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    Quote from msburney31
    Well today started off kind of slow due to having to finish up some paperwork, but after that it was right into A&P. The instructor was reading it right out of the book which made it so boring but I picked up on alot of the stuff she was saying.
    That's good! I'm studying some A&P while I wait, because that seems to be what everyone starts off with. I'm thinking my first full day won't be so bad, since they dedicate a whole day to orientation the week before. I think that's so we can get our syllabus and so our instructors can tell us what supplies we will need for the class... Geeze I am so nervous! I haven't been out of my house for much other than food shopping for a few years now lol...

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    Quote from msburney31
    I start my LPN in class on tomorrow and I am very excited and nervous all at once. I have 12 yrs of CNA and took a medication aide course before so I hope all of this helps me in some way or another.
    I bet all of that prior experience will prove to be a big help! I took a 12 month online course for a Pharmacy Technician Diploma while I was home pregnant with my youngset, and I had to learn some anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and some pharmacology and we will be learning about these topics during our program! I pulled out some of my old books and I've been going over the info. so I feel a little more prepared for what we will be learning. I don't think it will be too hard, it's just a matter of memorizing such a great amount of information that will prove to be a challenge for me!!

    Good luck with your studies and please share oh how your first day went ;D!!!

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    Our scrubs are all white with a small amount of blue and the school emblem. When at class, we have the option to wear a blue hooded sweater with the school emblem, but not during clinicals. The uniforms are HIDEOUS and huge lol... They make everyone look 20 lbs. heavier haha...

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    Quote from StudentNurse2142
    I know the uniforms for Lancaster Career are sooooooooooooo hideous! I can't wait to burn mine! 3 months to the day for graduation....I can't wait to never wears these hideous blue stripes again!
    Lol I was cracking up telling my husband how I'll look more like a chef than a nurse... He's so excited to see what I look like in it, just to pick on me!! It's good to hear that the evening program is more relaxed, simply because I won't go too crazy trying to balance everything. Congrats on your quickly approaching graduation date!!

    Quick question, what do you recommend as a way to keep my notes organized? Like binders, folders, multi subject notebooks? Just curious... Thanks .

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    Quote from golpn2010
    I start April 5th at Hondros College.I just passed the HESI this morning, sigh. I have my letter of acceptance in hand.....I hope I can join you guys for Spring 2010!
    Good luck! I just got fitted and ordered my school uniforms today. They are HIDEOUS but I don't even care!! lol Now I just need to get sneakers, a watch, and my stethoscope. I'm very nervous, but very excited. I think you will do fine. Let me know what happens!

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    I know exactly how you feel... I'm a stay at home mom and I'm nervous about balancing my study time with my responsibilities as a mom and a wife. My husband supports me completely. Since my program is 18 months in length, it's spread out pretty well. By the time I finish, my children will be 3 and 4 1/2 which is a good age for me to reenter the workforce. I just wanted to be there for them until I felt comfortable enough to put them in pre-k or it's equivalent. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to focus on nothing but my kids and school. I know girls who don't have kids and can't say the same... They usually have to work and go to school and that is also very tough.

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    Oh geeze I've never heard of having to do that in lpn programs!! lol I hope not... My outline for my levels doesn't mention anything about dissecting cadavers so I guess we'll have to wait and see. I think I could handle it. It would just be weird... I don't think Id puke though because I've been in some really gross situations and never puked lol.

    The math for dosage calculations is very easy... there are just little rules you have to remember here and there. I just want to drill it in my brain, because my program requires a 100% passing on a dosage calculations exam every level, and you get two chances to get it perfect and if you don't they kick you out of the program. Also, they actually MAKE us do the work from this book and we have to show it to them on the first day of class. I have plenty of time on my hands to do it, so I don't mind.

    Everyone says that the program is very intense, and I'm nervous because I have a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old, and I have a feeling our play time is going to be shortened. I'm gonna miss them terribly while I'm in school!!!

    So is your program 12 months or 18 months in length?

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    Full Financial aid??!! That is sooo awesome!! I'm getting help with half, and the other half I'll be taking loans out for. Either way I'm extremely grateful . I've been doing work out of a book called "Math for Meds" and it's to help with math calculations that you'll need to know for dosage calculations. I'm also reviewing an old anatomy and physiology book from when I took pharm tech classes, just so I feel a step ahead. That's what everyone advises me to practice; math and A&P... There are so many posts on this site with information on what to expect and how to prepare. I check on here everyday almost! lol

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    Quote from LovelyStudentNurse
    Your're lucky we have to wear all white uniforms, pants and tops, I haven't bought mine yet, just trying to save up the money since I'm not working while in school. Congrats on starting I thought I would never start and I did it.
    Ugh... We have to wear all white tooo!!! Not very flattering lol... I thought it was never going to happen for me but I start in March. So when do/did you start?

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    Quote from hburatti85
    I start in March. Excited but extremely nervous.
    I am nervous too!!! I start March 11th, and I feel like I still have so much to do... I've been reading a lot on this site. There's so much info here, it helps me get a better idea of what to expect. So where are you starting?

    I will be attending the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center (PA) during the evening. Not sure where you're at, but it's a pretty reputable program here. I've only heard good things .

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    All LPN students due to start in March 2010, let's support each other!!

    Share with us your start date, program length, or whatever else you'd like to share!!!

    I'm so excited for everyone!

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    Quote from kimmy436
    I am already registered for the CNA, but it cost close to $1000.00 So I was on the fence about it. Considering the LPN program is about $4000.00 so why waste an extra $1000.00 if I am going to go LPN anyway. I can't start LPN until sept CNA starts in Jan. So confused. I really want to be a "nurse" and can't do the RN it would just take too long (did I mention I'm 39?) But I also don't want to work in nursing homes and I am just afraid that that is where I will end up as an LPN. Thanks for your answers
    Only $4000 for an LPN program!!??
    That is so cheap...
    Mine will cost about $15,000...

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    What an inspiration!

    I am a mother of two toddlers, and a homemaker, and I've been so overwhelmed about starting my PN program, and your story was just the motivation I needed ... If you could do it as a single mother of three, than I have no excuse!

    Good luck and God Bless you. You will be an awesome LPN!! I'd love to hear how NCLEX-PN goes for you and what it's like entering the work force .

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    Quote from goddess819
    hey guys, i just now found this website. seems cool! i have been applying for both lvn & rn programs for the past 3 years and finally got into the lvn program here at my local jc. although i'm excited about starting lvn school my dream is to be a rn so that i can work emergency. i'm hoping that i'll be able to slip into the rn program at my school. if people drop the rn program they first fill those spots with eligible lvn students...and i'm soooo eligible. regardless i'm just glad that after so long of trying that i'm finally in a program! i start jan 19th...not long now!

    just curious, but how much lifting is there in the beginning? i ask because i had shoulder surgery in november and although my orthopedist is going to clear me for school my rom is still limited and i'm still in my sling.

    in response to your question about heavy lifting in the begining, it all depends on how your program is set up. you usually do the most lifting during clinicals, but for example, my program is a whole lot of theory the first level (6 months) and we don't get into clinicals until after the first 4-5 months. some programs alternate theory days with clinical days. just give your jc a call and i'm sure someone can let you know!

    good luck and have fun!!! let me know how everything is going (i don't start until march and i'm sooo nervous :uhoh21...

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    Lancaster County Career and Technology Center (LCCTC or CTC)

    Willow Street VoTech...

    I start in March 2010 .