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    I'm from Lancaster, PA!!!!

    Anyone else???

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    Wow... I wonder if this mean they pay nurses well in New Jersey... All I know is that this is really quite shocking to me. Some people are talkign about not being able to find jobs, but then I read things like this and think "How could a new Nurse not find a job!?" Geeze man... It's so confusing!!!

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    Quote from caliotter3
    CNAs who have been caught doing the nurses job, because "in their country they are a 'nurse'", have caused the assigned licensed nurse to get terminated.
    What the heck is that suppose to mean!? I am sorry but most cna's I know are from the United States of America lol. I'm sorry but I feel like that was suppose to be kind of racist/prejudice in a general and indirect way, meaning most CNAs are from a foreign country or something.... Wow lol...

    I know a lot of CNAs who were trained to draw blood and other things but they just can't give meds. I've heard that they are replacing LPN's with medical assistants and are trying to train LPNs to be RNs, but only in hospitals. There are many different places where LPNs are needed, and an LPN would get paid a whole lot better somewhere other than a hospital.

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    I am so glad that I read all of this!!! I was very insecure about becoming a nurse, and very doubtful as far as if I'd fit in the LTC field, but now I'm starting to think it's the perfect place for me! Thank you everyone for taking the time to share on this topic .

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    I have to say that all of this is really awesome information! I'm so excited about working in long term care as an LPN, that it might make some people sick!! Hee hee... but I love old people. We'll see what happens .

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    All these posts are really quite encouraging!! I am a nursing student in PA, and I plan to work in long term care. I'm very excited, and even though a lot of people say they "hate" working in LTC, it's what I really want to do. This site has given me so much information that I'm becoming more and more confident that nursing is the career for me :heartbeat...


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    Quote from mafornow7
    Speaking of Lcctc, I am in the admission process for this program.....I have heard this program makes graduates "eligable" for the licensing exam, but is not accredited by Pennsylvania board of nursing, but by the council on occupational this a problem for someone like myself who wants to continue to work in Maryland after licencing? what if I go thru the program, and cannot get licenced in maryland? anyone's help is appreciated!

    I know this is late, but just in case someone comes across this page, YES the LCCTC is approved by the PA BON. It's on their website:

    They have a printable brochure with all the info...

    YEY!! I'm starting there in March 2010!!!

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    I knew someone who had there BSN and could not pass boards after a year of trying!!! That made me very nervous... She was a little immature and seemed like she partied most of her college career lol. At first when I think about the exam getting harder from a student's perspective, I get nervous... but when I recall my experience with this young lady I am relieved haha...

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    Awesome story. Things like this encourage and reassure me that I am taking the right career path...

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    Just read about this not too long ago and I was deeply saddened ... This situation could have been avoided and I just hope that it opened a lot of people's eyes!!

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    Quote from VM85
    I was just sayin this to a friend last night- i feel like i put myself in debt and wasted a year. I am so stressed out because I have no job, a young child and no money. These are tough times. Ive gotten to the point where I am now just gonna take a step back and reevaluate what I am gonna do- desperate times call for desperate measures. There are plenty of jobs around here for LPN's, but you need experience! So affter applying to over a hundred jobs and only 1 call back(did them online, most of them had no contact info- said theyd contact you if you fit their requirements) I am just gonna take a break, because I am beginning to lose my sanity over it. So I am now applying to jobs at department stores- I cant work as a CNA to get my foot in the door because I wasnt a CNA prior to school and cant take another 8 weeks taking a course then payin for a test to get a job. Its tough out there adn I feel like such a failure as most of the people in my class I graduated with have jobs already and some have started school for their LPN to RN- which I wanted to do but figured i would take the semester off so i could start working and get as many hours in to pay off soem bills- Had i known i wouldnt have been employed i wouldve just started school in september. This is an awful situation adn I feel for you! Do what you have to do to provide for your family, cuz once the bills start rolling in they pile up quick, and youll never get ahead. You can always look for per diem LPN positions if you do have your old job adn just work as a nurse to get some experience, then hopefully it will open some doors down the road. Good luck to you!
    Hey! Not sure what your situation is currently... It has been a few months. I hope you have found a job by now!!

    If not, I wanted to tell you that you may be eligible to sit for the CNA exam. Call where you went for your LPN program. My school told us that once we finish our first level (There are three), we are eligible to sit for the exam. I plan to do it so I can work part-time (weekends) while I finish LPN school so I can have some kind of health care experience to put on my resume when I'm ready to apply for LPN jobs. It will give em the year of "related" experience most job offers require.

    I hope that helps out a little bit!! Hopefully you have a job and this doesn't even matter anymore .


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    Oooopps! I mean the Lancaster County Career and TECHNOLOGY center... lol. We all make mistakes!!

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    I start in March of 2010. I'm very excited! I just have to finish a few things like submit my physical/dental exam and drug test... background checks and I still have like 3 months to get it done. I'll be doing all that over the next month. I'm very excited!!! I've been a homemaker now for almost 3 years and I'm ready to go to school. I took a semester of college online (general communication classes) so my brains are not too lazy lol.

    I'm definitely excited, but I do feel very nervous. Will I be successful? Will I flunk out? Can I balance school, my husband, and my daughters? Will I make a good LPN? I am not sure, and I can only try to keep positive and confident and the rest will fall into place.

    I'll be going to the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center in Willow Street (Lancaster, PA). Anyone else??


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    hey everyone!!

    i thought it might be cool to start a thread where lpn students in lancaster, pa can find each other. i did a search and haven't found anything recent for us so i figured a new one was in order.

    i'm currently a student of the lancaster county career and technical center in willow street. classes for me start in march; i will be attending the evening program. i'm really excited/nervous and i thought maybe if i connected with a few people before the start of class i might feel a bit better. i won't feel like i don't know anyone or what to expect!!

    if you have recently graduated from this school, or are currently a student, i'd love to here what to expect. even if you attend another program, let's share some information and make this journey a little easier on everyone .