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    Congratulations! Sounds like you are well on your way to sucess. Can't wait to hear what happens next.

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    VSBlonde, I do have a question (I'm sure that I will think of many more!)
    What kind of reading load do you normally have? Do you usually read every thing assigned or just the basics then concentrate on certain things (does that make sense?) for indepth reading?
    Are there a lot of assignments such as case studies/care plans?
    Ok so I guess that is more than one!
    Thanks, Relysh

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    Megreen- Thanks for sharing your notes! I really appreciate it. I guess we all hate waiting on the unknown! ugh. I do have all of my pre-req and co-reqs done, so only need the nursing specific classes. Bummer on the uniforms. I assume that they make you buy through the school because otherwise we could get them for $20 or so. Oh well, I figured as much. I guess we both need to get more posts or something. Think I read that after 15 or 20 you can private message someone. Well good luck to us both! Might be a LOOOONG month VSBlonde- thank you for your response. Relysh

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    Thanks for the info. I think I have to have more posts before I can message anyone? Not sure, but I don't see a place to send one from. Any ideas?

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    Hi! I am doing the same thing. Just applied to start nursing program in the fall/ I worked as a vet assist. for 10 years up until last fall when I switched to an md office. I haved always thought that pediatrics might be somewhat simular, what with the parents getting in the way and all. lol. Good luck to you! Relysh

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    Hi! It would be great if you could let me know what was gone over during the webinar. I was at work and unable to watch it. Thanks

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    I have to second the advise on Dave ramsey. Even if you don't go "Gazelle Intense" you can make a LOT of headway by following the basic principles.
    Good luck to you honey. Stay focused. You can do it!

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    Hey Everybody,
    I have applied to the Calhoun part time/evening ADN program and just wondered if anybody can tell me about it?
    Any information would be great.
    Are there any books/specific topics that I should brush up on for the first semester?
    Do they require white shoes?
    Are the clinicals mostly on Saturdays like I have heard?
    Anyone work full time while doing the program?

    Thanks for any insight. Ever Hopeful, Relysh

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    Hi, I live in North Alabama and just want to say thank you for the thought. I do believe they require that you are certified to come and help out (Not sure by who exactly). They were saying something on the radio about only the precertified medical personel are asked to report. We are out of power here, I am living off a generator right now. We were so very fortunate though to have minimal damage at our house. We may be without power for another 3-10 days! All hotels are booked solid and supplies are hard to come by, so really donations of money would be the most helpful right now. Thank you so much for caring from so far away! You obviously have a good heart. Relysh

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    Thanks for the replies
    . If the 127 pages read like a novel I could have it knocked out in an afternoon. Too bad it won't. Guess its like they say- How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

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    I am (hopefully) going to start nursing school this fall. I plan to do the evening/weekend class as I need to continue working at my full time job. I was just wondering how much actual reading is required on average, as in chapters per week, chapters per test etc... Along with that how much time on avg. is spent on other homework assignments. Obviously you can only speak to your experience, just trying to get an overall picture of how single my poor husband is going to feel.

    Thank you, Relysh

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    I am attending Calhoun Comm. College. I can not wait to start this class but am a little scared! I absolutlybelieve that you get back what you put in.

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    I am about to start A&P1 on Tues. I work full time also and this is a 10 week course that meets twice a week. Good Luck!