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  • Jun 27 '13

    It might have been your spelling.

  • Jan 31 '13

    It's all so broken, any change would be an improvement.

    First and foremost stop promoting the idea that patients are VIPs whose every wish and desire is available at the snap of their fingers or a ring of the bell.

  • Jan 31 '13

    ok. i didn't know these had a name. there are a few tutorials as well as links to medication calculation problems on post #3 of the sticky thread below. one of them is a link to a textbook companion that has a chapter that shows how to do these problems, if i remember correctly.

    i will work problems for you if you post them for me. i work them by dimensional analysis.

  • Jan 11 '13

    Shame on the person who told you that "they eat their young there!" instead of congratulating you on your new position and giving you words of encouragement. You now get to start your new job already apprehensive of your new co-workers and a tainted view of what might be in store for you. What is wrong with people?! Anyway, I wish you nothing but the best-and previous posters are correct-please listen to your new co-workers and watch for non-verbal signs that can tell you something is just not right. Most of all, be yourself, be genuine and honest, and I'm sure they will all take a liking to you-and someone is bound to take you under their wing-as it should be!

  • Jan 11 '13

    If I may chime in...I would happily take $25/hr as a brand-spanking new nurse with zero experience. I'm graduating in May with my RN. Here in Florida not only are there NO jobs, but the starting pay is around $20 in acute care and not much more or less in rehab. We are flooded with grad nurses here, as well as veteran nurses. I mean literally I feel like us grads are a dime a dozen, no one wants us. So if I were you, not only would I be jumping for joy to have a job in the field in which I just invested three years of my life and about 20~grand in student loan debt, but $25 to start would please me just fine. IMHO the real pay us grads are getting is that coveted experience which will eventually allow us to write our own tickets. Not to be negative, but sometimes acquaintances will one-up you, so don't necessarily believe comparitive info. If you say you're making 25, she'll say she's making 27, you know how stuff like that goes... I realize pay is expected to be higher out west and other areas, but still.. a job and a not so shabby starting pay would have me !!! Good luck to you in your first nursing job!

  • Dec 28 '12

    As a new nurse, you will be getting MUCH insight from your preceptors and managers.
    It "sucks" everywhere right now. I'm a grad too, and in Florida. Let me tell you, I don't think I'll even be getting a job here, that's how much it "sucks" here. I already know we're going to have to move. I have no idea how I'm going to manage either. Paying back student loans six months post-grad is really scaring me.
    Many Florida grads are six months, ten months out and they still do not have a nursing job. You are not alone, trust me.
    There is an abundance of negativity, fear and anxiety for new grads right now, and in general for the medical profession. At least you're getting interviews. Many newbies have not even gotten that far yet. So there's a plus in your corner.

  • Dec 12 '12

    Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out. I'd appreciate any feedback on getting a critical care job after graduation.

    I'm graduating in 2 weeks with my BSN. I had a 15 week externship in a Trauma ICU this summer. I have also been working in the critical care areas at that hospital as a tech since the externship ended. I am scheduled to become ACLS certified this week. I have all of my paperwork for NCLEX (that I can control) sent in to the state so that I can take the test as soon as possible after graduation. What other advice would you give to a new grad trying to get a critical care job? What worked well for you or what would have helped you out?

    Thanks again!

  • Dec 10 '12

    I just renewed my CCRN cert. Everything went through online and I received a congratulatory email from AACN. Does this mean I will not be audited? Has anyone experienced an audit, if so, when were you notified.

    I have all my paperwork in order, just in case. Just curious about the timeline.


  • Jun 7 '12

    Your stats look pretty good to me. In fact better than mine and I got in. People think students need to stellar in every aspect of their resume but if your personality doesn't mix with the interviewer you ain't getting in. Just because you are smart does not mean you can take care of sick patients.

  • May 10 '12

    Quote from myelin
    I find the fact that people are more concerned about making their education work around their life circumstances than the actual quality of the training to be, well, alarming... these are people's lives. Nursing is always going to be seen as a lesser field because of these attitudes. Just depressing.
    Wow, it's like you didn't even read my response. The thing about your statement is that it's INCREDIBLY PRIVILEGED: you obviously don't have "life circumstances" that stand in the way of your career and educational advancement.

    I'd rather nursing be seen (by ignorant, privileged people) as a "lesser field" than have nurses (OVERWHELMINGLY women) denied advancement and further education because they cannot afford it.

  • Jan 16 '12

    ACLS is a certification not a license. It doesn't provide you with the ability to work outside the scope of practice.

    That said, if you have standing orders then it would be allowed.

    However, just because you have the ACLS certification, doesn't allow you to start prescribing meds without an order.

  • Aug 11 '11

    i wouldn't have cared so much but it was just the fact that he went behind my back and didn't have the decency to tell me to my face.

    the husband probably feel the same way. seems like the wife would have known that her husband would not like another man bathing her. maybe it was because of their race or culture? at my hospital there are many latino patients, and they usually don't want another man to touch them. i would be uncomfortable having a male md or aide see my genitals, even though i am an rn and know they are hcps. now a days, there are way more male nurses in the field, so i think it will improve, at least 11 in my nursing class were male

  • Jul 11 '11

    Hi you guys,
    I will be interviewing for a position in Burn ICU. I was wondering if you can give me your input on if I will acquire enough experience for CRNA school in this unit. Also, will the schools I apply to accept Burn unit ICU for entrance into the program. Better yet, do you know of anyone who got in with experience in the burn unit? I would appreciate your input.

  • Jun 9 '11

    Congrats! I was accepted into the VALOR program this year too, I am really excited but scared to get all those hours in over the summer with full-time school and clinical hours. Good Luck!

  • May 26 '11

    I don't know who is giving out the information that I see listed above, but it's incorrect. I am a nurse in the St. Louis VA system. There is a very specific payscale for nurses, that is separate from the GS scale that is listed in the link above. Based off of the scale for the nurses here in St. Louis, it appears that each city has their own. You will not receive a reasonable understanding of the VA nurse pay by the information that was previously posted.

    1.) Nurses at the VA are under a "title 38" position, which is not a GS 1, 2, 3, ect. They are paid as "Nurse 1, Nurse 2, Nurse 3 or Nurse 4. Nurses with an associates degree cannot exceed the nurse 1 pay scale. Nurses with a bachelor's degree cannot exceed the nurse 2 pay scale. Nurse 3's are reserved for those with a master's degree in nursing and nurse 4 is reserved for administrative nursing position such as "Chief Nurse".
    2.) As a new bachelor's degree prepared nurse, a person would begin their practice as a nurse 1 step 3 (the steps are yearly raises or promotions, if you will). The last time I checked the paper, this allotted a pay of roughly 49K without any differential. (The night differential is paid at 10% and weekend differential is paid at 25%. If you add that up for an entire year, the person that was mentioned as saying they were paid 60K would have been correct.
    3.) My starting quote is about 25/hr, plus differentials, great benefits and paid holidays, no low census days and a raise EVERY year (that is until this year lol).

    And yes, it is very difficult to work at the VA as well as any federal facility because people there do not live under the fear of losing their jobs like they would in a civilian facility. Therefore, people remain longer and have a greater sense of security so attitudes can fly quite quickly....and when they do, you are forced to deal with it for years and years to come.

    But, it's worth the trouble.