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    Ok so I am trying to apply for jobs all in my region. I have found that some of the hospitals have WOW and OBR in the job titles. I believe WOW is referring to working over weekends or something to that nature. I really have no idea what OBR stands for. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!

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    i had the same question, so i am very glad you had already asked. i'm sure by now you have already sent in your application, but for future readers i found that a professional biography is just a summarization of your professional experiences. some may call it a brag sheet. it reminds me allot of how some hospital web sites brag about themselves on their recent achievements.
    from what i've read it really should not be any longer than a page, but i don't see the importance of a professional biography for myself since i am also a new grad. please let me know if you have had any negative results when you selecting the no bio box. thanks again for your post!