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    Quote from ijh6890
    I'm taking the NET pretty soon. It will be my first time taking it. My school only requires the NET test, CNA, background & drug screening to get into the LVN program. So the test is extremely important that I do well on.

    What can I expect as far as the number of questions and timing? I have no worries about the reading portion, only the math. Can anyone give me any details? I ordered a study guide but haven't received it yet and I'm very curious. Thank you.

    I took it in Oct. '09 and I got a 980/1000 lol. It's really not that hard as long as you payed attention in H.S. / took G.E.D. prep courses. I know of a site that has free example test questions:

    I just went through and answered a few of the questions and practiced the ones I had trouble with. Don't freak out! You should do fine . Just stay focused and it's timed so if you don't know something skip it and come back to it. I did all the problems that were easy and then went back to the difficult ones. This way you'll be less likely to leave a lot of unanswered questions...

    Good luck!

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    There's another thread for March starts with a few people in it. Check it out! But yeah, I have orientation March 4th and I'm super excited. I have been waiting 2 years to do this! My program is 18 months/evenings/"part-time." I'm also very nervous/anxious. It's like a new adventure lol.

    How long is your program??

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    Quote from Need2Care
    I actually went to Somerset County Vo-Tech in NJ and they have great programs there. I'm sure Middlesex County does as well. I live in Florida now and am going to the technical school here and the program cost without books/supplies is @$4200 for 15 mo. LPN. After the first 2 mo. eligible to sit for CNA exam.
    I think it's crazy to see that anyone pays $15,000 for the same program. Oh and btw, the pre-reqs cost me @$800. All in all for around $5,500 you can become an LPN.
    If you are un-employed, check out the state programs, they might pay for your schooling.
    Well, I didn't have to take pre-reqs because that is included and that number I gave includes all of my books, supplies (steth, bp cuff, stationary, physical, malpractice insurance... yada yada). The program is 18 months and it also includes a NCLEX-PN review class, uniforms, and anything you can possible think of lol. I know it's a lot but it's a great program. The local community college offers a program for much cheaper, but I know nurses who complain because their graduates don't seem to know as much as they should. I've seen schools that ask for $40,000 just for medical assistant training!!! :/

    I am not eligible for any state programs or anything like that because my husband makes too much money. You have to be on welfare, be a displaced homemaker, pregnant and single, or a single mother for any programs to help you. So hard earned money and loans will have to do the trick!! If you can get the help, I say GO FOR IT!! This way you can avoid student loans....

    I'll be eligible to take the CNA exam after 6 months. That will at least give me a year to get some kind of experience in health care...

    Well good luck!!! I start in a week!!! So excited!!!

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    Quote from Greypoupon
    If you get enough sleep, exercise every other day to 5 days a week (as in walking 30-60 min a day, etc.), eat breakfast <----!!!!!! then you shouldn't have to spend 10 hours a night studying. That's just ridiculous. If I was able to make myself study 10 hours a night I'd be in medical school, not nursing school.

    Use the fact that I'm 23 to validate your argument but there should be no reason you need to study more than tops, tops, 3-4 hours a night, and that's if you waited til the few days before the test to study.

    Study a little bit every day and so that the day or two before the test, you are REVIEWING, not studying.
    Okay, so I like this one haha... All the other posts have me thinking I'm going to gain 30 pounds, lose all of my friends, get divorced, and miss a chunk of my children's lives before I graduate! :O

    That's plain ridiculous!

    I've always been a good student and I retain info. like a sponge so, the only time I'll have to study hard is for the stuff that for some reason I couldn't get the first time around. Thank you for the hope!! Now I have some faith that I will graduate with my marriage and figure in tact!!

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    Quote from StudentNurse2142
    You start in a couple of weeks, so I'll put the assessment DVD in your student mailbox. You'll learn what that is, and wheres it as when you start. ;-)
    How excited are you getting!?!?!
    You are so awesome!
    Thanks for all the help/advice...
    I really appreciate it!

    I'm so excited but at the same time I'm so nervous... I've always done well in school. When I was in college I had a good GPA (3.8) but this is so different. Like, idk, it's nothing I've ever done before so I don't know how it's gonna turn out. I just hope I can keep up...

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    Quote from Metts22
    Hi!!! Congrats on going to school......I was just wanted to ask you a quick question!!! I would like to get into the March class do you think they are anymore spots available? I just had a son and he is 3 months old I dont want to leave him but I wanted to get started on my career while he is young!!!! If you can give me any information because you are going through the process please let me know! I would love to go to the night class as well...
    I'm so sorry, but you have to apply well in advance to get into the class you want to start. They have filled up all of the spots and there is a waiting list to start in March. The soonest you'd be able to get in if you applied right away would probably be in September. The woman I spoke to when I payed my fee for the class said that they have been getting many perspective students because there are so many people who are looking to change careers now that jobs are scarce. I Applied a year or so before I enrolled for March so I had no trouble getting in... If you are interested in starting within the year I suggest you apply and go through the admissions process right away!!

    Here is the site:

    Start by requesting a brochure .

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    Quote from hburatti85
    Well I got done with my physical today and officially feel abused! I can't believe my orientation is less than 3 weeks away!
    I know it's crazy!! I have been poked and pricked and prodded non stop this month lol... I've lost 20 pounds since I got fitted for my uniform so I'm gonna have my mom take it in a little for me haha. I guess that's a good thing, but not when the uniform cost me about 165 dollars!!

    So officially, I have 23 days until orientation! The only thing I have to do is get my drug screening done this Friday. I was suppose to have it done already but money issues came up when my husband missed a day of work because my 18 month old got sick. I'm just waiting for pay day to get here... Ummm, Once I get paid from my baby sitting job I'm gonna go shopping for school supplies. Then there's nothing to do but WAIT!!

    I'm so anxious!! I'm going crazy waiting! I just want classes to start already!! I'm already fantasizing about graduation and I haven't even started yet!!! lol I have been waiting two and a half years to do this... I don't want to just do it and pass and graduate; I want to be one of the best students lol. I want to give it 110% .

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    Quote from StudentNurse2142
    You buy everything yourself, how ever you like it. You will need to buy a stethoscope (any kind any brand), a blood pressure cuff-walmart has them for $10, a watch, a pen light (walmart or the nurse store at park city has them) and a medical clip board- office max. You need all of it by the time you get to your 2nd check off which is head to toe assessment. The school sells a DVD of the assessment for you to watch and practice with at home for $10, I can just give you mine though, I'm never watching it again, hahaha.
    Great! Thanks so much! I'm composing my shopping list a.s.a.p. because my first day is quickly approaching and I am feeling so unprepared lol... And if you're serious about giving me the DVD, I'll take it gratefully!! lol

    And yey for all the other March starts!!!

    We're gonna be awesome...

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    Quote from sweetie9440
    I am not a student there....yet. I have sent my app and take the entrance exam in March. I will hopefully get into the May full time day class.
    Well congrats! They have a 100% acceptance rate, you just need to pass the entrance test and pay all the fees. As long as you apply well in advance for the class you'd like to start in, you should get first pick. I'm really excited!

    I start March 4rth, so as I go through class I'll give you a heads up on what to expect . I've heard from several people that the evening program is a bit more relaxed than the day program, but either way we will be covering the same material...

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    Quote from StudentNurse2142
    As far as binders and such to be organized for school....mmm. From what I remember of level 1 you have Vocational Relations for 1 week- so you just need a small binder, its a super easy class, but some actually failed I don't know haha. Than A&P and NPP are the biggest ones, you would want two big binders for those each. You have Community Nursing and Growth and Development inbetween A&P and Nutrition, so you only need 1 small binder, those two classes can share that one. Nutrition is short, as well as Intro to Med Surg, so a small binder for each of those. You don't need a separate notebook for all the classes, you get power points. Don't get too used to them though, because in Level II and Level III they take them away and you have to write notes. But once A&P is outta the way the rest of Level I is smooth sailing...Level its a whole new ballgame, and I'll get back to you on Level III in April if I come out alive! GOOD LUCK!
    Thanks so much for the heads up! And good luck with Level III!! Another quick question... Do they make you buy a specific stethoscope or can you buy whichever you want in any color?? Thanks again...

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    Quote from learninmama
    Aww I'm sorry alexg, I didn't mean to discourage you!! I was just sharing my experience. Our program is 16 months long so they cram a ton in very quickly. I'm not sure if all programs are like that or not? Just sharing my experience so far. I'm in no way's actually very self motivating!! You can do it

    Oh don't worry about it! I really appreciate your honest opinion because I need to know how to prepare correctly... I didn't take it as complaining at all. I took it as the unadulterated truth! lol Thank you so much for sharing! My program is 18 months in length straight through and I have class Monday through Thursday for 5-6 hours. It's considered part time and I heard it's much more relaxed than the full-time program and that's why I chose it. I still want to prepare for the worst!

    Quote from plaza
    I'm starting my 4th week and I'm getting a rythm. I've become the master of scheduling, planning, and timing. I know what I have to do on a daily basis (how much material I have to cover, one hot meal to cook, laundry to do, any necessary cleaning), and I'm also working a bit - and plan for it.

    baked chicken, casseroles and the crockpot are my best friends right now. on the weekends, I make a couple of casseroles, a pot or two of soup, so that during the week, they'll be ready to heat up or bake.

    It's good to hear you've gotten into a pretty good routine! Your idea to cook ahead for the week is one I might have to try, too . Please share any other tips you may have for time management! I'm not the most disorganized person, but I might have become a little more disciplined if I plan to survive nursing school! Being a homemaker, I have a lot of flexibility with my schedule so I need to get the hang of creating and sticking to a schedule that is much more rigid.

    Good luck and congratulations everyone!!

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    Well, I have a back up sitter in case someone gets sick (which my kids rarely get sick because they never leave the house, thank God), my husband works third shift so no matter what someone will be home, and I don't work... My kids are toddlers and one is potty trained. As long as they are safe, clean, and fed I can do what I want (baby gate ;D! lol). If something doesn't get cleaned, it won't be the end of the world... My husband doesn't mind bathing the girls and cleaning up after dinner while I'm in school and he has volunteered to help with chores on his days off. I think that as long as we both work together, I'll be alright ... I'm just trying to stay positive and I posted in hopes that I'd get some advice or encouragement but I'm not gonna lie, that wasn't the most encouraging feedback... lol. It is helpful, because now I'm going to make 2 back up plans and sit down with my husband and make a chore chart lol.

    We'll see what happens!!!

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    I'm so nervous that I will be one of those that drop/fail out. I've never wanted something so badly, yet I'm so afraid of failing. It's the one thing that has kept me from going for it these last few years... I start school in early March and will go Monday through Thursday from 4pm-9pm for theory/4pm-10pm for clinicals.

    I came up with this plan to study:

    Study all day from 9:00am-12:00pm, feed my kids and get them ready and cook dinner early, and study from 1pm-2pm and then get myself ready and do any last minute studying until 3:30pm when I have to leave for class. I'll get home about 9:25pm/10:25pm and put my kids in bed and then do some cleaning and take a shower and be in bed by 12pm the latest. If I can sneak in some study time, great! Fridays when I don't have class, I plan to get up early and do laundry/cleaning and spend some time with my kids. After that, study from like 12:30pm-4:30pm when I have to cook dinner. After I put my kids to bed I'll probably study until 10pm-11pm and then get ready for bed. Saturdays will be dedicated to my family and doing things for myself (eyebrows, hair, toe nails lol). It's my husband's day off so we can cuddle and catch up. Then when Sunday rolls around, I'll get whatever I need ready for the week done, and study for at least 4 hours at some point in time to get my brain ready for the classes to come.

    Does that sound like a good plan?? Ugh I'm so nervous I don't know what to do with myself! I am so thankful I do not have to work... I just hope I can handle it. Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!


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    I have a feeling that because I took an A&P course (it was non credit though ) I will survive okay lol. Thanks so much!! Good luck!!!

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    I'm a mother of two, and thankfully my husband works so I don't have to. I was told by one of the instructors of my PN program, that for the first level (which is mostly all theory, and the hardest) it's good not to work if you don't have to. After that, I would be eligible to take the exam for CNA so I plan to do it and find a job through an employment agency to work only on Saturdays, and MAYBE Sundays. Many people have recommended that I do this, because it would make me more marketable when I am ready to find a job as a LPN. I'd have some kind of experience in the health care field, which is way better than none!

    Hope that helps a bit...