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    Interviewing tomorrow for 10 CVT. I'm wondering if anyone has advice to share. Maybe there's someone out there that's familiar with the unit?

    How about those that weren't selected after interviewing- what do felt went wrong? What went right?


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    Hi Freckles, I chose everything ICU. There were BMT and outpatient infusion openings also... oh, and Ortho too.

    Wishing you the best on a call back next week!

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    I'm curious. For those of you fortunate enough to have been granted an interview with SHC- which units did you choose for your top choices?

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    This is an interesting conversation. Thanks for everyone's insight.

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    Quote from wannabnurse81
    That is AWESOME MJ415!! So exciting! Okay, so my status still says "application received". Did your status ever change to in review or whatever? When is your interview? GOOD LUCK!!
    My status changed from: Application received > Application in review > Selected for interview. Interview is in mid-July. Thanks for wishing me luck, along with some solid preparation, I'm sure that I can use it.

    Good luck with your selection process as well!

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    Thanks! I received the call yesterday morning to schedule an interview.

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    Looks like interview notifications are underway.

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    Quote from SON14
    Mine says the same and it also says "Application in Review"

    Ditto. Anyone else receive word outside of website status checks? Emails? Interview invites?

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    Quote from brownbook
    Hi, me again. Your question caused me read the introduction on the AllNurses site for ambulatory care/nursing clinic. I am not sure if your job is going to be in ambulatory SURGERY care, or an ambulatory care clinic. Really a big difference.

    That was why I asked for you to get a job description. I would be surprised if a new grad was hired into an ambulatory care SURGERY clinic? I don't thing it is hard or requires special skills, but I, and most of my fellow nurses, have had several, to many, years of acute care, med/surg, ICU nursing.

    If you will be working in an ambulatory, (or out patient), surgery clinic, you will get good skills. Starting IV's, getting patients ready for OR, recovering patients from general anesthesia, giving IV antibiotics, pain meds, anti emetics, possibly caring for intubated patients, etc. These are good skills and should help a nurse applying to med/surg or even ICU.
    Nope... It'll just be an ambulatory care clinic - don't believe pre/post surgical nursing duties are part of the description.

    Considering new grads are admitted into specialty ICU's where I'm at - I see no reason why it wouldn't be possible for a new grad to enter surgical amb. care though.

    Healinghands2000 - looks like you're in the wrong forum. There's another forum on this site specifically for inquiries regarding travel nursing.

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    It seems that the safest bet for any RN intending on going into critical care should be cautioned against ambulatory care nursing.

    Would this be an accurate assumption?

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    Those were my suspicions exactly.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Cool. Thank you. Hypothetically speaking, if you wanted to work in critical care later down the road, do you think that you'd be competitive?

    I've put some thought into this, and it would seem that not having hospital experience would be held against an RN when put up against an RN that does.

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    What do you all like most about ambulatory care and clinic nursing?

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    Thanks for your reply Dutch!

    Did you face any particular stumbling blocks when applying to the SICU? Was there any negative feedback in relation to your qualifications to work in critical care as former ambulatory care RN?

    Also, most importantly for me to know, did you have hospital experience prior to working in ambulatory care?