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  • Sep 25 '12

    I enjoyed reading this thread, I am a new grad (just graduated this December) and will be starting my first RN job in the OR in February!! I am so excited and can't wait. Pick the OR it is awesome!!

  • Sep 25 '12

    [font="century gothic"]i accepted a new position in case management about 2 months ago after having worked on the floor for years and i have to say i am loving it!!! it is such a nice change of pace and i feel like i have finally found my niche! i have done a few different things in nursing...some of them good and some of them it feels great to have finally found this position! i am using my education and my 12 years of nursing experience to benefit patients and families. i know there are probably some of you that say that i will "change my tune" in time...that i've only been on the job for 2 months....but i am usually a quick judge on whether i'll like a job or not! i hope there are others out there who feel the same!

  • Sep 25 '12

    Thanks guys. I finally found a pic of a positive picture, and my arm certainly doesn't look like that!
    The redness did not increase in size, and my arm is actually more of a pink color now- not red like yesterday. No swelling.
    It truely freaked me out- Goodness knows HOW many of these things I've had done, and this is the first time I've ever had any sort of reaction!
    Thanks again!

  • Mar 22 '12

    My 2 cents....

    I have been a Paramedic for a very long time. I completed Paramedic long before national registry came along. I took registry when it was offered because I wanted that gold patch! I scored very high and even received a commendation for my score being so high. I consider myself a good Paramedic and I am well respected among my peers.

    Due to the demands of long hours and physical demands of the job, and most of all, the low pay scale as compared to other health fields, I decided to return to school. My goal was a BS in biology and a Masters in PA. I was doing exceptionally well in biology with a GPA of 3.6.

    I applied for nursing school at the University I attend at the encouragement of an MD friend. The reasoning was that I could still go to PA school with a BSN and if I got tired of school or could not get accepted in a PA program in a timely manner, I would be able to earn a living.

    The nursing school rejected me bases on the age and level of my ACT scores. I retook the ACT, while taking 18 hours in biology and chemistry, and scored a 26. Well above the 18 required to get into the nursing program. I would have graduated with a BS in biology this past spring and could have started PA school this summer or fall if I got accepted.
    I am in my next to last semester of nursing (RN) now. I failed my 3rd test in a row today and I am in grave danger of not completing the program.
    Nursing is very different than Paramedic. Priorities are placed on the human response to medical conditions and not medical conditions. Today's test was on GI/GU. I am pretty sure I could give a good lecture to 2 year med students, yet I did not pass the test. I put in a minimum of study time of 4 hours a day and 100 pages of notes. I worked very hard and put in the study time. I have no clue how to do any better.
    Nursing is so different than Paramedic. I can do the work as I have shown in clinical. My clinical instructors give me high marks. Even my nurse preceptor told me this week that I just need a license and that I am ready to go to work. I took care of 6 of her 7 patients this past week while she discharged a complicated patient that required lots of collaborative effort. (MedSurg)
    My advice is stay away from Paramedic if you want to earn a decent living. Go to Paramedic if you want autonomy and independence. The Paramedic route teaches more of the medical route and nursing teaches more the nursing route.
    A Paramedics life is a tough one. Statistics show that the average medic will burn out in 5 years and stands a very high chance of being a statistic of divorce. However, the back of a truck is where I am at my best. It's me, my patient and the grim reaper. I make it or break it and most of the time.
    I wish I had gone the nursing route a long time ago or either skipped it and went the medical route. I do know a few medics that went back to school for nursing. They are really good critical care nurse or emergency nurses.

    Good luck with your choice and I wish you the best in either endeavor.

  • Nov 29 '11

    What about nursing, exactly, IS glamorous? Nursing is one of the least glamorous professions I can think of.

    The beauty of office nursing is the high-quality patient teaching you can provide--teaching that would be virtually impossible to give on the hospital floor. Also, as the previous poster said, you will get to work with patients on an ongoing basis, which can be very rewarding (or frustrating, depending on the patient).

    If patient teaching appeals to you and the job schedule works well for your family, I think you can find clinic nursing to be "more than meets the eye".

    Good luck to you.

  • Nov 29 '11

    Thanks for the responses. Some good points. I may have been misunderstood by using the word 'glamorous', as we do all sorts that most wouldn't think of doing on a daily basis. I just never considered working with feet as part of my career path.

  • Mar 4 '11

    That is hilarious. Can't knock it, it worked

  • Dec 14 '10

    Thanks Laurie!
    Just wanted to say Congrats to all of you. Even if you didn't get into this Nursing semester, you have came so far, so congrats to you too and don't get discouraged, keep applying
    Never be intimidated or feel like you aren't good enough. I have heard negative comments on other threads and I want to say to you all that we all have different strengths and weaknesses and we all have different reasons as to why we want to be nurses. Always be true to your dreams. (Even if you are a late bloomer like me ) Looking forward to meeting you all!

  • Dec 13 '10

    Very excited for orientation wednesday!!

  • Dec 2 '10

    Thank you guys for making me laugh this week! It has definitely changed my perspective. I will go in thinking of cats, pigs and rats (oh my!) instead of my nauseated tummy!

    The elusive promises of an anatomy's drama to make you excited to see the rats. Now that would make me sick, too! Pig, cat, fine, but rats? Eww! I think that would give me nightmares.

    The other night we had cornish hens for dinner and I couldn't eat mine. I kept looking at the muscles and couldn't block out the names as I ate. It made me sick. This is one heck of a diet program! If only the cadavers smelled like pizza I would be skinny forever!

  • Nov 12 '10

    I hope she never is a critical patient in my ED....'cause, like, ya, I wouldn't like know what to do....ya know! <twirling hair around finger and blowing a bubble with my gum>
    Like what, ya know? Tee Hee!

  • Nov 11 '10

    Hello everyone -

    I just checked my account and I DO have a seat fee (Essex)! I am so excited. Congratulations to all those accepted and I'm crossing my fingers for those who haven't seen anything yet.


  • Nov 11 '10

    Thanks for the post, ladies! I have a seat fee. I'm glad this little trick worked...even if it didn't give us too much notice. Now, we just wait for our packets, orientation, dosage and the NURSING SCHOOL BOOT CAMP!! Congrats to you guys! See you soon!

  • Nov 10 '10

    Thanks Laurie I have 200 fee on my account

  • Nov 10 '10

    I have a seat fee!! I cried a little out of joy because I have worked really hard to get this far. To everyone out there Congrats and to those that didn't get in keep your chin up and keep reaching for your goal.