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    ok, thanks for clearing that up. i think i now have a better understanding of how the whole system works. man its all so frustrating. to be honest i'm not even overly enthusiastic to move to the states anyway but my boyfriend wants to get a post doc there once he finishes his Phd. this is a route that quite a few of his collouges have gone down so it looks possible in terms of visas and stuff.

    i'm reluctant to take the CES report at the moment as its very expensive and he may not even get a job out there so it would be a complete waste of money. however if i wait till he gets a job offer i might have to wait a long time to get everything sorted out. the most practical route would be to make up the extra hours in the states however i'm guessing this is a very, very expensive way of doing things, with no guarentee that i would even get a job at the end of it :-( i'm just worried that i will have a lot of clinical hours to make up as i am trained as a child health nurse, not an adult nurse.

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    i don't really know too much about american visas to be honest. i think i'll worry about that if i'm able to get a nursing licence.

    my main worry is the NCLEX, what kind of extra hoops do you mean?

    thanks for your help so far by the way :-)

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    what do you mean by difficulties? just that it will take a lot of extra study and preperation, or that i won't be allowed to sit it?

    also why are there such long waits with visas? i know someone who recently applied for a post doc, got the job offer and is off to the USA in the next few months. she certainly hadn't applied years in advance for a visa? or does it just depend on what kind of work you are applying for?

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    also the states I was interested in working in are New Jersey or Massachussets but I couldn't seem to find much information about the New Jersey board of nursing on the internet.

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    Hi there

    I am a UK child health nurse hoping to move to the UK. My understanding is that I can't sit the CGFNS exam because I am only trained as a child health nurse, and only those trained as general nurses are eligable to sit this exam. From what I read on this forum it would seem that most states no longer require this so hopefully this wont be too much of a problem and instead I would have to sit the NCLEX exam.

    My main question is would I be eligable to sit the NCLEX exam if I am not trained as a general nurse? Or will different nursing boards have a different opinion about this? Also do you apply for a nursing licence first then sit the NCLEX exam or is it the other way around? Once I have sat the NCLEX and obtained a nurse licence for the state I wish to work in is just a case of applying for the visa screen certificate and finding an employer to be a sponser for a visa?

    Any information would be a lot of help!