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    hi everyone, so heres the deal, i took nclex-rn a while back, did the pvt, it allowed me to go to cc page, found out 2 weeks later i failed, so i took it again 2-25-10 stopped at 75, was not really sure if i failed or passed, did the trick when i got home, got the good pop up, and just waited.........(im from CA) i check ca brn everyday,after 5 buss days i still dont see my name on it, so i tried to call them, ever so patiently, then i was able to talked to a lady and she said that i need to resubmit a live scan, cause apparently when i applied back then they only asked for DOJ and now they ask for both DOJ and FBI, so she forwarded my call to the evaluator, i just got the voice mail, left my number and waited for her call, (honestly, i know that it will take some time for them to call me back cause i know how busy they must be) but..... they called me back after 30 mins or so and told me that i need a new livescan and to forward it to them as soon as i get a new one which i did... i just found out 20 mins ago that i passed... so for those waiting, that got the good pop up, make sure your files are complete, good luck to those who are waiting... and congratz to those who passed!!! well done!!!

    pvt worked for me two times!!!

    "Read, as if you were to die tomorrow.. Learn, as if you were to live forever!!!!