    I hear you and I feel your pain. I think those people have very little confidence and are insecure. There are a few that are just plain petty and mean...but a majority are very insecure and feel obligated to point their own inadequacies by placing them upon others to make themselves better. When I was a manager I had a "No whining" policy and I made it very clear to the staff. Even in my interview process I made it clear that it is mandatory to play nice in the sandbox.

    I am a strong advocate for an open door policy and would go out to help whenever but especially when asked. I had a "Whine Box" if it wasn't a practice, safety, competency issue it went in the whine box. There you could rant and rave to your hearts content. I did not allow bickering but I would mediate, like I did with my kids "He's looking at me....She's breathing my air" arguments so both parties could get it out of their systems.

    Just consider the source....don't engage them and their activity, and be the better nurse..:redpinkhe

  • Oct 22 '11

    I know it can be had on your nerves!

    How about writing down important things you want to say so you won't forget. Or, if you know the types of questions they are going to ask then go ahead and answer those and write them down too. That way you aren't fumbling over your words because you are nervous.

  • Oct 22 '11

    Quote from tyvin
    We all can use some help some time ... noting wrong with that and nothing wrong with asking. I like what brandy said about heartfelt but I don't know. You know they want a certain answer. Research nursing customer care and see what the big guys are saying about it. I'll bet you get some real good tips you can use at the interview.

    This never was an issue before (customer service) and I think it's a little on the moronic side. We're suppose to RNs not hotel concierges. Also, what the poster brandy said about researching the hospital is a good idea as well. Good luck to you.
    Lol the ironic part for me....I was a hotel concierge and guest services mgr for 10 years before I became a nurse. It does come down to customer service in many ways, because if people aren't happy with their hospital stay, they can go elsewhere.

  • Oct 19 '11

    I agree that nurses are underpaid for the degree of responsibility and stress we deal with...however, I think "mark up" on nursing care (or and any hospital supply for that matter) is highly complex. What a hospital charges is not necessarily what they receive in payment. For example, while the hospital bills $10K for a PNA requiring three days of care, it may only get reimbursed half that. Or similarly, a patient with no insurance may not pay their bill at all. JMHO.

    But again, I totally agree with you that nurses are underpaid. If we're incompetent, people could die. That's a bloody scary thought.

    Though on the other hand, I can't think of many professions where you can get full benefits at 24 hours a week. Or 3 weeks paid vacation to start. Or dirt cheap health insurance. I love the hospital I work at!