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    I wish you the Best of Luck Kalop

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    Well I passed, and I'm happy this NCLEX stress is over. I'm not a big time poster but come here often.

    I was out of school for almost a year and had to sit for my boards in my state within the 365 day period that they give. Taking that much time off wasn't to smart.

    After I graduated I had other commitments that I put on hold when I decided to go back to nursing school, and had to take care of before pursuing my new Nursing profession, then I put off taking the exam a couple of times etc etc etc, anyway thats my personal stuff, but here are my thoughts about my experience.

    I studied for about 7 weeks for the test, I did about 200-400 questions a day, trying to give at lest 4 hrs a day. Reading, truly understanding and studying the rationales to the answers helped out a lot. I used Kaplan, Saunders and ExamCram that a friend lent me, as well as the Random fact thread here, loved that thread, but watch out for errors in that thread etc, always double check everything. I also forced myself to put into memory specific material others had suggested and listed on this site, although I wasn't asked any questions on that info.

    I didn't think I would be that nervous, I'm a pretty good test taker, I got there early and when I was waiting to go into the room to take the exam I poured myself a cup of water out of the water-cooler in the lobby and went to take a sip.......... my hands were shaking so bad I spilled half of it, so I just tried to deep breath and think positive, just like you guys this test meant a lot to me and I needed to pass it.

    Anyway, I know I can't go into particulars about the content of the exam, nor do I intend to. I can say I said to myself "Holy Sh@t what the hell is this stuff" while taking the exam.

    I thought I was well prepared but many questions were unfamiliar to me. I had way more SATA questions than I thought I would have (thought I'd get around 10), I convinced myself I was getting them wrong and started to panic, why else would I keep getting them I thought, and they were very difficult. Had a difficult drip math calculation which thankfully I was prepared for, scattered among other miscellaneous and odd material to be tested on. I studied the drug list from Kaplan inside and out, but the drugs I was asked about I had no clue what they were and couldn't even figure them out from the root/stem of the generic names, all I could do is guess and hope for the best, I still have no idea what they were. I felt this way with a lot of the material that I got on the exam.

    I was on my 75'th question and it was a drug I never heard of, I guessed hoping that I would soon get to some content I was familiar with, but the machine shut off and I was done (my two close friends both went into the 250 question range and passed and I had prepared to do the same) After I finished the exam I sat in my car in the parking lot for over an hour, I was really upset and mad for not preparing better, although in retrospect I had really done all I could. My mom called on my way home and I bit her head off, I was sure I failed and didn't want to be asked "how did you do" I went home and looked at my stack of books, flashcards and printouts and didn't know where to begin, or how to approach studying for the test differently. I didn't even think of getting the quick results because I was sure I failed and failed big time. I don't know if everyone feels that way leaving that exam.

    Anyway, I got a call about 6 days after the test from my state board of nursing, I had no clue why they were calling, she identified herself and asked if it was me, then asked if I wanted to wait a few weeks for them to issue my license so I wouldn't have to pay to renew twice within a couple of months (you have to renew your license on the month of your birthday and mine was the next month) I was shocked, I asked "Are you telling me I passed????" LOL, that was the first news of how I did.

    I feel for those that have failed this exam, I know a lot of info and did well in school, but I was so utterly confused on so many of those questions. I thought I prepared well, but when you don't know something, you just don't know it and all you could do is offer an educated guess. My heart goes out to you guys that have yet to pass and have to sit for the exam again. If you're staring at that pile of books you have to pick them up again and give it another try, don't let to much time go by, and just hope the random questions go your way this time. Sorry I don't have better study advice, but this test made my head spin and left a bad taste in my mouth, it doesn't matter that I passed, that doesn't change my opinion.

    WOW this was longer than I had intended,

    Just my two cents,

    Good Luck

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    Thanks groundnutbaby

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    I hate to ask since I have the book right in front of me but....

    In the book I have from Kaplan it lists for instance Chickenpox as Droplet and Contact?????

    I was studying the stuff from this website that said it was Airborne now I'm confused????

    would I use both the contact (gown) and airborne (mask) with such a Pt????

    In answering do you pick both contact and airborne or just one????

    any help would be appreciated

    and thanks for the MRS WEE / SSSPPPIDERMMMAN stuff

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    Quote from GoldenGirl22
    Donning: Wash hands. Put on gown then gloves before going inside pt's room.
    Removing: Remove gloves then gown before leaving pt's room. Wash hands

    Donning: Wash hands. Put on mask, eye protection, gown then gloves, all before going inside pt's room.
    Removing: Remove gloves then gown. Wash hands. Remove mask then eye protection. All before leaving pt's room. Wash hands

    Donning: Wash hands. Put on N95 Respirator (mask). Then don gown then gloves, outside pt's room.
    Removing: Remove gloves then gown before leaving pt's room. Wash hands. Leave room then remove N95 Respirator. Wash hands.

    Hey, I was just on the CDC website, and the order it had list went like this....

    Gown....... Mask/ Respirator ...... Goggle/Mask................Gloves

    Gloves.......... Goggle/Mask.................Gown............Mask/Respirator

    Which is correct for NCLEX land????

    this link is also good