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    Hello there. I am a psych NP student at Cal State and have a paper due on advance nursing practice roles. I work at a hospital that does not utilize nurse practitioners and unfortunately do not know any APRN's. I have a paper to submit regarding clinical practice of the nurse practitioner, (and would also like the information), out in the real world. I have a few questions, listed below, and was wondering if anyone had the time to answer them to help out a lowly student I would greatly appreciate any feedback you give me. The answers dont have to be excessive or long, the paper itself is only required to be 3-4 pages. Thank You!!



    Practice Type: (Clinic, Private, Hospital, Group)

    Discuss at least 2 positive and 2 negative apsects that you percieve in your role as an advanced NP. Things that you may encounter daily regarding working with doctors, patients, etc.

    What are two barriers that you encounter in your practice. Please choose from the following:
    Legal/Regulatory: Getting credentialed, prescribing, submiting claims, etc.
    Relationship with other Health Care Providers: Specifically other NP's, MD's, and RN's.
    Reimbursement Issues: Why this is/isnt an issue for your practice.
    Public Understanding of Your Role: How your patients percieve your practice and role.
    Involvement with professional organizations: If you belong to professional orgs and if they have helped you establish clinical hours, obtain a job, or network. Suggestions for me to join for my benefit.

    Provide some information regarding your competencies (direct clinical practice, expert coaching, consultation, research, clinical and professional leadership, collaboration, and ethical decision making), how you use them and how often you have to renew them (if applicable).