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    I work anywhere from 2 to 7 days a week.
    It also depends on shift type. 12 hr vs 8 hr vs 16hr. I'm getting a little burned out on doubles, though.

    I'll do three 8's during the week if I work two 12s on the weekend.

    I don't think I could ever work mon-fri 7-3/6-2/9 - 5 unless it's nightshift...or Im offered a lot of money. Notice I didn't say 'never'. I *can* be bought, you know!

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    Hit send before i was ready.

    You may have to stick it out because you're new and dont have many options but do whats best for yourself always. Dont be more loyal to these facilities than you are to yourself.

    Get skills. Get money. Always have a job on standby. Always keep that rese current.

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    - Get your own equipment
    - Don't say behind anyone's back what you wouldnt say to their face. You dont know anyone. Resist the urge to cry on anyone's shoulder "in confidence". Youre the new girl
    Everyone is watching you, ie, how you work, how you mesh with the environment, etc... even if they dont look like it.
    Youll never go wrong being 'the quiet teamplayer'. Everyone likes a hard worker.

    Ive never endured it but Ive seen it. One place, the nurses on the floor were just harsh. You walk in, they look through you. Youre to train with them, theyre sucking their teeth and such. Youre doing your tasks and theyre talking pooh in the corner.

    I get what youre likelt going through. It was impossible to keep nurses or aides. The floor dynamic ran them off. I still pull shift on occasion but not much.

    We had a baby nurse start when I did. Her nurse coworker was just abrupt, unhelpful and full of attitude. Trust me, I had to get her all the way together in the nurse's station when she "tried" me. Wouldnt advise you to do as I did. Stand up for yourself but dont burm bridges. You cant just tell her off and not care. Youre too new. You NEED your senior nurses. You try to float on your own and youll drown.

    New grad nurse broke down in the medroom with me. I was over there to get something. Her, too.
    I listened, confirmed all that she was feeling and told the new nurse to seek greener pastures because that wasnt a new grad friendly environment. Period.
    "Why ya think Im PRN? Girl...." For a reason. You cant be sure of the work environment youre walking into. Most facilities suck ass and cant keep people for much the same reason. They dont deserve FT dedication. Let em scramble. Let the FT and PRN staff q a Its what they get So, I do PRN or PT. It pays more, anyway.

    She laughed, " get it? Its not just me bein' crazy? Okay." It wasnt just her.

    She said that she had a job lined up.

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    22 + shift diff ($1-2). PRN
    Or 21.5 w/end 12s & 18.75 week.

    $18.50 c $1 shift diff

    $25...but I dont work here. It's out in pinellas. Too far away.

    Just hit 3 years of experience. Snf/geri/psych/corrections/clinic

    Think im topping out, in terms of floor nurse salary. Only way to hit close to 30 is to do case management/adon/etc. I dont want to do that. Yet. Id have to go ft and im not doing that until i get my rn. I think im just gonna concentrate on building my skillset and gaining more experience. The goal, as always, is to be a stronger nurse.

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    When the count's screwed up, everyone plays 'Not It'.
    If I'm the relief, I will sell you down the river to save my butt (and license).

    Exactly how many people did you tell, OP? Are they gossips? If management had suspicions, this mess is probably flying all over the dept

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    Everywhere but admin and the hospital.

    Doubles in LTC/SNF are hard to fill but ppl generally stay rooted. Thats why pulling PRN on weekends may not be feasible.

    HH has flexible shift work.

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    I honestly don't know.

    Nothing sticks, though. I worked psych. Psych pt's have the honesty of children, so after routinely getting my soul ripped out in 10 words or less, nothing bothers me now. I've been called every name in the book! I am stone.

    Actually, I get sexually harassed at work. It's not even the men. Men really aren't that bold. Women, on the other hand? I have one pt who calls me 'big booty' whenever she sees me. In the beginning, she gave me compliment. Called me "pretty". Now, she just calls me 'big booty'.
    That's my name: Nurse Big Boody. She yells it down the hallway, too. She doesn't care. She'll be in that gerichair yelling for me, 'Big Boo-dy!'
    It's embarrassing when it's done around nonnursing healthcare professionals, like, the medics and paramedics? They just laugh.

    Not only cat-called, I get slapped on the butt.
    It's these elderly women. Coming in their wheelchairs, "straightening out" my tops. Rolling past, popping me on the butt. They're not gay. They're just a bunch of old freaks! Stone-cold freaks!LOL
    Honestly? I kind of have a complex about my behind. Like, if someone keeps making remarks about a specific body part, you're going to wonder about that body part. So, I'm always thinking, "Well, damn. Is my butt really that big?" I really don't think my behind is that big! I'm well-proportioned, I think.

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    "...make sure the nurses are doing their job".

    This quote gets under my skin for too many reasons to discuss. The creator of this app gets the bird for that string of words alone.
    They should follow a nurse for a day. Then, they'd get to see all the 'nothing' that we do every day.

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    Quote from golson
    Looks like it has been removed from the google play store.

    No one has time for unmportant phone calls. These family members are annoying enough without any apps. Two scenarios:

    Sometimes, the clerk tells the entire area to pick up instead of paging a specific nurse's hall. I rec'vd such a general page. I was in the middle of medpass. I stride to the phone, bothered, but masking it. I don't like being interrupting with nonsense when I'm doing heavy work (like a medpass) and since I didn't place a call out - and unless it were pharm - I knew it was bound to be a time-wasting phone call. Still, I slapped on a smile and answered the call.
    The guy said that he wanted to speak to a certain pt, by name.
    I didn't recall. I asked for the name again and looked at the phone list for the other station. He got all surly, repeated the name and exclaimed, "the patient?!"
    I said, "A patient, not MY patient. I have 32 residents. ____ is not one of them so I wouldn't know who you're talking about ... which is why I tried to clarify so I could place you in contact with his actual nurse, clearly. One moment, please."
    ...and snapped his butt on 'hold' to transfer out before he could stammer through an awkward apology. The hell with that guy. I don't care that it was rude. He was rude TO ME and interrupting my work. I can only 'grin and bear it' for so long.

    Another incident. Had a woman coming down my hallway yelling for her mother's nurse.
    Wrong hall. Wrong nurse. I was at the med cart drawing up syringe. The aides were feedng residents and passing out coffee. I just heard yelling. The aides and I didn't know what was going on. She was just yelling about needing to speak to a nurse. Reason? Her mother called saying something about not feeling well. (she was fine, of course).

    Instead of calling the facility like a rational, mentally well person - this stupid woman hops into her car, drives 30 miles to the facility, enters the facility through the side door (bc she didn't come down the front.) and barrels down my hall raising hell. "I need to see the nurse!" ; "We need to call the ambulance or do something!" ; "We need to do something!"

    My first thought was to secure the building. I dind't know if she was a threat or not.

    She sped past me and the aides. I followed, insulin and syringe in hand. I led her down the right hall telling her that the nurse is at that nurse's station. "Well, she's not there!"
    First of all, "He". Her mother's nurse was a 'he'. How many times must I say it?
    Secondly, duh. The nurse is busy, stupid. We're about to start meals, stupid. The aides are getting everyone up and the nurses are flying from room to room, trying to take everyone's blood sugar and pass meds, stupid.
    ...and I will call her "stupid". I'm tired of people that don't listen. I'm tired of people that don't know how to conduct themselves in public. I'm tired of abrasive and demanding family members. She came through there, just loud and wrong, taking her frustrations out on me and the aides. She is a stupid woman.
    We get to the room. I go in to look at the pt. She's fine. Another nurse on that station comes in, hearing the commotion. She tells the aides to get some vitals. Seeing that the situation was being handled, I prepared to leave. Insulin and syringe still in hand.

    The crazy lady apologized to me. I looked at her with a flat expression, said nothing and walked out of the room.
    Actually, she apologized twice while we were in the room. The first was a general apology. She just thought that I was too immersed in the situation to acknowledge it. Nah. I heard the first time; I just ignored her. Second time, I acknowledged but said nothing.
    What was I suppose to say, "Oh, it's fine. It's okay..."
    No, it's not okay. Get away from me before you make me forget that I'm in a professional setting.

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    Also forgot to mention
    ***Government positions.
    Do a profile on PEOPLEFIRST.
    I rec'vd an interview for a govt job. Something related to public health in Pinellas County. I don't even remember the type of position I applied for. Most times, I'm just "fishing". Looking for the better deal Anyway, a woman called and was like, "Are you still looking for employment?" Yeah, sure. Scheduled me for an interview. I cancelled. I don't know the particulars but it was a govt job. Pay should be decent.
    The VA and Macdill are options as well.

    I haven't looked into doc offices and hospitals. Hospitals do hire LPNs. It's just seldom. I know this so I put energy into looking for higher paying positions and "skill stacking", as I call it. I purposely jump specialities.
    I'd only agree with $15-17 if I were going to be working in something like dialysis or urgent care (or crit care) because the skills gained will benefit ME. It's a fair trade-off, to me.

    Lastly, if you have your IV therapy of ACLS cert. You won't earn more money. You WILL be more marketable, though.
    Beyond this, it's a waste because you're not going to do anything but sit on that knowledge. That's the thing. That's what hurts. I obtained and renewed for no good reason, beyond making me look good on paper. If someone codes, you'll be switching off compressing and working the ambu until the ambulance arrives. C'mon - the LTC 'crashcarts' don't have crap on them but O2, masks and tubes. LOL
    For most LVNs in a noncrit care type speciality, a BLS is sufficient. In my opinion.

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    First, a little complaining: Nursing in Fl sucks.

    This state attempts to lowball nurses and I didnt go to school to be a med aide. It's completely inefficient. I dont care anything about delegating skills away to unlicensed persons. Fact is, the pts are too many and nurses have MORE IMPORTANT things to do than be chained to a cart for 2 to 4 hours a shift. Thats not nursing.

    - St Pete/Clearwater is a good area. Lots of PRNs available. I dont work that area. But, Bon Se cour is hiring. Theyre always hiring. They tried to lowball me with $17 base and $2 shift diff. A weekend double nonbaylor...with makority psych pts. The recruiter tried to tell me that avg pay for a lvn with 2 yrs experience was $17 for the tampa area. Frankly, I couldn't care less. $17/hr is s*** . Secondly, don't insult me acting as though a $2 shift diff is something spectacular and I shld tap dance for joy because you're now paying what you shld be offering as a base. Furthermore, I earned $20 plus baylor as a new LVN. So...'whatever'. Why shld I accept more work for less money? Good luck staffing your facility on a weekend. So, the phone call ended. I get to Fl months later and recv a call offering $21.6 for the position. That's more like it! I didnt take the job, though. So, I tell you all of this to say: Hit up Bon S ecours! LOL
    The gettin's good. You may do better than I did. These facilities want a whole lotta something for nothing.
    - Dont attempt to commute to central Tampa or Brandon for a job. Though this city is small, Tampa/St pete is not a commuter city. The highway system is completely inefficient.
    - When you get here, know that youre going to have to get fingerprints AGAIN before you get hired with your first job. The job will send you.

    My advice?
    -- Dont touch LTC/Rehab/SNF unless it's PRN or PT. PRN pay is generally $21. FT pay is much, much lower... It's like that in MOST places around the city bc many facilities are under the same company. Some of the places dont pay time and a half, either.... I'm not lying. I was warned against picking up shift when I was FT w/end by coworkerd. When I rail against Fl, i do it with good reason.

    -- Dont sell yourself short. Dont work for pennies unless the exp or shift benefits YOU and dont be afraid to walk if they dont offer what youre worth. Screw these facilities. It may not look like you have options bc its difficult for an out-of-stater to secure employment but just wait until you hit Florida. You have experience; therefore, you have options. Jobs are all over. Spot interviews will never cease to be.

    -- Don't limit yourself. "Well, I've only worked peds so I guess I can do nursing hom--" No, ma'am. What *can* you do? We're both bridging to RN and the exp will be valued whether or not we remain as we are.
    ****Nonclinical positions are an option. i recvd interview requests for Case Management and MDS. I backed out but I do know that LVNs do well in case management bc it's an RN position. I cant provide info for you to f/u on. I deleted the mssgs but these are tampa positions.
    ****There are two psych facilities that i know of in tge tampa bay area. Gracepoint and some facility up in n. Tampa.
    ****Dialysis. I bombed the interview. Bad nerves. LOL Davita is ALWAYS hiring, though. You need an IV cert. You do a phone interview; then, they bring you in to interview with the nurse manager and another whose job title isnt related to nursing.
    ****Staffing. Today, I recvd a job offer with Visiting Angels Senior Homecare. 22/hr. 813 929 7067. POC:christal bectal. Ive never done honecare so I dont know much about it but I'm posting info in case anyone is interested.
    ****Urgent Care. Interviewed but did not accept with an urgent care clinic of adventist. Two 12's and a split. $15-17/hr.
    ****Corrections. I got on at the hillsborough sheriff's office. $22/hr. Infirmary. No med pass, praise Jesus. I havent started so I dont know about shift diff but it's gotta have some.. Also, I think the scale may be different because another that I know got on at 21.5. The jails are staffed by naphcare.

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    But others work in psych units or private offices where the dress code ranges from scrubs to business casual.
    Psych nurses get bodily fluids (and food) on us as much as anyone else.

    Anyway, if anyone wants to create a high-end scrub line, do so. With care. Pretty sure that someone said that no one would pay $100+ for scrub shoes. That's a clear lie. Only reason why I'm not accessorizing my booty off in those Koi clogs is because my jobs entail lots of running and quick movements. I don't 'sit' often, at work.
    Yet, women like to look good.
    Well, I do. I care to be presentable, professional and good-looking.

    I wear Januvia scrubs.
    Love 'em. This is as ritzy as I'll ever get, I think. I buy 1-2 scrub sets per check.
    I buy the flare leg bottoms and peplum tops.
    - Simple design with embellishments.
    - Flattering look.
    - Flattering fit. They don't stretch and I thought that would be a problem but the fit iof the top is great.
    - VERY well-made.
    - They seem durable. Study material.
    - Affordable, in my opinion. "Pricy", for nursing uniforms. $39.0 tops. $42.0 bottoms. I always spend between $56.0 and $60.75 a set, due to discounts.
    - Antimicrobial properties. The scrubs are treated with Silvadur which, I believe, controls odor/bacteria buildup? I haven't done much research on it but that's pretty cool.

    I receive TONS of compliments from coworkers, pts AND pt family members.

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    Quote from Been there,done that
    Sounds like preparation for the wonderful world of nursing. You are going to notice some things that are wrong, that you can't do anything about.
    You have 3 choices, go to the ceremony , go to the ceremony and make a scene, get together with other students that feel the same way and celebrate.
    Whatever you choose, it's time to move on. The REAL battle is about to begin.
    She and others should meet up at a restaurant on grad/pin night and have fun. That's a better way to get your point across than the whole class showing it's a-- in protest. Ha Ha

    In light of other posts, I didn't attend my graduation or pinning so it's fairly easy for me to be blase about it, "Oh, well - ship my genie lamp and leave me alone. Whatever. Not going to that crap."
    I actually would flip the bird to the school and refuse to attend, if I were her. Screw that school.

    I do think that - raising hell about this is a pure waste of energy. If you're going to make a scene at the graduation, why even go? How embarassing.
    Could you imagine, sitting in the midst of a confused audience with grandma watching these "theatrics" play out on stage? Oh, yeah - that's memorable.
    I, of course, would be snickering my butt off...but that's just me.

    Overall? Poop happens, OP. Screwed up things happen and it's okay to feel put off. You've just got to move past it. You're almost out of there. Screw it.
    Don't worry about her; she'll get hers. Cheaters in nursing? It usually catches up to you. Few people are that slick.

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    How is she still valedictorian? Wouldnt that bring her entire gpa into question? Surprised thay she didnt get thrown out?
    Class ahead of mine, there was a chwating scandal.
    They kicked half of the class out.

    They could just ship my diploma, pin and genie lamp (UPS, please) to the house. I wldnt go to the pinning or graduation. ...the hell with that school.
    Id be damned before Id stand up there looking crazy, listening to a known cheater bs her way through a speech about "hard work".

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    -- SNF Rehab dble w/end. $19/hr . $2 shift diff.
    -- Urgent Care Clinic Floater. $17/hr

    The urgent care pay isnt surprising. I dont mind because im learning a valuable skillset thats going to make me a more proficient nurse.

    That doesnt change the fact, however, that nursing in S. Florida sucks. Recently relocated here.
    Not only do the bulk of these LTC/SNF/REHAB facilities not use med aides but they expect you to "do it all" (pass meds, accucheck, woundcare) for an avg of 25-32 residents WHILE manning the phone, nurse's station and constant interruptions from family members WHILE passing meds/narcs...for $17/hr.
    ...and Im on the PSYCH wing?!
    You can't be chained to the cart AND manage medical AND psych issues (wandering, yelling, screaming, fighting, illusions, delusions, hallucinations, psychosis)...effectively.
    I BARELY keep my dementia/ALZ people off the floor (from falls)...

    I'm getting ready to go back to PRN.

    I tend to pull a lot of PRNs and I did that when i got here, too. For this reason, I didnt notice how poorly nurses were being paid as I (PRN LPN) made 21/hr base plus $2 weekend shift and/or $3 eve shift diff or $2 shift diff nights.

    But when I settled into a w/end double FT position, boy - do i see it: $17/hr for LVNs. $20/hr for RNs.
    Are you kidding me? We do a lot of work.
    What nurse (beyond a new grad) wld do that kind of work for $17/hr or $20hr? The A/DON and scheduler always seem genuinely shocked that FTers wont pull shift, though.

    They do pay well in the hospital, though. Ive been asking around. I think Tampa Community Hospital pays ER nurses $26 or $27 (not new grad pay, I dont think) plus $2 or 3 per cert...and who knows however much for shift diff.